fhmod needs your help ... maps , heightmaps , ...

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fhmod needs your help ... maps , heightmaps , ...

Post by eskimo » 18 Dec 2002 04:46


me and a couple of other guys from all over the world are working on a modification for the game battlefield1942.
our aim is to provide historical accuracy and focus on other scenarios of the second world war.
the mod is set in the time before 1942 and we are currently in the map development stage.
from reading around in this forum i come to understand that there are a lot of knowledgable people around who have access to hopefully better reference material than can be found on the net.
maybe someone is out there who can provide map material/heightmaps or acctual terrain data for the french campaign , the early russian front or selected scenarios like for example dunkirk.
http://fhmod.bfcentral.com ,,-- our lousy website :) but it will give you an idea of what we have accomplished sofar and where we are heading. maybe visit our forums aswell to join the discussions.
you can contact me directly on msn or email. hans_peter_deskjet@softhome.net

full credit will of course be given

i hope you can help

regards and season greetings from australia :)


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