Need wartime soup recipes

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Post by Fliegende Untertasse » 14 Dec 2018 17:40

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24 Nov 2018 11:30
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31 May 2007 19:34
Unfortunately I don't have wartime soup recipies, but what about pre-war recipy for delicious porridge from Lotta Svärd. This is probably intended for field kitchen in the first place. Its loaned from book "Suomen Lotat" (Lottas' of Finland) page 30.

"Delicious porridge (for 100 men):
This, as well, doesn't really met anykind of "common sense threshold". From what i understand, uptil the 60's (50's???) sugar was enormously expensive in Finland. Even for modern tastes, 4kgs of sugar, to 7kgs of oats, is really, really sweet. Also, while 7 kgs of oats makes lots of porridge 7kg of lingonberry is an enormous amount.
Sugar makes 6% of total weight.
Traditional recommendation for fruit soup type desserts is 2:1 fruit:sugar.
"Delicious porridge" is misleading translation . This is lingonberry porridge ( pudding sort of). The oats are there just to give consistency. As a dessert it is of course supposed to be sweet.

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Re: Need wartime soup recipes

Post by Mangrove » 28 Feb 2019 19:07

From Ruoanvalmistusohjeita kenttäjoukkojen ruoanpitoon (Helsinki 1942)

Pea Soup for 30 Persons
3.75 kg of peas,
1.95 kg of pork or 1.65 kg of canned pork,
14 litres of water and
120 g of salt.

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Re: Need wartime soup recipes

Post by jbaum » 05 Mar 2019 04:01

For those looking for German field kitchen recipes, there are several such German army issued manuals available in English at
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