sentences by british courts

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Re: sentences by british courts

Post by AxelFaxel » 28 Mar 2023 11:37

reg. Willi Tiege, just a thought ...

While most German PoWs from Norway (be is regular Wehrmacht, or "special" units such as SD and SiPo) where sent back to Germany sooner or later by the British, there was presumably a larger contingent of 100k soldiers who ended up being transferred to France, where they where used as forced labor staff in various industries. I don't recall the data source, but I read somewhere that those 100k were shipped from Mandal / Norway to Bremerhaven, handed over to the Americans, who sent them to a camp in Bretzenheim (Rheinland-Pfalz), before they got finally transferred to France. I undertand there where all kind of "swaps" of PoWs between the allies those days, eastbound and westbound (the latter probably the better option...).

Now, once the offical forced labor term was over (2-3 years?), quite some folks continued to work in France under civil contract, even if they were supposed to be released to Germany. A few even decided to stay and settle down in France.

Agree that the other options mentioned here (e.g., died in one of the other camps such as Sandbostel) are more likely, but maybe still worth investigating the France scenario further.

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Re: sentences by british courts

Post by steve248 » 28 Mar 2023 13:30

the Sipo, SD and Schupo prisoners were definitely treated differently to the rank and file Wehrmacht soldiers.
On transfer from Norway these prisoners came to 6 CIC at Neuengamme. 6 CIC seems to have become a
"clearing house" for these prisoners until 1948 when the CICs were dissolved and remaining prisoners either
released or handed over to the new West German police for investigation or prosecution.

I have never been interested in the ordinary Landsern. Because of the huge numbers of "surrendered enemy personnel" they could not all be fed and employed in the respective zones so had to be shared out. You point out many went to France - and many came to the UK to my own knowledge. Harvest work etc. Probably there were some in Belgium and Holland.

As you know from your Kommando Tanzmann research there was a good deal of extraditions mainly from the British and US Zones to France - extraditions, not simple transfers.

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