Aktion Reinhardt Men

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Aktion Reinhardt Men

Postby Schmauser » 21 Dec 2002 00:13

Anyone got anything at all on these men?

Willi Häusler
Richard Schuh
Georg Wippern
Hans Maubach
Georg Michalsen
Kurt Claasen
Helmuth Pohl
Josef Nemetz
Mauritius Schnur
Erich Dietze
Kurt Vey
Hans Zänker

~Regards Schmauser

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Postby Peter » 21 Dec 2002 10:24

WIPPERN was SS-Stubaf, the Admin Officer of AR and compiled the lists of stolen property. Ex-combat SS-OScha with Regt Germania. Then with SS-WVHA and Action Reinhard. Survived the war.

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Michael Miller
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SS-Stubaf. Georg Wippern - Revised per post by Thomas H.

Postby Michael Miller » 21 Dec 2002 17:10

Thomas pointed out a discrepancy in the post below as it originally appeared- I had stated that Wippern joined the SS ca. 1933, basing that on his SS-Nr. (which actually indicates a later date of enrollment), and that that he ENTERED the SS as SS-OSTUF. on 1. JUN. 1937.

Best wishes and thanks again to Thomas,
~ Mike Miller


Born: 26. May 1909 in Neuhof / Kreis Hildesheim.

NSDAP-Nr.: 1 323 347 (Joined 1933)
SS-Nr.: 118 449

SS-Stubaf.: 30. Jan. 1942
SS-Hstuf.: [rank held as of Jun. 1939]
SS-Ostuf.: 1. Jun. 1937
[SS-DAL of 1. Dec. 1937 indicates that he never held rank of SS-Ustuf., perhaps entering directly as SS-Ostuf.]

Assigned to Stab, Inspektion der SS-Verfugungstruppe: (1. Dec. 1937) -. Assigned to II.Sturmbann / SS-Standarte "Germania": (1. Mar. 1938) -. IVa (Intendant), SS-Artillerie-Standarte "V": Jun. 1939 -. IVa, SS-Regiment "Nordland" / SS-Division "Wiking": Mar. 1941 -. IVa, SS-Division "Wiking": Apr. 1942 -. Assigned to staff of SS- und Polizeifuhrer "Lublin" (Globocnik) as chief of the SS-Standortverwaltung (garrison administration), charged with control of all jewelry and foreign currency confiscated from the Aktion Reinhardt extermination camps: 1942 - 1943. Assigned to SS-Fuhrungshauptamt: (1. October 1944).

Decorations & Awards:
Kriegsverdienstkreuz I. & II. Klasse mit Schwertern
Verwundetenabzeichen, 1939 in Silber
Deutsches Reichssportabzeichen in Bronze
Ehrendegen des RF SS

SS-Dienstalterliste IV vom 1. Dezember 1937

Berichtigungsheft 1 zur Dienstalterliste vom 1. Dezember 1937, Stand 1. Mar. 1938

SS-Dienstalterliste, Stand vom 1. Okt. 1944

Gerald Reitlinger: "The Destruction of the European Jews", Volume 3
, Volume III

and here is a very interesting site I just found via Google- makes brief mention of Wippern:

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Postby Hans » 21 Dec 2002 23:10

from deathcamps.org:

VEY, Kurt
12/07/1901 - ?/?/?

Worked in the office at Sonnenstein.

No details known.

Served also in Italy. No further details known.


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aktion reinhardt

Postby dylan » 22 Dec 2002 15:20

Georg Michalsen

assigned to the ss and police leader for lublin and operation reinhard
but was detailed to assist the ss forces at warschau
during the ghetto uprising.
born 13 september 1906 wenrin
ss number 29337
and party number 103613
promoted to ss hauptsturmfuhrer on 30 january 1942.
sentenced to twelfe years imprisonment by a hamburg court on 25 july 1974 died in the early 1990s.

the ghetto men


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Postby HPL2008 » 23 Dec 2002 14:16

This info is from French L. MacLean's "The Camp Men":

Willi Häusler

Born: 9 March 1894 in Breslau
Rank: SS-Untersturmführer
SS-Number: 187860
NSDAP-Number: 1541572
Highest Decoration: War Service Cross 2nd Class
Religion: Agnostic
Marital Status: Married
Waffen-SS Service: None
Camp Service: Buchenwald, 1940
Notes: No mention of Operation Reinhard in personnel file; served as chief administration officer for Operation Reinhard.

Hope this helps.

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Postby thomas » 23 Dec 2002 14:45

Dear Michael

The informations about Wippern are very intresting. I have only one problem: You said he enterd ca. 1933 in the SS, but below you write that he entered as SS-Sturmführer (1.3.1937) in the SS. What is correct ??


Thomas Häberling

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Postby Schmauser » 23 Dec 2002 21:40

Thanks guys! If you have anymore I really appreciate it.

Mike, that's a great site you found! :wink:

~Regards Schmauser

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