Polish Military Archives in the Library of Congress

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Polish Military Archives in the Library of Congress

Post by henryk » 05 Jul 2007 21:16

Records from the Central Military Archives in Warsaw
Ronald Bachman,
Polish Area Specialist
In connection with a project sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense, the Library of Congress is receiving microfilm of declassified records from the Central Military Archives (Centralne Archiwum Wojskowe, CAW) in Warsaw covering the early years of the Cold War, primarily 1945-50. They include letters, memoranda, policy papers of the Polish Cabinet of Ministers, the Minister of Defense, the General Staff, and other high military bodies. Many of the documents were originally classified secret or top secret.

Under the terms of a formal agreement with the CAW, the Department of Defense provided microfilming equipment and supplies, as well as the processing of the film, while the CAW staff carried out the microfilming itself. Records to be filmed were selected by mutual agreement.

Below is a guide to the contents of the first 92 reels that have been processed and made available to researchers in the European Reading Room.

Main Headquarters of the Polish Army. Lists of units. III.1.8 dated 9/5/44-12/28/44
Main Headquarters of the Polish Army. Charts showing the disposition of units of the First Army. III.1.11 11/8/44
Main Headquarters of the Polish Army. History of the 4th Armored Brigade and the Armor Corps of the Polish Army. III.1.19 8/1/44-5/12/45
Main Headquarters of the Polish Army. Report on Air Force activities in the Berlin Operation [op. berlinska]. III.1.43 4/45-5/45
Headquarters, First Army. During the Warsaw Uprising. III.4.77 9/15/44-10/1/44
Intelligence Department, General Staff. Relations between the Home Army [AK] and the Red Army. List 1777.90.285 /43-/45
Military Historical Institute/ The Polish People's Army. Volume I, Part I. Foundation for the development of the armed forces. 1898/99 t 1 /44-/55
The Defensive War/Defense of Warsaw. II.18 t 2 /39
The Defensive War/Compilation of losses. II.3 t 36 /39-/45

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