Fremde Heere Ost

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Fremde Heere Ost

Post by Minotauros » 27 Dec 2002 20:25

Gentlemen !

What was the role of the "Fremde Heere Ost" section of the OKH ? (an organigramme will be very appreciated!)

What were the relations between the FHO and the Brandenburg formations ?

Who was exactly its chief, Generalmajor Reinhard Gehlen ? (was he fluent in Russian?)

What kind of informations about the USSR did Gehlen transmitt to the Allies ?

I heard that the FHO knew very little success during the war. Is it true ?

Thank you ! :)

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Andy H
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Post by Andy H » 27 Dec 2002 21:29

It's true thats it few (Very few) sucesses overshadow its huge failings as is the case with the whole of German intelligence organisations and systems.

:D Andy from the Shire

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Post by lade » 28 Dec 2002 13:43

For info on Gehlens organization I would recommend the Book "The Secret war for Europe" written by Louis Hagen. The first chapter deals with Gehlens organization during and after the war. One of Gehlens problems was that Hitler and other senior oficers didn't believe the reports he came with. One example is when they got the complete transport plans for the soviet railroad network for one period. With that they were able to find out where the soviets where transfering troops. With that and other intelligence reports they were able to foresee the soviet plan for an ofensive. But Hitler went into a rage and demanded Gehlen arrested for writing that report. Only weeks later the soviets attacked as Gehlen had predicted.

Geheime Feldpolizei
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Post by Geheime Feldpolizei » 29 Dec 2002 14:29

The Fremde Heere Ost ("Foreign Armies East," or FHO) was an organization of the High Command of the Army (OKH) during the war. The Brandenburgers were part of the Abwehrabteilung II of Amt Ausland/Abwehr (OKW). They were two distinct organizations, although I am sure there was cooperation between the two agencies, especially with regard to operational deployment.

If you read German, Helmuth Spaeter has written a book, entitled "Die Brandenburger," which should prove interesting. I would also recommend that you read Heinz Hoehne and Hermann Zolling's book, "The General Was A Spy," for the chapter(s) on FHO's wartime actitivies. Hoehne, a journalist, has written on a number of WW II-related topics (Order of the Death's Head, etc.) while Zolling was an Ic officer in North Africa and Italy during the war.

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