SMS Albatros visits Guadalcanal

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SMS Albatros visits Guadalcanal

Post by Peter H » 30 Oct 2007 09:30

Attacked by natives in 1895:

This time a new misfortune hit the ship, the malaria. The germs of this disease were got probably earlier in their cruise in Melanesia. Therefore in order to improve the medical state of crew, the "Albatros" has stayed for a long time in New-South-Wales and in port of Hobart, Tasmania. In the next year they have visited once again the Solomon Islands, and got some information about the tragedy of their expedition. These were e.g. that the attack was carried out by two tribes, and both chief and forty tribesmen were killed by the rifles of sailors. Thereafter the "Albatros" continued her scientific researches almost for a year in the islands of Melanesia, but she was not concerned in any incident.

Several years later the Austrian-Hungarian torpedo cruiser "Leopard" carried a monument to the Solomon Island and it was established where their comrades were killed. The monument of honour of the brave men and the acknowledged representative of science was inaugurated with the usual Navy ceremony.
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The monument at Guadalcanal:

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Post by Animal » 18 Nov 2007 07:11

Wasn't Miklos Horthy, the future Regent of Hungary, also on this flag-showing expedition? I think I remember something from his autobiography to that effect.

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