Austrian concession in Tianjin(Tientsin)

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Austrian concession in Tianjin(Tientsin)

Post by gao_yixing » 28 Jan 2008 09:41

Do you know anything about the concession during First World War? Any battle took place during the Great War? Or it was taken back by Chinese local warlord peacefully after the declaration of war?

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Chris Dale
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Re: Austrian concession in Tianjin(Tientsin)

Post by Chris Dale » 24 Apr 2008 01:43

Hi Gao Yixing,
It seems from Wikipedia, that it was a peaceful takeover- ... concession

It is hard to imagine a small Austrian garrison resisting the entire Chinese army for long. Does anyone know how small the Austrian garrison was? Has anyone seen any photos of the Austrain garrison or the Austrian Concession?


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