Review:Scharfschützen Zielfernrohre und Montagen 1914-1945

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Review:Scharfschützen Zielfernrohre und Montagen 1914-1945

Post by Ordnancebob » 21 Mar 2008 22:37

just recieved my copy of the book "Scharfschützen Zielfernrohre und Montagen 1914-1945/Sniper Scopes and Mounts 1914-1945" this past Monday.
I found this book superb for it's photos and a worthwhile purchase for me.
However Senich's as well as Law's books should also be used as they have more of the written word in them.
Sniper Scopes and Mounts 1914-1945 by Spielauer has little in the way of written word but is a great photo reference. This is a very worthwhile book for those into German Sniper rifles
Book can be found at: ... f3f72a45cd. As well as on ebay.

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