Heimwehr Fliegerkorps

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Heimwehr Fliegerkorps

Post by Marcus » 30 Mar 2008 15:25

Does anyone have any more information or images than what is avaiable at http://www.insigniamag.com/heim.html ?
One of the least known of paramilitary air forces must surely be that of the Austrian Heimwehr Fliegerkorps during the 1920s and 1930s. Formed from earlier paramilitary flying groups, the Heimwehr Fliegerkorps operated a selection of German, Austrian and British aircraft, and even participated during the Austrian Civil War of February 1934.

1. Hopfner HS 8/29
Registration No. A-128, this aircraft was one of two operated by the Heimwehr from about 1932.
2. Fiat AS 1
Registration No. A-126, this was the sole Fiat 'Aeroplan Sport' 1 operated by the Heimwehr.
3. BFW Messerschmitt M 23b
Registration No. A-137, this BFW Messerschmitt M 23b served with the Heimwehr from 1933.


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