My First Post Is A Question About Malmedy

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My First Post Is A Question About Malmedy

Post by Swamp Fox » 05 Jan 2003 23:09

I'll take any info anyone might have. I have just begun my study and it will probably be several months before I form a conclusive opinion. Of course, I knew that it happened and the common particulars, etc.

Some items I would appreciate:

1. From anyone who has visited or lives near there, a description of the land would be greatly appreciated--also links to photos, though not the frozen battlefield. (I have visted all over Europe several times, but never to Belgium.) I haven't been able to find any decent links.

2. Does anyone have any solid information on Peiper's murder?

3. A discussion of the trial and subsequent verdict reversal.

A word of caution. Some of those involved are still living and we really don't need to single out any particular names beyond the leaders.

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Post by Dan » 05 Jan 2003 23:34

Welcome, Swamp.

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Sorta been there

Post by jmassey » 16 Jan 2003 13:55

Perhaps I can help with #1 I visited the area of "the bulge" including Bastone in the mid 70's. Some of what I remember is the gently rolling hills surrounding the area with about an even mixture of open fields (light agriculture and grazing) mixed with stands(wood-lots) of tall pine(?) trees. The closer to Bastone the greater the proportion of agri fields. Drove by, but did not stop at the Malmady site-figured it was just an open field with a historical marker- but I remember there seemed to be more forest than agriculture lots in that area, and we were driving across the top of one of the rises and the road to the site went off through the trees and we could see an open field beyond. Don't know if mom or dad still have photos of the trip and I don't know of any links but I'll check. Hope that helps. P.S. Bastone was a great place to visit, the whole city seemed to be a museum dedicated to the battle and to the American Liberators.

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