Me 163 in Museum

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Me 163 in Museum

Post by panzer228 » 25 Apr 2008 02:30

I have found another interesting topic on ... ?f=15&t=20. Please provide pictures there and not here. Thank you.

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Re: Me 163 in Museum

Post by Cantankerous » 05 Oct 2023 16:54

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Re: Me 163 in Museum

Post by ShindenKai » 06 Nov 2023 00:49

Also here: ... a%20Hangar

-The silhouette (#10, Alpha Hangar) is incorrect, but it is in fact there. I have some pics I'll dig out.

-This collection also has the only air worthy Ki-43 Hayabusa in the world.

-The A6M3 Model 22 they have is also air worthy and it has the extremely rare field mod in which a rear seat was added. It has an extra section of canopy and the entire rear section slides aft.

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Re: Me 163 in Museum

Post by Rob Stuart » 06 Nov 2023 09:58

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