Review: The War Against Rommel's Supply Lines 1942-43

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Review: The War Against Rommel's Supply Lines 1942-43

Post by Marcus » 09 Jul 2008 20:21

A review of "The War Against Rommel's Supply Lines 1942-43" by Alan J. Levine has been added to the site.

btw. The idea with these threads are to encourage discussions on the books reviewed so they can be an addition to the reviews on the site.


Jon G.
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Re: Review: The War Against Rommel's Supply Lines 1942-43

Post by Jon G. » 09 Jul 2008 21:40

A very fair review of a good book. This thread allows me to catch up from this post of mine ... 7#p1192587

Like Andreas, I only have minor gripes with Levine's book. The title is definetely misleading - judging by the title, you would think that Levine's book deals with the effort against the Axis' supply lines throughout the entire North African campaign, but in fact Levine concentrates almost solely on the Tunisian campaign - that is, the war against Rommel's and von Arnim's supply lines after the Americans had entered the scene. But I can accept Levine's (or, more likely, his publisher's) choice of title may have been selected in order to increase sales.

That aside, Levine's account is very thorough, especially on the aerial side of things. Sometimes he gets a little too carried away with air unit histories for my taste, but his writing is very detailed and well-sourced. For example, his account of Operation Flax - discussed here ... 6&t=133217 - is the most detailed I've seen anywhere.

As Andreas writes, the subject may be esoteric, but on the other hand Levine's book is cheap, especially by today's exchange rates. Recommended.

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