Joseph Low's computer ship models

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Joseph Low's computer ship models

Post by Docent P » 16 Jan 2003 15:02

This is a page about the Japanesse Navy of WW2 I've discovered recently.

There are several very pretty pictures of Japanesse ships' computer models. Smth like this for example:


I found them rather impressive.

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David C. Clarke
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Post by David C. Clarke » 17 Jan 2003 02:29

Yes, it's a beautiful site and Ed Low is an artist!
This was actually a work in progress at one point. You could watch as he added different parts to the ship--which, by the way is an Akizuki class destroyer. For a really good plastic kit of this ship, try Nichimo's 1/200th scale Akizuki.
But looking at Ed's work, one has to be amazed at the sheer technical skill that went into making these images and the hard work he put into it.
Excellent, excellent stuff! Cheers, D

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