what concentration camp patch did christians wear?

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Re: yes

Post by Scott Smith » 20 Jan 2003 07:56

barbarosa wrote:actually, Bonhoffer knew about it because actually worked for the OKW!!! he was an insider my friend! he was compling a list of war crimes when he was interned.
I wouldn't exactly call him an insider. I'd say he was merely an ecumenical pacifist who somehow didn't see anything wrong with bolshevism. The postwar myth of the German Widerstand has elevated him into importance far exceeding his actual significance or threat to the regime.
i dont think it is ok to become a traitor. however, when you have evidence that your country is murdering the innocents, do you sit by and do nothing?
Assuming that one actually knew such a thing, it is a tough question and not one that I can answer. In wartime your options for dissent are extremely limited. But traitors tend to have an exagerrated estimation of their own importance and their own contributions to the big picture. I think we can all act morally or make moral choices to some degree even when the system is immoral. But treason is a greater wrong because you are sacrifcing the lives and safety of your own countrymen who you are sworn to support and protect for your own beliefs.
actually, hitler ABSOLUTELY supported the destruction of christianity, all forms. please read the quote by hitler in my post.
I don't agree and Degrelle obviously didn't either. I think the quote is out-of-context and refers to the political-priests or the modern Kulturkampf and not Christianity in general. Hitler was neutral in this matter; others like Bormann and Goebbels wanted a tougher stance against the Churchmen.
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Re: what

Post by Marcus » 20 Jan 2003 17:38

barbarosa wrote:there is no doubt that radical islam and the nazis had a lot in common
My patience with your "Islam = Nazism" nonsense is definately beginning to run out and if you bring it up again, I'll kick you out.


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