Tanks in the Freikorps?

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Tanks in the Freikorps?

Post by JACK-BOOT » 15 Jan 2009 07:33

I have an old photo i found on the web with a Freikorps unit in the streets of Berlin with an old british mark 1 tank. Were displays of power with tanks seldom or frequent with the Freikorps?
http://dancutlermedicalart.com/AlbertEi ... 20tank.jpg

Anyone know the name of this Freikorps unit with the tank in Berlin?

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Peter H
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Re: Tanks in the Freikorps?

Post by Peter H » 15 Jan 2009 11:50

Try here,Kokampf/Kampfwagen Abteilung Körting:

Kokampf - Freikorps armoured forces

Mad Zeppelin
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Re: Tanks in the Freikorps?

Post by Mad Zeppelin » 16 Jan 2009 22:58

Displays with tanks were rather seldom (Berlin, January and March 1919, and Leipzig, May 1919). The Freikorps mainly relied on armoured cars. They were much cheaper to move around and had quite the same effect on the enemy.

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