Dr Wilhelm Scharpwinkel

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Dr Wilhelm Scharpwinkel

Postby goofy » 21 Apr 2009 20:06

Is this Dr Wilhelm Scharpwinkel - Gestapo Chief of Breslau?
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Re: Dr Wilhelm Scharwinkel

Postby George_W » 21 Apr 2009 21:39


Comparing this photo with photo of Scharpwinkel in "The Field Men" by MacLean i say yes.


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Re: Dr Wilhelm Scharpwinkel

Postby goofy » 21 Apr 2009 22:13

Did he serve in any Einsatzgruppe? Do you have his bio details please?

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Re: Dr Wilhelm Scharpwinkel

Postby Peter » 22 Apr 2009 15:04

Scharpwinkel, Dr jur. Wilhelm
born 4 Dec 1904 at Wanne-Eickel

SS # 290 803
NSDAP # 1 053 578 (1 Apr 1932)

Joined SS as SS-Ostuf on 26 Sep 1938
Promoted SS-Hstuf on 9 Nov 1938
Dez 1938 DAL = SD-Hauptamt
Kdr. EK 1/EGr III: 1.9 – 20.11.1939 (Poland, until disbanded)
Personnel to KdS Radom
Leiter Staatspolizeistelle Liegnitz: 1939 – 1940
KVK II m Schw.
Promoted SS-Stubaf on 9 Nov 1940
Leiter Staatspolizeistelle Wilhelmschaven: 16.11.1940 - 12.9.1942
Leiter Staatspolizeileitstelle Breslau:12.9.1942 - 19.6.1943 u. 27.5 - 5.10.1944
Okt 1942 DAL = RSHA
Murder of recaptured RAF escapers "Great Escape" March/April 1944 (with Lux)
Promoted SS-Ostubaf on 20 Apr 1944
I.d.S Breslau (MWGB): 22.7.1944 - 10.9.1944
Okt 1944 DAL = Insp Sipo u. SD Breslau
KdS Festung Breslau 1945
(sometimes reported as Kdr IV Btl/SS-FestungsRgt Beßlein) Mar 1945

Gestapo Chief Dr Wilhelm Scharpwinkel was masquerading as a Lt Hagamann in the No 6 Hospital at Breslau when Frau Gerda Zembrodt, corroborated by Klaus Lonsky, saw Russian officers remove him at gunpoint. During the enquiry into the murders, the Russians refused to co-operate with the Allied investigation, although after much prodding they allowed Scharpwinkel to make a statement, in Moscow, during August and September 1946. Soon afterwards, Scharpwinkel disappeared and although reported dead by the Russians on 17-Oct-47, was believed to have found a high position in the Soviet administration

Sources DAL, Field Men, National Archives & AHF posts

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