German E Boat operations

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German E Boat operations

Post by don1 » 02 Feb 2003 14:30

Does anyone have any information about Kapitan Zur See Rudolf Petersen the Fuhrer Des Schellboote? Also about his operations from Cherbourg and Guernsey?
He commanded the 5th and 9th Flottilla of S Boats, or E Boats as the British called them. I believe they were extremely effective in the attack on US forces during Operation Tiger, the dress rehearsal for D Day in April 1944?

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Post by Madsen » 02 Feb 2003 20:53

Rudolf Petersen? Sound scandinavic to mee. do you know where he is from?

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Andy H
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Post by Andy H » 02 Feb 2003 23:34

A good book about Op.Tiger is Ken Small's "Forgotten Dead" published by Bloomsbury ISBN 0747504334, maybe worth a trip to the library?

Anyway Peterson was awarded Oakleaves to his KC for this attack on Op. Tiger. The 9th Flotilla's count was as follows:-
S130 1/2 a kill (shared with S150), sunk LST507
S145 1 kill, sank LST531
S150 1/2 a kill (shared with S130), sunk LST507, and 1 kill LST289


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Rudolf Petersen

Post by PanzerMike » 03 Feb 2003 10:35

Rudolf Petersen

born: 15.06.1905 in Atzerballig / Insel Alsen
died: 02.01.1983 in Flensburg

Promotions and awards:

16.11.25 Seekadett (Ernennung)
01.04.26 Gefreiter
01.04.27 Fähnrich zur See
01.06.28 Obermaat
01.06.29 Oberfähnrich zur See
01.10.29 Leutnant zur See
01.07.31Oberleutnant zur See
01.09.35 Kapitänleutnant
01.04.37 Dienstauszeichnung III.Klasse
26.10.39 Medaille zur Erinnerung an die Heimkehr des Memellandes
01.01.40 Korvettenkapitän
__.__.40 Eisernes Kreuz II.Klasse
28.05.40 Eisernes Kreuz I.Klasse
04.08.40 Ritterkreuz als KKpt., Chef 2.Schnellboot-Flottille
11.12.40 Zerstörer-Kriegsabzeichen
19.03.42 Schnellboot-Kriegsabzeichen
01.03.43 Fregattenkapitän
01.04.44 Kapitän zur See
13.06.44 Eichenlaub (499.) als Kapitän zur See, Führer der Schnellboote
23.09.44 Kommodore (Ernennung)

Thats the best I could find about him hope it helps.

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E boat attacks

Post by don1 » 03 Feb 2003 11:31

Thanks for the information about Peterson. I have also been told there is mention of him in a book called German Coastal Forces by MJ Whitley. Isbn no 1.85409.0852

Any photos or other information would be appreciated. I am also wanting any personal memories from Germans regarding Operation Tiger.

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