Info needed on this German manual....

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Info needed on this German manual....

Post by JOHNSTUKA » 09 Feb 2003 14:24

Picked up a German Red Cross manual at an antique shop yesterday and was wondering if anyone could give further info on it. It was printed in 1940 in Leipzig, looks to be about 25-35 pages. Measures about 5" x 6". Cover(very light blue) shows 2 Red Cross medics and 1 nurse bandaging a patients leg while lying in a hospital bed. On the cover is "Richtig helfen" "bei Unfallen und plotzlichen Eckrankungen". The Red Cross symbol is printed under the illustration of the patient and medics. Has several illustrations inside. Price at the bottom of cover reads 75 Pfennig. No Nazi party markings of any kind are in this manual, but part of a swastika can be seen on one of the medics left arms. His armband is partially obscured by the nurse assisting him. Any further info anyone can give on this would be helpful. Are these scarce or valuable. I only paid $25 US for it and it looks great on display. Thanks in advance!

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Post by Erik E » 09 Feb 2003 18:23


Sounds like some kind of first aid folder meant for civillians......
I would guess it was sold to fund the German red cross....?

If you don`t read German, your text means something like:
"The right kind of help"
"By sudden or unexpected sickness"

No idea about value though.......


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