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Post by Kev » 19 Apr 2002 18:51

Hi All,

I was informed that my grandfather was in the 2nd. Btn, 18th Inf. Regt. of the Wehrmacht, however, I have just found 2 FPONos 36645D ad 19016D from some of his letters home dated 1940 & 1941

10/5/40 36645D- belongs to StabIII., & 9-12 Komp. 454 Inf. Regt.

25/8/41 19016D- belongs to StabIII., & 9-12 Komp. 586 Inf. Regt.

Were FPOs assigned permenantly, or were they changed on a regular basis? in which case my research just took a serious backwark step! :cry:

Geheime Feldpolizei
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Post by Geheime Feldpolizei » 20 Apr 2002 03:40

Feldpost numbers did change, although in my own research (GFP) I found that most of the numbers remained the same throughout the war. Perhaps your relative was temporarily assigned to these units, or it is possibly a mistake in the Feldpost list........

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Post by Marcus » 20 Apr 2002 10:22

If you check the feldpostnr list being compiled on this site you'll see that the numbers could change during the war.



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