Nazi War Crimes Records in Poland (RSHA-RuSHA)

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Nazi War Crimes Records in Poland (RSHA-RuSHA)

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Here is a finding guide to Nazi war crimes records in Poland relating to the RSHA and RuSHA (including many records on Freemasonry), from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum at:

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Archival Finding Aid

Records of the RSHA - Reichssicherheitshauptamt (Office of the High Command of Security Service pursuing the racial objectives of the SS through Race and Resettlement Office) [microform]. [manuscript RG-15.007M]

78 microfilm reels.


This material, labeled files of the RSHA, was microfilmed in Poland with the cooperation of the Main Commission for the Investigation of Crimes against the Polish Nation, Institute of National Memory, Warsaw, which holds them. Filming was arranged and coordinated by Jerzy Halberzstadt.

Unfortunately the exact origin of this material cannot be determined, but the bulk is clearly part of the RSHA, Amt VII Archive, which served as both an archival repository for all branches of Sipo und SD (Sicherheitspolizei und Sicherheitsdienst des Reichsfuehrers SS) and a research archive. The research archive housed among other resources a massive collection of all material seized by Party and state agencies as they raided enemy organizations and closed the presses, archives, libraries and museums of suspected individuals and organizations. It also assembled a wider range of "legitimate" publications in pursuit of its mission to monitor and shape ideological trends in German society and culture. Since Amt VII of the RSHA served as a cultural research institute, much of the material of the collection covers a wide range of German cultural history, going back into the 19th century. In its totality, it reveals a great deal about the interests and SD career of Franz Six, earlier the head of SD Inland (SD-Hauptamt II), then head of Amt VII of the RSHA.

From time of capture until 1985, the files were held by the Ministry of Security (after 1956 Ministry of the Interior) as a closed archive. Polish security agencies did not keep accurate records relating to these files which were probably found by Polish military units. It is unlikely that Soviet units turned such material over to the Poles since they so diligently assembled all RSHA records that they captured in the former Osoby Archive Moscow. Of course, some items were subsequently added from Soviet and other contributions intended to assist security activities. This was obviously the case with the documents translated into Russian, but perhaps also some of the German language originals.

According to RSHA directives for the disbursal of archives in December 1944, several repositories were located in Reich territories later occupied and absorbed by Poland, as well as areas in the Sudetenland bordering on Poland. These may well be the main source of the captured documents. Others could have come from files of Sipo and SD field posts in occupied Poland. Unfortunately, the captured RSHA materials, except for some items pertaining to Polish history, were not turned over to Polish archives which might have done a better job of authenticating their history. Although rumors of significant RSHA holdings in Poland had spread in the scholarly community by the mid-1960s, no one, including Polish scholars, could get information or access. This was consistent with the policy established by the Soviets for their captured German documents, but also was standard practice for all archival material under the Ministry of Interior.

Efforts to identify the exact provenance of many of these folders have been frustrating. As with all "RSHA" archives, many folders were inherited from predecessor organizations or seized and became part of the files of different Ämter of the RSHA, sometimes ending in the archives of Amt VII. The majority of the folders seem to be materials assembled for the Amt VII Archive. Others were working files from other Ämter that were old enough to have been retired to an archive. Some, however, date from so late in the war that they must have been active working files at the time of capture. Except where the original folder covers survive, the parent office or branch within the RSHA that created the folder often cannot be identified. Consequently the provenance indicated for a folder is often an educated guess, or it refers to the agency from which the contents apparently originated, even outside the RSHA umbrella.

The files are of mixed character. Some seem to be original archival files, although it is impossible to tell if the contents have been disturbed by removals. Only in cases where material has been removed after Polish pagination is such a disturbance of context obvious. Other files may have been assembled from other contexts by the Polish security agencies. The very miscellaneous content of some files, which is not unusual in any of the captured document collections, east or west, may have resulted from loose documents being cobbled together by those who collected material in the field, or even by the Nazis themselves who scooped up much of their material in raids on suspect organizations. The original labeling and indexing was done by the Security Ministry. The folder numbers missing from the collection were already removed before it was turned over to the Commission.

Based on my own experience from working extensively in the surviving records of Nazi police and security agencies, I find these documents consistent in content and style with all others. I have yet to find any thing that would suggest tampering. As a matter of fact, the nature of the bulk of the material is such that it would be ludicrous to suggest any purpose behind falsification or that false content could be so accurately generated. Unfortunately, given the uncertain history of the collection, the possibility does remain that an individual item may not be authentic. -George C. Browder

(Note on contents of files: users must understand that many files, especially those marked miscellaneous, cannot be thoroughly summarized. Every effort has been made to give some sense of the scope of a file's content, but users must review every folder possibly relevant to one's research to avoid missing obscure but relevant material.)

(Note on pagination: microfilming was done without frame numbering. Most folders were paginated by the original Polish custodians, but not all. Frequently the backsides of pages went unpaginated, so pagination does not always equate with an exact document page count for a folder.

Reel 1

Reel 1 contains the finding aid for the collection, the original Polish language index.

Reel 2

File Title - Description

1 Daily reports for Poland. HA Sipo, Berlin, Sonderreferat "Unternehmen Tannenberg" Tagesbericht of Einsatzgruppen. 6-19 September 1939. 122 pages.

2 See file no. 1. 20-31 October 1939. 94 pages.

3 Monthly and daily reports of the Gestapo activities. HA Sipo, Berlin, Gestapo, reports: Monatsbericht über Linksbewegung in February 1936, and an incomplete run of Information des Geheime Staatspolizeiamt. October - November 1936. 99 pages.

4 See file no. 3. August and September 1938. 100 pages.

5 See file no. 3. August and September 1938. 78 pages.

6 See file no. 3. October and November 1936. October - December 1938. 175 pages.

7 See file no. 3. October - December 1938. 106 pages.

8 See file no. 3. January - June 1939. 134 pages.

RG-15.007M continued

9 See file no. 3. June - October 1939. 190 pages.

Reel 3

10 See file no. 3. HA Sipo Berlin, Gestapo; more Information d. Gestapo. February - October 1939. 215 pages.

11 Report of the 4th SS section. RSHA, Amt IV, Meldung wichtiger staatspolizeilicher Ereignisse. May 1942 - February 1943. 191 pages.

12 See file no. 11. December 1942 - March 1943. 82 pages.

13 Correspondence concerning religious literature for forced Polish laborers and POW in Germany. SD des RFSS, SD-Hauptamt: HA-Sipo, Berlin, Sachakten II B 31; correspondence to and from RSHA IV B 4, regarding religious affairs of Polish workers. 1940. 13 pages.

14 Correspondence concerning the Holy Mary Church in the Lodz Ghetto. Same provenance: correspondence about the Marienkirche in _ód_ and the Jewish ghetto. 1940. 9 pages.

15 Correspondence concerning the synod and conference of Lutheran pastors in West Poland. SD-Hauptamt, II 1133-1: correspondence regarding Evangelische Kirche in Ost-Oberschlesien. 1935 - 1936. 73 pages.

16 Notary acts of Dr. Greven for the Aachen share company. Seized records(?) of Dr. jur. Ludwig Greven, Koenigl. Notary, Aachen, and Notary Dr. Franz Custodis in Koeln. 1910 - 1932. 297 pages.

Reel 4

17 Documents and press clippings concerning internal and foreign policy situation. RSHA II D11-A1: outline of Sachgebiete Gruppe II D (no date); III A 5, 13 February 1940, report of a traveler's impressions of the USSR; report "Die Stellung der West-Ukraine und West-Weissrusslands in den UdSSR, 28 February 1940; reports from SD I 3 to Gestapo II 2 of international newspaper articles regarding USSR. 1940. 152 pages.

18 Instructions and dispositions about organization and other matters. RSHA II: very miscellaneous directives regarding personnel and procedures. 1943 - 1944. 300 pages.

19 V. Mann's reports from Rome. SD-Hauptamt II 1131-11: report of a V-Mann from Rome, and the trip of SS-U'Sturmf; Wilhelm Hoettl to Rome. September 1938. 8 pages.

20 Correspondence concerning action against the Jesuits from Kraków. Writing concerning the relation of the Catholic Church to the government of Marshall Pilsudski. SD-Hauptamt II 1131-211: Aktion gegen die Krakauer Jesuiten. 1936 - 1940. 40 pages.

21 Teletype concerning financial help for Cardinal Hlond. RSHA to BdSuSD Frankreich, regarding Kardinal August Hlond, ehemaligen Primas von Polen. 1 June 1944. 1 page.

22 Report about the activities of the Catholic Church. SD-Hauptamt II 1131, 1936-1940: Lagebericht von 75,001 for December 1935 - January 1936; tables of content and Allgemeine Übersicht only; excerpts from reports of LAb Süd von 11 October 1939 on statements about the outbreak of war; December 1939 reports

RG-15.007M continued

on the posture of the evangelical and catholic churches since outbreak of war; reports of SD-LAb. Hamburg, January 1940; SD-Ab. Augsburg, January 1940; SD-LAb. München, August 1940. 136 pages.

23 Information reports about the politics of the Protestant, Greek, Catholic, and Jewish clergy. RSHA VII B 3: Informationsberichte über die politischen Kirchen. 1944. 72 pages.

24 Materials and notes from the speech of Pious IX to the Christian archaeologists on 21 October 1938. SD-Hauptamt II 1131-111: newspaper clippings and summaries regarding Papal speeches. 1938. 63 pages.

25 Correspondence from Field Station about Pious IX encyclical of 29 October 1939. SD-Hauptamt II 1131-111: Enzyklika der Papstes. 1939. 92 pages.

26 Photocopies of interviews and correspondence of Knochen to Eichmann and others. SD-Hauptamt: V-Männer, II 112-1, 1938-1939; general guidelines and files on two individual V-men. 1938 - 1939. 14 pages.

Reel 5

27 Situational reports of 1 April - 31 May 1938. SD-Hauptamt: Lagebericht der Zentralabteilung II/1 and II/2. 97 pages.

28 Overview of present situation of the order (Free) Masonery. SD-Hauptamt II 111: Übersicht den augenblicklichen Stand der Freimaurei. 20 December 1935. 1935. 22 pages.

29 Report II/III (free) Masonery yearly statement. SD-Hauptamt II 111: Jahres-Lagebericht, 1938 (Freimauerei). 1938. 30 pages.

30 Yearly report of the SD commandant, north-eastern sector of SS (East Prussia). SD-Hauptamt II 111: Lagebericht für die Zeit vom 1 January - 31 December 1938. 19 pages.

31 Report for the period of January - March 1939. SD-Hauptamt II 111: Monatsberichte. 1939. 24 pages.

32 Situational field report for 1 January - 31 March 1939. SD-Hauptamt II 111: Lageberichte der SD-Abschnitte. 56 pages.

33 Situational field report for 1 April - September 1939. SD-Hauptamt II 111: ditto. 68 pages.

34 Informational report concerning problems of the (Free) Masons. RSHA VII: Informationsberichte zur Freimaurerfrage. 1944.

35 Correspondence and notes concerning problems of the (Free) Masons. SD-Hauptamt II 122, Polen und Balt.: extracts of reports of Amt III; correspondence from II 122 regarding emigrants in Poland. 1939. 26 pages.

36 Organizational structure of the (Free) Masons. RSHA I: Geschäftsverteilungsplan RSHA, circa December 1939. 66 pages.

37 Notes to the organizational structure of the RSHA (SS Race and Resettlement Office). Preussische Ministerium des Innern, Polizeiabteilung(?): Vorbemerkung zu dem Geschäftsverteilungsplan; Geschäftsverteilungsplan (pre- or early 1933). no dates. 38 pages.

38 Organizational structure of Department I. RSHA I: Geschäftsverteilungsplan des Amtes I, 17 May 1940. 35 pages.

39 Files of II-1 department (plans). RSHA I: Sachaktenplan für I 321. no dates. 4 pages.

40 List of cases of department II-2111 and II/B1. RSHA: organization of II 2; Sachkarteiverzeichnis der Hauptabteilung J/I, Freimauertum (Freemasons). no dates. 54 pages.

41 Department II-212 structure. RSHA II: Sachaktenplan //Nordschleswig//; organization of II 212; Grundschema für II 2. no dates. 6 pages.

42 Department VI organizational structure. RSHA VI: Geschäftsverteilungsplan des Amtes VI, 19 December 1939. 14 pages.

43 Organizational project of the department of culture in the RSHA. SD-Hauptamt II 21: Entwurf für Kulturabteilung im geplanten RSHA. 20 July 1939. 18 pages.

44 Organizational plans for RSHA. RSHA: folder regarding organization and reorganization of the RSHA. 1939 - 1940. 116 pages.

45 Paper on the internal and foreign policy of Otto I (the Great). Lecture notes on Otto I; on Glanzzeit und Niedergang der Hohenstaufen. no date. 19 pages.

46 Information about the cooperation of the Security Service on the basis of the lecture about the "Cooperation of the internal and external enemy of the Reich." Chef der Sipo und SD: Politische Auskunfte der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD. 11 July 1942. 27 pages.

47 Service insignia of the teachers' corps of the Nazi Party. Unterrichtsstaffel: Dienstgrad der NSDAP. no date. 1 page.

48 Various ordinances and regulations concerning especially the Ukrainian police in the General gouvernment (Polish occupied territories in Russia). Verwaltungsrecht im General gouvernment. (Russian language translation) (continues on reel 6). no dates.

Reel 6

48 (continued from reel 5) Various ordinances and regulations concerning especially the Ukrainian police in the General gouvernment (Polish occupied territories in Russia). Collection of ordinances regarding the economy, transportation, and public order in the General gouvernment. (Russian language translations only.) 1940 - 1942. 122 pages.

49 Political Police in Bavaria. Bayrische Staatsministerium der Justiz & By. Politische Polizei, correspondence regarding actions against prominent members of the BVP (includes mug shots). 1933. 35 pages.

50 File missing from the film.

51 Guide 11/112 to AFAG (Kaplings familie). RSHA II: folder regarding Deutsche Kolpingsfamilie AFG-Fernunterricht publications. no date. 81 pages.

52 Name list of people from Germany. List of persons by community of residence (communities in alpha order I-Z), with code numbers (SD V-Männer?). no date. 508 pages.

53 List of names from Germany, Rhineland, and Saxony (B-F). no date. 128 pages.

54 Papers and correspondence concerning Austria. Miscellaneous seized papers regarding Austrian persons and organizations: 1918-1919, 1922, 1925, 1930, 1932, and 1935; Bericht über die Lage in Oesterreich: 19 October 1930. 46 pages.

55 SD-Hauptamt II: seized papers of and correspondence regarding Dr. Rudolf von Braun, 1921-1922, 1924, 1937-1938, and interrogation report. 47 pages.

56 Correspondence of police and state authorities. Seized papers of Ignaz Klein. 1923-1930. 84 pages.

57 German League for Human Rights (Deutsche Liga für Menschenrecht). 1922. 1933. 1935. 14 pages.

58 Police dispositions and laws. Copies of important laws regarding the Gestapo since the Machtergreifung; excerpt from RMBliV, 24 June 1942, Runderlass d. RFSSuCdDP regarding budgetary affairs of the police. 1933 - 1942. 41 pages.

59 Notebook with duty remarks. Handwritten notebook regarding reports passing through SD Zentrale in Berlin, mostly regarding NS and SA intrigues in Hamburg. 12 April - 22 May 1933. 48 pages.

60 Correspondence concerning Police captain Brinkmann. SD reports on Polish Hauptmann Brinkmann. 1934. 29 pages.

Reel 7

61 Bi-weekly reports of the Bavarian political Police action. SD Amt file of reports from and correspondence with By. Politische Polizei, 1934; incomplete run of Halbmonatsberichte d.ByPP; seized publications. March 15 - 23 August 1934. 169 pages.

62 Correspondence and notes concerning Hitler Jugend and Catholic Youth. 1934 - 1936. 5 pages.

63 Newspaper clippings, from foreign countries, concerning Gestapo work. SD-Hauptamt, HAbtl. Presse, I3. 1935 - 1937. 101 pages.

64 Situational monthly police reports. Staatspolizeistelle Monatsberichte for the month of December 1934. 1935. 87 pages.

65 Security Police and its tasks. SD-Hauptamt: Vorläufige Geschäftsordnung. 1935. 49 pages.

66 Berlin Academic Union for Foreign Policy and United Nations questions. Gestapo, HAbtl. III: Akademische Gesellschaft für Aussenpolitik und Volkerbundsfragen in Berlin. 1935. 4 pages.

67 Report addressed to Heydrich concerning Wiktor Lutle, SA chief. SD-Hauptamt II, 1936: reports to Heydrich regarding SA Stabschef Lutze. November 1936. 7 pages.

68 Political Refugees charter (in German and in French). SD-Hauptamt II 1212-31: reports regarding Internationale Konferenz für Asylrecht, Paris. 20-21 June 1936. 18 pages.

69 Order of the Chief of SS for the SD concerning case files and indexes - secret. SD-Hauptamt: Richtlinien zur Einrichtung und Handhebung Sachkartei und Sachakten. 1936. 136 pages.

70 Secret instruction concerning spying and illegal border crossing. Gestapa III: Berichterstattung in Spionage-Abwehrsachen; directives regarding border control. 1936 - 1939. 26 pages.

71 Opinion of Rudolf Hess about the practice of the quack Emil Nitz. 1936. 1938 - 1941. 108 pages.

72 Materials of the Information Office. DAF Amt Information reports. 1936 - 1937. 24 pages.

73 List of signatures of the chief of SD offices. SD-Hauptamt II 122: Dienstanweisung für des Arbeitsgebiet II 122 "Mittelbewegung." 1936 - 1938. 21 pages.

74 Money allocated by the Prussian Ministry of Labor for social service and social aid organizations. SD-Hauptamt: Signenverzeichnis - SD-Hauptamt (Stand 1 January 1937) in alphabetical order; 15 January 1937 same data in organizational order. 1937 - 1938. 8 pages.

75 SD-Hauptamt II 113: reports on Zuschüsse des RuPr. Arbeits- ministeriums. 1937 - 1938. 8 pages.

76 Materials concerning the Intelligence Department of the SD (Security Police) in Palestine. SD-Hauptamt II 112: reports on SD agents in Palestine and Germany, 1937-1938; directives on reassignment for responsibility for the Judenfrage within the RSHA, 1940. 11 pages.

77 Orders and dispositions of the Chief of the SS Administration Office concerning uniforms and economic matters. RFSS, Verwaltungsamt: regarding clothing and equipment. 1937 - 1938, 1940. 26 pages.

78 Rulings concerning military training, marriages, resettlement, and explusion. List of pacifist organizations in South Africa. Very miscellanous folder of indeterminate provinance, 1937-1944: e.g., regarding marriage applications; the Austrian SS after the Anschluss; military training; SD and Gestapo reports on suspects and enemy organizations; statistics on Häftlinge in Netherlands, 13 June 1943; miscellanous RSHA directives and correspondence. 1937 - 1944. 22 pages.

79 Briefs from meeting of the Committee of the Weimar Republic. File on Bundesausschuss of the Weimar Republic its meetings and members; Bühnenvolksbundes EV. 1927. 1932. 20 pages.

80 Monthly reports about political situation in the Lower Bavaria submitted to the President of the Republic. Monatsbericht, Regierungspräsident, Niederbayern und Oberpfalz, 7 November 1938. 14 pages.

81 Reports of interview with the chief of the Swiss Command party Paul Itselmer on the Subject of "Stalin, The Ukraine Germany" - 1938, and reports of Secret Police for Bavaria/11. SD-Hauptamt II 121, report regarding KPD; SD II 1131 report regarding Catholic Church; Gestapo II C regarding Felix Dahn Gesellschaft. 9 pages.

82 Situational report about activities of the Culture Office/II/1/. SD-Hauptamt: Tätigkeitsbericht d. ZAbtl. II. 1 January - 30 June 1938. 75 pages.

83 Materials concerning Jewish literature and literature on Jewish themes. SD-Hauptamt II 112: miscellanous file, mostly on Jewish press and publications. 1938. 6 pages.

84 Press reports and correspondence of 20 September 1938 concerning the papal policies/11 - 1131 - 111/. SD-Hauptamt II 1131-111. 1938. 7 pages.

85 Quarterly reports from units under SD jurisdiction. SD-Hauptamt: Lagebericht des SD-OAbschnmitte, II 122 (Liberalism). 1 April - 30 June 1938. 44 pages.

86 Short resume of Lord Noel Buxton's speech on 10 March 1938 in Stuttgart concerning colonial problems (copies, photocopies of British documents about free commerce, foreign policies). SD-Hauptamt: publications and reports regarding Great Britain. 1938. 78 pages.

Reel 8

87 Report about field reports received from SD-RFSS. SD-Hauptamt II 1131: Bericht über den derzeitigen Stand der Lageberichterstattung des SD-RFSS. 1938. 15 pages.

88 Rulings concerning mobilization in case of war. SD-Hauptamt: Mob Akten II 22, directives regarding preparedness for war; CdSHA and CdSipo, 8 July 1938 elaboration of Befehl of 7 April 1938 regarding Neugliederung des Sachgebietes III (ausland) des SD. 1938 - 1939. 128 pages.

89 Rulings and laws concerning German youth. 1936 - 1942. 38 pages.

90 Rulings of the Race and Resettlement Office. RSHA II A 1(?): very miscellanous folder, e.g., order of CdSuSD, 31 July 1941 regarding Einsatz bisher noch nicht eingesetzt gewesener Angehörigen der Sipo u.SD; directive regarding dealings with NS and fascist groups in occupied Norway, Denmark, Holland, and Belgium with reports on each organization. 1938 -1945. 147 pages.

91 Heydrich's (chief of RSHA) regulations concerning reorganization of Police to standardize the Security Police (maps) addressed to SIX. Folder of SS-Standf. Six, SD-Hauptamt: CdSipo u. SD-Hauptamt directives regarding Neuorganisation der Sipo u. des SD, 5 July 1939; directives on the reorganization of two SD-OAb. with maps and charts. July 1939. 18 pages.

92 Confidential papers concerning foreign intelligence agents (11/1). Gestapa: Geheimes Fahndungsblätter, 15 May and 15 July 1939. 1939. 40 pages.

93 Reorganization project for the Security Police and Security Service submitted to Heydrich. SD Führer u. IdSuSD im Bereich d. HSSuPF Süd: Neuorganisation der Sipo und des SD. 10 August 1939. 30 pages.

94 Secret Police Order concerning forced labor. Gestapa: Überprüfung von Arbeitskräften, 2 May 1939; to Chef d. Einstazgruppen & Einwandererzentralstelle, regarding transport of Jews and Kongresspolen to General gouvernment. 8 November 1939. 7 pages.

95 Information concerning the VII International Christ the King Congress in Yugoslavia /11-1131/. 1939. 18 pages.

96 Polish political organization. SD report on Polnische Parteien; Sipo EG II, SD-Fuehrer, report re Polnische politische Organisationen. 5 October 1939. 8 pages.

97 Correspondence concerning the political situation in connection with the Russo-German pact (11). Miscellaneous seized materials from Poland. 1939. 6 pages.

98 Correspondence concerning smuggling of money and other illegal money transfers. Miscellanous correspondence to SD and/or Gestapo regarding suspect persons and organizations. 1936 - 1939. 7 pages.

99 Chief of SS's regulations about personal matters celebrating the beginning of spring and guidelines for the courts of the NSDAP. Miscellanous material, mostly regarding personnel matters. 1939 - 1943. 17 pages.

100 List of Catholic documents in the palace of Cardinal Hlond. SD-Hauptamt II 1131: regarding Katholic Konsistorum. 1939 - 1940. 95 pages.

101 Instructions and regulations for the organization of Security Police (SS) and Security Service (SD) in Poland (VII B1). RSHA VII: creation of RSHA and organizational matters; disolution of EG and EK in Poland; handling of Schutzhäftlinge; miscellanous ordinances regarding Sipo and SD in occupied and allied territories. 1939, 1941 - 1944. 62 pages.

102 Information made up by the German clergy for the Pomerania and Poznanie area to the Archbishop office in Munich about their persecution in the four days of September 1939 by Polish authorities (119113/). SD-Hauptamt II 1131: regarding Catholic Church in occupied Poland. 1939 - 1940. 31 pages.

103 Reports and correspondence of the SS and SD resettlement offices about explusion action, flying squads' activities, decorations and personal matters, EWZ stations. RSHA III: correspondence from and with Ein- und Umwandererzentralstellen. 1939 - 1944. 270 pages.

104 Materials concerning the neo-Scandinavian resistance movement in Denmark (Hochschulvorstand CPO Christionsen). SD-Hauptamt II 122-05: regarding Neuskandinavische Bewegung. 1939 - 1940. 6 pages.

105 Situational report from Germany. RSHA: Meldungen aus dem Reich. 3 January 1940. 15 pages.

106 Correspondence concerning reorganization. RSHA II B 33 file on its office space, equipment, etc. 1940. 29 pages.

Reel 9

107 English operational command of SD called the Sea Lion. RSHA II B 5, England Einsatzkommando Seelöwe: directives and material assembled on enemy organizations in England. 1940. 104 pages.

108 Investigation of Susanne Serafen internee from France by the Secret Police. RSHA IV, Gestapo: file on Susanne Sefrin (geb. Meyer). 1940. 16 pages.

109 Protocol for the conference with the SS chief NEB how to use astrology to fight British imperialsim in India. RSHA II B 3. 1940. 1 page.

110 Materials concerning the SD activities in Holland from 29 May to 26 June 1940. SD report, Dienstreise nach Holland, with reports. 61 pages.

111 Letter concerning loaning of books by certain subdivision of RSHA. RSHA II A 2: Bücherbestaende der Bibliotek. November 1940. 1 page.

112 Air-raid precaution commando Book 1, air-craft recognition service. Flugmendedienst, Flugzeugerkennungsdienst, Heft. 1941. 89 pages.

113 Regulation and orders of the Chief of the SS and of Chief of German Police for the strengthing of Germanization in the Polish lands incorporated into Germany. File regarding German citizenship for or service by persons of Polish citizenship; Volksliste. 1941 - 1942. 241 pages.

114 Public opinion and questionnaire about literature and publishing. RSHA II A 2: personnel files, potential employees. 1941. 48 pages.

115 Letter concerning submitting of reports by subdivisions (11A). RSHA IV 1/a: Einschränkung der Fehlengeigen und Vollzugsmeldungen. 1942. 1 page.

116 Letter concerning the nomination of SS captain Dr. Josef Franz Knopfler, director of the State Archives in Bavaria, to the Office of General Director (V/III/). RSHA VII C 3: efforts to prevent the appointment of Dr. Josef Knöpfler as Director of Staats Archiv Bavaria. June 1942. 5 pages.

117 Letter concerning reporting. RSHA IV 1/a: Berichterstattung. 1942. 1 page.

118 Confidential reports of the Groups NE - counterintelligence. RSHA IV E: Mitteilungsblatt der Gruppe IV E, regarding Polish intelligence service and resistance movement. 1942. 5 pages.

119 Duty regulation for county militia. RFSSu.CdDP: Dienstanweisung für die Landwacht. August 1942. 2 pages.

120 Monthly and quarterly reports of the EWZ (Immigration and Resettlement Central Office) in Poznan. Umwandererzentralstelle Posen: correspondence from Monatsberichte, November 1942, December 1942, January 1943; Vierteljahsbericht, 1 January - 31 March 1944. 33 pages.

121 Fragment (rs 21) of situational report of the General gouvernment. Fragment (pages 29-40) of a report regarding the General gouvernmet (covering Juden) plus Anlage "Bandenwesen," 22 May 1943. 14 pages.

122 Situational report of the SS Command and SD Counsel for Estonia submitted to the RSHA. KdSuSD f.d. Generalbezirk Estland: Lageberichte Estland B, 9 January and 6 May 1943; Nachtrag z.d. Lagebericht Estland A, 3 April 1943; Lagebericht Estland A, 6 July 1943. 245 pages.

123 Confidential reports of Group IVE of counterintelligence. RSHA IV E: Mitteilungsblatt der Gruppe IV E. 1943. 244 pages.

Reel 10

124 Confidential reports of Group IVE of counterintelligence. RSHA IV E: Mitteilungsblatt der Gruppe IV E. 1944. 43 pages.

125 Reports and correspondence of the commission for Germanization. File generally dealing with social-racial concerns for example directives regarding support for families of SS members; RKFDV directives regarding racial testing of Polish workers; Germanization; resettlement. 1943. 241 pages.

126 Situational reports concerning Holland. Fragement (pages 11-34) of a report from Holland including statistics on Häftlinge, 10 April 1943, and section on Juden. 18 April 1943. 14 pages.

127 Special reports concerning Norway. Report from Norway: Sonderbericht über die Lage auf dem Lebensgebiet Verwaltung und Recht. 1943. 48 pages.

128 Service regulations. 1941 directives regarding citizenship for military and Waffen-SS volunteers; Nachrichtenblatt des Reichsamtes Technische Nothilfe, 20 November 1944. 1941. 1944. 27 pages.

129 Correspondence concerning personal matters. RSHA IV, 1931-1940: correspondence of various political police offices regarding individual separatists. 37 pages.

130 See file no. 129. RSHA II: personnel files of potential employees. 1940. 11 pages.

131 See file no. 129. RSHA II: personnel records of employees. 1940 - 1942. 7 pages.

132 Correspondence concerning Heinz Ballensiefen, SS sergant. RSHA II: file regarding SS-O'Scharf. Heinz Ballensiefen. 1937 - 1938; 1940; 1942; 1943. 32 pages.

133 Correspondence concerning General Bloomberg. 1935 - 1938. 18 pages.

134 Personal files of RSHA member Horst Fischer, SS 2nd Liutenant. 1939 - 1940. 26 pages.

135 Personal files of RSHA member Dr. Prof. Otto Hofler and Dr. Prof. Bernhard Kummet. 1938; 1942 - 1943. 27 pages.

136 Personal files of RSHA member Dr. Hans Meier, Rechtsanwalt. 1939. 41 pages.

137 Personal files of RSHA member Margarete Moritz, opinions and correspondence. 1928 - 1936. 32 pages.

138 Personal files of RSHA member Eng. Harald Rittman, correspondence concerning bestowing German citizenship. Security checks on personnel of the Paris firm of Dipl.Ing. Harold Rittmann, producing for the Luftwaffe. 1941 - 1944. 114 pages.

139 Personal files of RSHA member Retmann, application for German citizenship. 1943. 18 pages.

140 Personal files of RSHA member Dr. Schneider, probationary schoolmark. 1937. 22 pages.

141 Personal files of RSHA member Friedrich Schneeberger. 1934 - 1935. 2 pages.

142 Personal files concerning RSHA staff Fritz Schneeberger. 1935. 3 pages.

143 List of liberal Germans (file on Thomas Mann, newspaper clippings regarding expulsion) who lost German citizenship. 1936 - 1939. 38 pages.

144. The character of Gestapo files in Gdansk and list of foreign co-workers. 1944. 116 pages.

Reel 11

145 Orders of SS in Gdansk (Russian translation). 1944. 103 pages.

146 Situational report of the SS Action command (400-800 men); Einsatzgruppen. Einsatzgruppe B: Tätigkeits- und Lagebericht für die Zeit vom 16-31 January 1943 (stats on Sonderbehandlungen broken down by Jews, Gypsies, bandits, and several political categories). 1943. 44 pages.

147 Report of the SS action command's "securing" of the archives in the Bishop of Metz palace. SD-Oberabschnitt West, Einsatzkommando Metz: Bericht über die Sichtung des Archivs- und Korrespondenzmaterials im erzbishoefischen Palais in Metz. 1940. 78 pages.

148 Activities of the SS action command 1A-Reval/IV11 A1/. RSHA VII: correspondence and materials seized by Sonderkommando IA, Reval, and sent to RSHA Archives. 1941 - 1942. 49 pages.

149 SS action command activities report - Soviet territory for 1-15 May 1942. Information concerning Soviet ethnic policies. Einsatzgruppe B: excerpts from Tätigkeits- und Lagebericht regarding religious life; report by Vidkun Quisling on nationality politics in USSR. 1942. 21 pages.

150 Materials concerning the SD action command activities in Austria (Plundering of library and document objects from Vienna and transfering to Berlin). 150 SD-Österrreich, Sonderkommando SD Österreich: reports on materials seized. 1938. 45 pages.

151 Materials concerning the Vienna SD station commando's activities and plundering of cultural objects from European territories incorportated into Germany. Sonderkommando SD, Eisenstadt: reports on seized materials of lodges, Jews and Jewish organizations. 1938. 65 pages.

152 SD action command III in Lodz regarding seized materials. 9 October 1939. 5 pages.

153 Activities of the Special Commando Pelpin: reports regarding obstruction of Selbstschutz. October 1939. 4 pages.

154 SS activities commando in Poland, Section III. SD-Hauptamt: Einsatzkommando Polen. May 1939 - . 12 pages.

155 Instructional materials for spying counterintelligence, sabotage, and national treason. Police training materials, typed notes on "Espionage" and "Treason." no dates. 9 pages.

156 Materials for ideological instruction of Public Safety Police. Schulungsamt SS und Polizei: Staffsammlung (A76) für die weltanschauliche Schulung den Ordnungspolizei, "Jude in England." no dates. 8 pages.

157 Hans Konrad Schauer Munich 1932 - rebuilder of German Armed Forces in agreement with Ludendorf, probably member of the Volkisch (instructional plan for "The Philosophy of Defense"). Landgericht München I: publications list of Verlage "Offene Wörte," correspondence and notes regarding military publications. 1932. 118 pages.

158 Memorandum concerning the transformation of the Higher School of Foreign Affairs into Faculty of Foreign Affairs at the University of Berlin. RSHA VII, Archive: Denkschrift über die Umgestaltung der Auslands- hochschule und deren Ausbau zu einer Auslandswissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität Berlin, by RR Dr. Schurla. no dates. 16 pages.

159 Lectures and writings on philosophical theoretical and political themes. RSHA VII, Archive: "Der Okkultismus im modernen Weltbilt," v. Dr. Traugott Konstantin Österreich, and miscellanous typed texts on a variety of academic reports of a political nature. 1919; 1921; 1936; 1940. 51 pages.

160 Cases of Prof. Friedrich Wilhelm Foerster, former secretary of Bavaria: excerpts and clippings from publications regarding him. 1929 - 1941. 135 pages.

161 Names of German democrats and their families who lost German citizenship in the years 1933-1937. 29 pages.

162 Correspondence concerning schools of civic education. SD-Hauptamt: reports regarding die Ausbildung der Führer für das Landschuljahr, Köln-Aachen. 1934 - 1935. 19 pages.

163. Instructional material: capitalism, unemployment, problem of Polish political parties, criminal law, Poles at NARWIK, etc. (VII). Miscellanous folder: reports on anti-German propaganda in Poland; SA-Gruppe Ostmark regarding activities in Poland; organization of the Auswärtiges Amt; fragments of reports on Polish political parties; "3 Nachkrieges Pläne B2H2 - Streit - Culbertson." 1936 - 1940. 139 pages.

Reel 12

164 Regulation of the German minister of Justice concerning divorces. SD-Hauptamt II 113: Reichs Minister der Justiz, regarding Befreiung vom Ehehindernis der Ehebruchs. 26 February 1937. 2 pages.

165 Report concerning case of foreign workers from various countries working in Germany. SD-Hauptamt II 1131: Polnische Landarbeiter für Deutschland; Seelsorgische Betreuung ausländischen Landarbeiter. 1938 - 1939. 122 pages.

166 Plan for political education whose teaching staff were members of RSHA. RSHA: Lehrplan für 12. Aussenstellenleiter-Lehrgang von 13-27 May 1939; and 1-15 July 1939. 5 pages.

167 Outline of academic lectures in history. RSHA VII, Archive: lists of academic courses taught by university, discipline, and faculty. 1939 - 1942. 142 pages.

168 Bibliography for study of general history in German universities (names of professors and undergraduates assistants). 1939 - 1942. 248 pages.

169 Themes for German university lectures in history, philosphy, German, and journalism. 1939 -1942. 197 pages.

170 Correspondence concerning report of Dr. Zeiles about cancer cures. Correspondence regarding Institute Zeileis. 1940. 51 pages.

171 Annex to press reports of SD concerning foreign policy (Churchill and other speeches). SD-Hauptamt II 122: newspaper reports regarding Germans in Britain. 1940 - 1942. 59 pages.

172 List of Jewish industrial enterprises in Kozlo. SD-Hauptamt II 112: miscellanous materials regarding Jews. March - November 1938. 4 pages.

173 Letter or speech to the Nazi party members in concerning economic situation of Austria. Typed appeal headed "Parteigenossen," Communist Party Austria. no date. 6 pages.

174. Paper concerning the forming of German minority in Finland in the 19th and 20th century (11, 111). RSHA VII, Archive: typed manuscript, Parts II & III (pages 78-310), "Die Bedeutung deutschstaemmiger Persoenlichkeiten in 19. und 20. Jahrhundert in der Geschichte Finnlands" and Sippenkundlichen Anhang, personlity indexes and bibliography. no dates. 78-310 pages.

Reel 13

175 Information concerning Poland: government make-up, political parties, armed service, interwar period (1918-1939). Report "Polen" (1938 last date in contents): covers political structure (Jewish and other minority representation); press; die Bevoeölkerung Polens; regional structure; military matters. 16 pages.

176 Confiscated in 1940, documents of the united nations and peace organizations of 1934-1936 and documents of 1941-1942, also concerning Holland. (VII) SD-Hauptamt: seized materials of Vereinigung der Volkerbund und Freiden in Holland, 1934-1936, mostly Dutch and French language materials; German summaries of Dutch press reports, 1940-1941; Dutch language publications, 1938-1939, 1942. 56 pages.

177 Alphabetical list of foreign organizations in Germany. no date. 122 pages.

178 Russian translations of documents concerning correspondence of the Chief of SS and SS for emigrant and resettlement cases in _ód_ and Poznan. no date. 51 pages.

179 Lists of Ukrainians in Vienna belonging to Ukranian or other political groups. List of members Akademischer Verein Sitsch; Akad. Frauen verband; Hromada-Verein; Rodzna-Verein; Ukrainischen Klub; non-organized Ukrainians. no date. 113 pages.

180 Regulations concerning the treatment of Jews. Werkleitung Lager Stadtwald: Behandlungsvorschrifte u Lagerordnung für jüdischen Arbeiter;" "Merkblatt für die Entlohnung und Verpfelgung der Juden. no date. 10 pages.

181 Report from the meeting of the Austrian National Association. "Geschichtliche Verantwortung," regarding Austria's armistice with Italy. 1920. 5 pages.

182 German newspaper clippings about the persecution of Germans on the Western Polish territories and strained German-Polish relations. Gesamtüberblick über die Poln. Presse, press clippings. 1920 - 1934. 270 pages.

183 Correspondence about Workman and the Hungarian affairs. File regarding Werkmann: correspondence and receipts. 1921. 7 pages.

184 Bibliographic (books and magazines) concerning Jewish problems. Handwritten bibliographic register, Zeitschrift der Zentralvereins deutschen Staatsbürger judischen Glaubens, Jahrgang XXVII. 1921 - 1922. 26 pages.

185 Czech and English language correspondence and bank reports to Dr. Grosjean, 1925-1926; English language report "Elections to the National Assembly of the Czechoslovak Republic on 15 November 1925; Czech language publication, Mininstry of Finances, Prague. 388 pages. (continues on reel 14)

Reel 14

185 continued from reel 13, pages 399-458. Materials in Czech, Hungarian, and German language concerning Czechoslovakia. 1926. 458 pages.

186 The Association of Germans in Foreign Lands (Poland). File on Verein für der Deutschen im Ausland (Polen). 1926. 30 pages.

187 SD corespondence concerning Spain. Materials regarding Spain and foreign affairs generated by agents of the APA Nachrichtendienst. 1933 - 1934. 12 pages.

188 Correspondence concerning minorities. SD-Oberabschnitt Ost: Reichswahlvorschlag Partei "National Minderheiten." 1933; 1936 - 1937. 11 pages.

189 Austria: materials concerning the organizations "Vaterländische Front," the mother country front. Seized materials of Vaterlaendische Front, Austria. 1934 - 1938. 231 pages.

190 Czech materials for the activities of the "Sudeten German's party". Seized Czech and German language materials of a Sudeten party. 1935. 22 pages.

191 Austria materials (among them bibliography for scholary works of R. Hofstatter - reports of the association of New-Austria, etc. Seized materials R. Höfstsetter, "Verband Neu-Österreich;" Geschäftsordnung der K.F.O. 1935 - 1937. 80 pages.

192 Reports from the meetings of the democratic party in July 1936 Philadelphia. SD-Hauptamt II 122: Demokratische Kongresse; newspaper clippings and reports. 1936. 7 pages.

193 Press reports for 8-11 September 1936. Excerpts from the newspaper article "Svenska Dagbladet" concerning the relation of the Red Army toward Stalin in 1936. Correspondence concerning Russian emigree press. SD-Presseberichte on Cheka vs. Red Army; APA Berichte on Russian Press. 1936. 193 pages.

194 National republican movement in Germany. SD-Hauptamt II 12: file on Nationalrepublikanische Einheitsbewegung Deutschlands. 1937. 3 pages.

195 German emigration in Denmark and other Dutch affairs. SD-Hauptamt II 122: German emigrants in Denmark. 1937 - 1939. 50 pages.

196 Press clippings, regulations, and correspondence concerning Jewish problems (Poland). SD-Oberabschnitt Süd-West: press clippings regarding the Judenfrage in Polen. 1937 - 1939. 57 pages.

197 National minorities. SD-Hauptamt II 122: Nationale Minderheiten. 1937. 6 pages.

198 Reports and correspondence of the Department under SS colonel Knochen concerning all countries where Germans resided including emigration in annexed countries. File of SS-Sturmbannf. Knochen: Bericht regarding Auslandsarbeit der neuen Abteilung unter Leitung von SS-Stubf. Knochen, Amt V RSHA, assuming work of former SD-HA II 122 regarding German emigrants; II 122 Berichte; regarding his Freemasonary work in II 111; regarding his role in SS training school; report on meeting with Bormann on handling of sensitive issues such as church question; centralizing the Jewish library. 1938 - 1939. 102 pages.

199 "Observatore Romano" newspaper clippings concerning the speech of the Pope in connection with church holiday in CSR. SD-Hauptamt II 1131: Osservatore Ramano, newspaper clippings. 1938. 2 pages.

200 Correspondence concerning files obtained from England by captain Danfeld. SD-Hauptamt II 1114: correspondence regaridng materials by SS Hauptsturmf. Daufeld on lodges in England. 1938. 7 pages.

201 Residual correspondence concerning Denmark. File on German emigrants in Denmark; addresses; publication Der deutsche Weg. 1938. 33 pages.

202 Newspaper clippings of "Presseschau Ost" (Eastern Press Exhibit) concerning Jewish problem. SD-Oberabschnitt Nord, II 112: press reports on Judenfrage in Pole. 1938. 56 pages.

203 Special commando "Austria." Sonderkommando Österreich: seized materials, much regarding Jewish organizations. 1938. 15 pages.

204 Correspondence and papers on Ukrainian affairs. File on Ukrainian students in Germany. 1938 - 1939. 26 pages.

205 Materials concerning Poland (II). SD-Hauptamt II 122: Polen - newspaper clippings and informational extracts from file cards on individuals in Poland; SD reports on enemy organizations in Poland. 1939. 35 pages.

206 Newspaper clippings for French Figaro concerning history of the annexation of Austria. 1939. 11 pages.

207 Correspondence concerning Austrian emigration. Seized material on emigrants from Austria in Switzerland and France; addresses. 1939 - 1940. 66 pages.

Reel 15

208 Correspondence concerning Ukrainian press and situation in the Ukraine. APA reports on the Ukrainian press. 1939. 78 pages.

209 Special report about Poland's policies towards the Baltic countries. SD-Hauptamt II (NO): Sonderbericht die Politik Polens im Baltikum. 1939. 68 pages.

210 The Main Association of Austrian Emigrants in Paris. File on Zentralvereinigung österreichen Emigranten in Paris. 1939. 18 pages.

211 Correspondence concerning political emigration and labor movements (VI). Gestapo V-Mann report, Emigrantenorganisation in Paris; report on Netherlands; report on International Workers Movement in November 1943. 1939. 1941. 1943. 50 pages.

212 V. Mann's information based note about the leaders of Russian emigrants. 1940 - 1941. 10 pages.
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Part 2:

213 Norwegian materials; relation with Norwegian government toward Germany. Report adds the situtation with the Norwegian government. Reports on Norway; V-Mann report on trip to Norway; SS-Obersturmf. Wolff "Die innerpolitisiche Situation in Norwegen." 1940 - 1942. 76 pages.

214 Bibliography concerning French literature, politics, and economy about Turkey (RSHA VII, Archive). 1940. 3 pages.

215 Polish problems in foreign press. SD-Hauptamt II 122: foreign radio reports regarding Poland; press reports regarding the fate of Polish intellectuals. 1940 - 1941. 35 pages.

216 Cases concerning the activity of Dudzius government counsel of the Nazi Party (NSDAP). Politics of the Nazi party in the incorporated Polish lands (Warthgou) VII. RSHA II B 3: Church affairs. 1940. 28 pages.

217 Switzerland: activities connected with aid to Polish emigrants (SD-Hauptamt II 122). March 1940. 2 pages.

218 Work concerning the number of numbers of Jews in individual countries. Anzahl der Juden absolut und im Verhälten zur Gesamtbevölkerung in dem einzelnen Ländern nach Erdteilen. August 1941. 10 pages.

219 Cases compiled by Levin: plans for research into political emigration, higher schools, history of the magazine "History of the Nation", correspondence with Irish individual scholars in official and private matters. Folder revealing SD and Gestapo interest in Organisation des deutschen Archivwesens; correspondence on research on the Hexenprozesse; research on emigrants; correspondence of Dr. Rudolf Levin on various other research projects. 1939. 1941. 1944. 149 pages.

220 Monographics, papers concerning Slovakia, Soviets and Germany lecture on national movements. Information about Austrian resistance movement. Fragments of reports (pages 35-44) on Slovakia and Hungary; on German foreign policy; lecture plan "Grundzuege der Politik;" summary of action of Stapostelle Wien against enemy organizations in July 1940. 1942. 8 pages.

221 Regulations. The Volksdeutsche list (Ethnic Germans) and writings about the research on race. 1942. 8 pages.

222 American Newspaper "Forwerts" about Jewish situations in Poland; radio audition for London and clippings from world press about the Ghetto Uprising. World news reports regarding fate of Jews in Poland. 1942 - 1944. 308 pages.

Reel 16

223 Situational report of the Police (SIPO) commandant and the SD in Latvia. SD-HA, KdSuSD Lettland: excerpts on religious affairs from Stimmungs und Lageberichte, March 1942 - September 1943; translations of resistance propaganda; internment statistics (including Jews); Tätigkeitsbericht 3 May - 18 June 1942 (internments and shootings). 1942 - 1943. 70 pages.

224 The (SIPO and SD) police reports from L'wow (Lemberg) region. KdSuSD Krakau, Galizien, Lemberg: miscellanous records regarding personnel; "Aufruf an die jüdische Bevölkerung (Lemberg) regarding assessment of 20,000,000 rubels, 28 July 1941; and other materials regarding the "Aufbaufond." 1942 - 1943. 105 pages.

225 Instruction of the chief of police (SS and SD) about the recruiting of labor force from the East (VII B3). CdSuSD: "Einsatz von Arbeitskräften aus dem Osten," 20 February 1942; "Allgemeine Bestimmungen ueber Anwerbung und Einsatz von Arbeitskraeften aus dem Osten," 20 February 1942. 1942. 19 pages.

226 Political and nationalities problems in England. RSHA VII, Archive: "Bericht an den Herrn Präsidenten des Deutschen Auslandwissenschaftlichen Instituts über Voraussetzungen und Aufgaben der Volks- und Landeskunde Grossbritaniens;" RSHA III C 4, Behandlung von Erziehungsfrage in der englischen Zeitschriftenpresse. 1942 - 1943. 27 pages.

227 Name lists of White Russians (Bialorus). Household census of villages in Weisruthenen (Byelorus) (1 ID photo). 1944. 15 pages.

228 Instructions of the Chief Office for the research on ethnic problems in the Polish territories incorporated into Germany and their organizations. RKFDV, Stabshauptamt: decisions on naturalization applications. December 1943 - April 1944. 146 pages.

229 Poems by Ferdenand Bode (RSHA VII, Archive). no date. 15 pages.

230 Master's thesis work of Jan Stark aus Poznan about the mortgage law 1208B GB and its usuage. 1921. 101 pages.

231 "Encyclopedia of German History," by Prof. Moritz Edelmann, Dortmund. no date. 88 pages.

232 Chronicle of the town Strzelno (Strehlen), "Zur Chronik der Stadt Strehlen," (evacuation and Russian occupation, 25 January 1945) prepared by the town mayor. 10 pages.

233 "The Great Powers and the Development of World Politics" (RSHA VII, Archive: "Die grossen Mächte und die Entwicklung der Weltpolitik"), scholary work and bibliography. (2 copies). no date. 176 pages.

234 Work based on experience and 14 years of scholary practice entitled ("Wesen and Wert") "Being and Worth." "Wesen und Wert der biologisch-dynamischen Wirtschaftsweise unter Berücksichtigung der Erfahrungen und Ergebnisse einer vierzehnjährigen praktischen und wissenschaftlichen Arbeit in Landwirtschaft und Gartenbau." December 1938. 12 pages.

Reel 17

235 Historical work concerning Libya and East Africa. German language translations of Ministro dell'Africa Italiana, Commando Generale del Corpo di Polizia dell'Africa Italiana, "Organiische Ordnung für Libyen." (3 copies). no date. 54 pages.

236 French Revolution in the light of the history of France. Typed manuscript plus notes, "Die französische Revolution im Spiegel der französischen Geschichtsschreibung." no date. 254 pages.

237 Doctorol thesis "The Werwolf" the origin and causes of the belief in the legendary Werwolf in Germany (ill. copy). Notes, history, charts and maps on activities of werewolves (1930s?). 239 pages.

238 Instructions concerning political, world outlook police tracing and others. Material for "Weltanschauliche Schulung der Hilfspolizei" (1939 or later). 22 pages.

239 Historical fragment for the World War I period concerning Austria-Hungary in French language. RSHA VII, Archive: fragment of a French langauge manuscript plus notes, no title. no date. 53 pages.

240 Part III of papers on a film: Leofilm A.G.; Wechselgeschäfte; Chronosfilm GmbH; Dr. Linder - Bericht Treuhand. no date. 94-186 pages.

241 Prof. Hohn's writing about the new European order. "Europäische Neuordnung," analysis of the works of Dr.jur. Reinhard Hoehn, Direktor des Instituts für Staatsforschung, and notes on Hoehn's work. 1942. 100 pages.

242 Bibliography concerning international relations (3 copies in English). English language "Syllabus on International Relations," bibliography, 1907-1930s. 16 pages.

243 Paper on St. Joan - the patron saint of women. no date. 20 pages.

244 Paper on history of the Reich and the German nation. "Handbuch des Grossdeutschen Reiches," typed manuscript; "Deutsch-Österreiche Arbeitsgemeinschaft," printed text; report on Deutscher Schutzbund. March 1932. 37 pages.

245 Miscellanous poems signed M.St.; handwritten lists of names and addresses. no date. 37 pages.

246 Paper on political and military situation (typscript of secret reports on the military and political situation, 1917). no date. 13 pages.

247 Fragments of monographs of the city of Lublin historical outline. no date. 28 pages.

248 Race: its legal features and historical value. Materials for world outlook and political training. CdSuSD publications: "Die Rassegedenke und seine gesetzliche Gestaltung;" "Die Weltfreimaurerei." no date. 4 copies.

249 German-made map of the Soviet Union's European part. RSHA VII, Archive: map, Velhagen & Klasings, "Das Europäische Russland." no date. 1 page.

Reel 18

250 Remnants of papers on the regions of Poland. More fragments of manuscript on Lublin plus handwritten notes. no date. 88 pages.

251 Helmuth von Gerlach, known German pacifist and writer, personal correspondences. 1920. 1922. 1925. 1927. 1933. 58 pages.

252 Bibliographic on the question of "The History of Culture" (demonology and devil worship). no date. 30 pages.

253. Paper entitled "War which is no longer a war," 60 thesis concerning war on land in the future. (11 copies). "Der Krieg, der kein Krieg mehr ist: 60 Thesen über den Landkrieg der Zukunft" von A.D.B. no date. 38 pages.

254 Manuscript of Dr. Herman Rohleder of Leipzig, about "Prostitution in big European cities" ("Die Prostitution in den Grossstadten Europas"). no date. 668 pages.

255 Remnants of pages on all sorts of problems and correspondence. Miscellanous file of fragments of unidentifiable typed manuscript, 1930s-1940s; reports on operations against radio senders, 1940s; correspondence including names that appear in other folders; note on medieval history; French language publications. 221 pages. (continues on reel 19)

Reel 19

255 Continued from reel 18 pages 222-378: newpaper clippings; religious matters; KPD affairs. 378pp.

256 Doctoral thesis "Eugeniks, contributions to human economy of genetics". no date. 256 pages.

257 Paper on (Schiesel u. Keuking) "Fate and Management". no date. 45 copies.

258 Remnants of papers in German and French: multilingual, miscellanous, typed and handwritten letters; 29 June 1921 report on Italian Green Book on Treaty of Rapallo; shorthand and longhand notes; typed manuscript, "Le Livre des Carecteres (Extraits);" "Le Cheminement du Disciple;" minutes of the Executive Committee of the New Commonwealth, International Section, 9 March 1939; "What the Theatre Does for Dressmaking," by Jeanne Lanvin; "Soleil de Minuit" by Jef Lest; B-Dienst press reports, 1942. 129 pages.

259 Dr. Schmieder's lecture notes and paper on paleography. 1923. 12 pages.

260 Private correspondence of Dr. Hednigth Ninzer from Dresden, regarding cancer research and treatment. 1927 - 1930. 298 pages.

261 Information about the Radical Democratic Party before and after 1933. Correspondence for 1937. 1931-1937. 1940. 22 pages.

262 Papers concerning Gerhart Hauptmann. RSHA VII, Archive: "Gerhart Hauptmann, ein Mahner zur Umkehr! Eine Studie über seinen Wirken." 1932. 15 pages.

Reel 20

263 Various scholary papers, in German: unidentifiable, miscellanous typed texts on children, life, adulthood, the Volk; on the military and war; "Sozialismus, 1933-1941." 1933 - 1941. 65 pages.

264 Remnants of papers and correspondence concerning political, economic, and other matters. Miscellanous file, 1933-1944: typed manuscript "Die Amnestie des Jahres 1917;" legislation regarding explosives, 1905; correspondence regarding Ostmärkische Sturmscharen, 1934; "Der holländische Geheime Dienst," (post 1933); SD II 122 report on emigrant Adolf P. Narr, 1939; series of "Deutsche Briefe," 1937; miscellanous SD reports; unidentified name and address lists; fragments of BdSuSD Netherlands report April 1943 (interned Jews); regulations regarding and problems with military paybooks. 1933 - 1944. 256 pages.

265 Materials from the meeting of the state delgates concerning economy. Miscellanous; Pressabteilung des Reichsnährstandes, reports, correspondence; press reports on religion. 1934 - 1938. 168 pages.

266 Remnants of correspondence of the publishers of the periodical ("Der Deutsche Weg"), The German Way with the seat in Holland, South African Catholic weekly; correspondence, receipts. 1934 - 1939. 29 pages.

267 Correspondence concerning earth radioactivity; press clippings. 1935 - 1936. 20 pages.

268 Materials and papers concerning scholars (researchers). SD-HA III C (Spengler?), correpondence and reports regarding academics and journalists: Jewish connections of Viktor v. Geramb; Franz Boas; H. v. Bothmer; K. Anton Baumstark; Viktor Christian; Leonhard Franz; Leo Frobenius; Hans Grimm; Otto Höfler; the Höfler-Kummer conflict; Fritz Kern; Wilhelm Koppers; Hermann Baumann; the Schmidt-Koppers Kreis; several miscellanous academic reports; Josef Müller-Blattau; Herbert Meyer; Richard Wolfram; Karl F.W. Wüst. 1935 - 1938. 1940 - 1944. 236 pages.

269 Very confidential information for radio and the press. Incomplete run of "Streng vertrauliche Nachrichten für Presse und Rundfunk," 8-12 February 1936, 2 August 1935, 7-23 January 1936, 7 February 1936, 9-13 February 1936. 14 pages.

270 Cases followed by SIX (Internal officer correspondence). Office correspondence file of Franz Six: miscellanous matters but especially regarding reorganization of RSHA, fall 1939 through winter 1940. 1936 - 1940. 27 pages.

271 Remnants of articles, papers, and correspondence in German and French. RSHA VII, Archive: multi-language correspondence, press clippings, etc. Common theme seems to be international relations. 1936 - 1944. 96 pages.

272 Paper concerning the values of nationalism. CdSHA, Sonderbericht, "Zersetzung der nationalsozialistischen Grundwerte im deutschsprachigen Schriftum seit 1933." January 1936. 79 pages.

Reel 21

273 WAG paper concerning the (roots) sources to the history of Germany. SD-Hauptamt II, WAG (SD academic study group or training seminar focusing on the literature on German history): summary of reports by Referate; attendance records of trainees or participants. 1936 - 1937. 78 pages.

274 Josef Saar (Die Geistliche Haltung der Gegenwart) "The Present Spiritual Attitude". RSHA VII, Archive: typed manuscript, Dr. Josef Saar, "Die geistige Haltung derGegenwart." 1937. 14 pages.

275 Materials concerning (Bund der Gueteu) an association in East Prussia. Staatspolizeistelle Königsberg: report and materials on Bund der Gusten (only pages 101-116 of original Gestapo folder.) 1937. 53 pages.

276 Papers on: The Church and the State; The German Constitution and The (Vatican) Concordat and other papers concerning the Catholic Church. Wide ranging collection of directives, reports and communications on church affairs; numerous study papers under the broad rubric, "Grundsätze einer sozialen Ordnung," translated from L'Osservatore Romano; Hauptabteilung J/II, Hartl, report on "Nichterfuellungen, Versaeumnisse und missbräuchliche Ausnutzungen der Konkordatsbestimmungen seitens der Kirche," and other undated SD studies regarding the church question. 1938 - 1940; 1943. 289 pages.

277 Correspondence of the team "Cooperation" (an organization submitting critical reports on the Third Reich and Nazi goals to the foreign press. Included Hermann Rauschning.) 1935 - 1940. 188 pages.

278 Typewriter articles by the team "Cooperation;" correspondence. 1938 - 1940. 240 pages.

279 "Cooperation:" newspaper clippings, world press. 1938 - 1939. 188 pages.

280 Typewritten materials of "Cooperation". 1938-1939. 166 pages.

Reel 22

281 Correspondence concerning literature. SD-Hauptamt II 112: OAK reports on Jewish literature especially regarding blood libel; 1940 correspondence of Nordland, Kampfblatt fuer gottglaubiges Deutschtum to Wilhelm Hartl, SD. 1938. 1940. 9 pages.

282 Papers on "The Law of Order in the New Germany". RSHA VII, Archive: typed manuscript, "Die Rechtsordnung im Neuen Deutschland," la Civilta Cattolica, 17 September 1938. 11 copies. 1938. 24 pages.

283 Texts of German language radio auditions against the Nazis. 1938 - 1940. 958 pages.

284 Materials written and published by Hednig Winzer from Dresden in the 1930s, confiscated by the Race and Resettlement Office. RSHA VII, Archive: handwritten manuscript by Frau Hedwig Theo. Winzer, "Radioaktivität, Untergrundströme und Wünschelrute in ihre Beziehung zur menschlichen Gesundheit;" typed lists of journals and associations dealing with German history, including names of directors, and of NS publications. 1939. 303 pages.

285 Historical cross-section of political crisis. Miscellanous typed historical (literature?) notes regarding U.S. government, international conferences and treaties, alliances. 1939. 137 pages.

286 German prepared maps. 1939. 7 pages.

287 Typewritten copy of the tale by Konrad von Role about the political situation in the Ukraine at the time of the outbreak of the German-Polish war and excerpts for Goebels' speech given immediately before the outbreak of World War II. 1939. 92 pages.

288 German literature about the USA at the moment of the outbreak of war. Bibliography. RSHA VII A 3 b: "Die deutschsprachliche Literature über die USA seit Kriegsbeginn." (incld. Schrifttum der Judenfrage). 1939. 28 pages.

289 Papers on the development of agriculture and economy in the Ukraine. RSHA VII, Archive: printed report Arbeit der Wissenschaftlichen Abteilung des Stickstoff-Syndikates, UdSSR: Die Wirtschaft. December 1939. 20 pages.

290 Bulletin concerning German diplomacy and politics from the end of 1939. SD-Hauptamt: Deutsche diplomatisch-politische Korrespondenz, Nr. 193-198, 30 September - 5 October 1939; Diplomatisches Bulletin, Nr. 188/189, 2 October 1939. 1939. 20 pages.

291. Radio broadcasts (texts of). Folder labeled Classeur "L'Esperanto": lists of foreign radio broadcasts by topic, 1940, with typed scripts. January, September 1940. 310 pages.

Reel 23

292 Texts of radio broadcasts. Folder labeled ALEX, 1 January 1940, abgeschlossen an 1 February 1940: lists of foreign radio broadcasts by topic with typed scripts. January, February 1940. 115 pages.

293 Papers concerning Poland regarding industry, history, bibliography, etc.; seized correspondence from 1935. 1940. 177 pages.

294 Radio broadcasts texts and excerpts from speeches. March 1940. 183 pages.

295 Reorganization projects for Department II (SIX's telephone taping department). SD-Hauptamt II (RSHA VII), Leiter (Franz Six): reorganization of Sipo and SD (RSHA), 1939-1940; 1943-1933, expansion of RSHA ministerial responsibilities; 1942, lists of publications to be reviewed by Amt VII and its filing plans; complete Sachaktenplan for SD-Hauptamt II. 1940. 1942. 160 pages.

296 Radio broadcasts texts. February 1940. 198 pages.

297 Publication: "The problems of the Nordic race in science and politics prepared in 1932 by the Baltic Institution in Torun published by Berlin Doblen publishing house. RSHA VII, Archive: typed manuscript, Kazimierz Stolyhwo, "Das Problem der nordischen Rasse in Wissenschaft und Politik." 1940. 16 pages.

298 Plans and protocols of scientific conference with Prof. Franz. RSHA VII C: notes of staff conference with Prof. Franz regarding Judenfrage, Freimaurerei, political churches, Marxism, emigrants, April 1942 - January 1943; membership lists of the Rosenkreuzer-Gemeinschaft in Berlin-Neuköln; 1943 inductions of Prof. Drs. August Faust and Ernst Birke into the Amt VII scientific circle. 1942 - 1943. 48 pages.

299 Various papers by Günther Stein SS Colonel. Various papers of SS-Hauptsturmf. Günther Stein, 1942-1943: minutes of the Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Dokumentation, 21-24 September 1942 in Salzburg; short studies, e.g., "Quellen und Darstellungen zur Freimaurerfrage." 1942 -1943. 48 pages.

300 Materials belonging to SIX and historical to Norway /VII/ rep. concerning the Norwegian Free Masons. Correspondence file of Franz Six regarding Norway: e.g., "Bericht über die Freimaurerei in Norwegen, 22 September 1942. 24 pages.

301 J. Pieper and Heinz Roskop's papers about the basic forms of elementary public education and bibliography. RSHA VII, Archive: typed manuscript, J.Pieper and Heinz Roskopf, "Führerbildung und Volksbildung: Die Grundfragen der Verwirklichung Totaler Bildung," Dortmund, 1933; SS-Obersturmf. Hancke, "Geschichte des Menschenbildes und des Gemienschaftsidee"; Der Schulungsbrief der Hauptschulungsamtes der NSDAP und der DAF, 7 November 1937; Bibliothek des Reichstags, Ausgewälte Neuerwerkungen, September/October 1942. 92 pages.

Reel 24

302 Correspondence concerning Dr. SIX's handbook for foreign policy. RSHA VII, Leiter (Six), 1942-1943: correspondence, notes of plans, meetings and outline for a new "Handwörterbuch der Aussenpolitik" to replace all heretofore inadequte versions. 1942. 89 pages.

303 Bibliogrpahy of periodicals, publishing houses and books. RSHA VII, Archive: bibliography of periodicals, lists of publishing houses and books, regarding Bavaria, history, academics, law, witches. no date. 186 pages.

304 Clippings from world press. Collection of twelve files of handwritten and typed notes, and clippings from foreign language newspapers: I, Stalin, 1934-1939; II, Cardinal Herbert Vaughan, 1932; III and IV, miscellanous, 1936-1939, e.g., commentaries on Germany, Freimaurerei, foreign travel; V, religion and the Pope; VI, Hjalmar Schacht; VII, Bishop Dr. Sigismund Waitz; VIII, Pres. Getulio Vargas, Brazil; IX, Mgr.Yu Pin, Chinese Catholics; X, Cardinal Villeneuve, Archbishop of Quebec; XI, Queen Wilhelmina and King Leopold of Belgium; XII, Mgr. Zwijsen and Sir Basil Zaharof. 366 pages.

305 Public opinions polls printed in periodicals. SD-HA, II, 1937: political-ideological evaluations of three periodicals, Der Evangelische Schulfreund, Siegeskraft, Sonnenwärts. 1937. 30 pages.

306 Bibliography of erotic literature from the collection of Ivan Bloch, the founder of sexiology. RSHA VII, Archive: fragments of an inventory of books, pictures and objects from the library and collections of Prof. Dr. Ivan Bloch, founder of Sexualwissenschaft. no date. 262 pages.

Reel 25

307 Excerpts of cases from German Archives. RSHA VII, Archive: handwritten and typed research notes on 17th century Hexenprozesse from the Stadtarchive Lippstadt, Landesberg, Landshut, Laubach, Langensalza, Lauingen, Linz, Luchau, and the Fuerstlich Solms-Lich Archiv in Lich (Oberhessen). no date. 110 pages.

308 Library and archival indexes. Miscellanous and fragmentary lists, e.g., professors and courses in history taught by semester in German universities, 1941-1942; lexicons and educational publications in music, 1840s-1920s (subheadings on Church music and Jewish music); Aussenstelle Buecherei (VII) statistical report for April 1943; various tracts by clerics, 1910s-1930s; extracts from Eranos-Jahrbuecher, 1933-1937; "Literatur und Quellen-Material" on witches and devil worship. 1941 - 1942. 193 pages.

309 Library indexes: typed and handwritten notes on Nostradamus. no date. 20 pages.

310 List of confiscated and rescued by the police (SD) printed matters in Sudost München. SD-Oberabschnitt Süd, München: list of confiscated printed matter, mostly regarding lodges, Illuminati, Rosenkreuzer, Bne Briss (sic), 1770s-1930s. no date. 54 pages.

311 Lists of English publishing houses, periodical titles, libraries universities archvies, museums, and other scientific scholarly sites, organization and institutions. RSHA VII, Archive: analyses and categorization of English publishing houses; lists of periodicals, libraries, universities, archives, museums and scholarly institutions in Britain; material on their continental connections. no date. 43 pages.

312 Remnants of correspondence concerning libraries. 1933. 26 pages.

313 Correspondence concerning International Womens' Movement. CSR and the Vatican, Bibliography of literature, receipts for books reserved by RSHA (Race and Resettlement Office). Correspondence and notes regarding individuals and organizations, e.g. Interantionales Archiv für der Frauenbewegung, Rosenkreuzer; archival plans of SD and RSHA, generally regarding religion; correspondence regarding materials seized from the Czechoslovak Foreign Ministry; cards from a card catalog; receipts and purchase orders for books for SD. 1933 - 1945. 108 pages.

314. The State Library in Munich (bibliographies and receipts). no date. 209 pages.

315. Photocopies - bibliographies of socialist, communist, anti-military, and fine literature. no date. 57 pages.

316. List of thematical call numbers of the office'd RSHA (VII-B). no date. 136 pages.

317. List of German publishers. no date. 5 pages.

318 German press clippings, 1915, regarding Poland, Russia and the Eastern Front (continued on reel 26).

Reel 26

318 (continued from reel 26) Clippings from German press: Adolf Schustermann Zeitungsnachrichten-Bureau, Berlin. 1915.

319 Photos for the first sound film "The Black Sister" ("Die Schwarze Schwester") dipicting the life of the Zulu King in South Africa. no date. 31 pages.

320 Remarks on the article Heinrich Meyer. RSHA VII, Archive: regarding occultism, "Erlebnis mit Dingen," remarks on the article by Theodor H. Meyer, by Dr. Fritz Quade, typed manuscript. no date. 7 pages.

321 Report on conditions of the printing plant ("Arbeiter Zeitung") of the "Workers Newspaper. "Bericht über die bei der Herstellung der der "Arbeiter-Zeitung" bestehenden Verhältnisse," Austria. no date. 7 pages.

322 Franz Stockhammer from "Reports from Switzerland." Franz Stockhammer, reports from Switzerland regarding Freemasonry to German ministries. 368 pages.

323 Time chronicle for November 1918 to January 1933. Fragments of NS chronology of events; fragments of bibliography regarding academic literature. 32 pages.

324 Franz Werfel correspondence with publisher and Kurt Wolff and particular copies of essays and novels. 1921-1926. 1928-1930. 1936. 323 pages.

325 List of contents of the newspaper EV. EV-Zeitung, handwritten notes on contents, efforts to index by names and topics (including Jews and Jewry). 1922-1925. 130 pages.

326 Bibliography concerning the history of the foreign policy of imperial Russia from 1825-1894; bibliography and essay by Maria Orth, "Die russische Aussenpolitik in Europa unter Alexander III (1881-1894)." 19 June 1944. 40 pages.

327 Confiscated materials: scientific papers, lists of libraries in South Africa reports about the organization of Germans in Austria. Higher educational institutions in Baltic countries, etc. Handwritten and typed reports, e.g., about und der Reichsdeutschen in Österreich; higher educational institutions in Baltic countries; synopsies of works by Ernst Kriek, L. Mackensen, Rob. Petsch, Tor Andrae, Herbert Meyer; SD-HA I3 correspondence and reports regarding publications. 1928 - 1941. (continues on reel 27.)

Reel 27

327 (continued from reel 26) Report on Schoenstattbund (compared to Jehova's Witnesses), fate to be settled after the war; material on education and educational institutions. 149 pages.

328 Information prepared for police (SD) headquarters and press clippings about the activities of the Catholic Church in the Third Reich. SD-HA II 113: reports to and from II 113, I3 and later RSHA VII A2 regarding church affairs, clippings regarding activities of press of Catholic Church, seized materials and copies of relevant decrees, and correspondence with Gestapo II B2. 1929-1933; 1937-1940; 1943. 130 pages.

329 Plan of demonstration marches and names of people from the the arts, members of the pacifists organizations - (detained) watched. RSHA VII, Archive: correspondence between Reichswehrministerium, Abwehr and Gestapo Amt regarding pacifist and civil liberties organizations and demonstrations; lists of members and their status with police and prosecution. July 1933 - 1939.

330 Correspondence of the authorities with the publishing houses; personal papers of A. Bode (Königen Elisabeth Bund). 1933 - 1940. 110 pages.

331 Correspondence between "Des Neue Reich" ("The New Germany") printed in Vienna and "Der Deutsche Weg" ("The German Road"); records regarding Das Neue Reich (Wien) and Der Deutsche Weg. 1934 - 1939. 26 pages.

332 Information about press, radio, and book publishing news; folder regarding press and church affairs; published correspondence between Otto von Habsburg and Kurt von Schuschnigg. 1934; 1938 - 1941. 20 pages.

333 Correspondence concerning published items and bibliography of publishers; correspondence between SD-HA I3 and Gestapo Amt and records of SD-HA II 113 regarding publications regarding religious matters. 1935 - 1939. 151 pages.

334 Correspondence with the owners of publishing houses, newspaper clippings about "The Reality of a Social State;" correspondence of Rudolf Richter, mostly to and from publication houses; lists of seized publications. 1935 - 1936; 1941 - 1943. 140 pages.

335 Rulings, correspondence concerning publishing of periodicals reorganization, etc. (Headquarters press). 1935. 41 pages.

336 Instructions concerning archives, catalog call numbers. Article concerning the destruction of Warsaw, paper on "Russian History at a Glance", etc. 1935. 1936. 1939. 1940. 1944. 49 pages.

337 Correspondence concerning workplace for the editors, ruling of the President of the German Press Club. 1935. 10 pages.

338 Materials concerning the inclusion of the press in the preparations for the elections in March 1936. Report for the SD (police) region North-East Hamburg. March 1936. 33 pages.

339 Press bulletins. May-August 1936. 159 pages.

340 From the history of archives. 1936. 4 pages.

341 Materials made by the political opposition (remnants, press, radio broadcasts, etc.). 1936-1937. 1939-1940. 83 pages.

Reel 28

342 Receipts for books borrowed by the employees of RSHA. Records of book loans from Bibliothek der SD-HA and other libraries by SD staff. 1936; 1942. 30 pages.

343 Interoffice correspondence RSHA about the borrowing of library materials. SD-HA I3: inventory "Bücher der Katholischen Schulorganisation Deutschlands-Zentral Abtl. Bibliothek, Duesseldorf. 1936 - 1941. 96 pages.

344 Press clippings concerning Hitler's speeches. 1937-1938. 34 pages.

345 Letter to the editor of "Das Schwarze Corps" (weekly newspaper of the SS and newspaper clippings); reports on Gestapo arrests of three priests. 1938 - 1939. 7 pages.

346 Dr. Kittler correspondence concerning propaganda publishing houses. RSHA VII, Archive: correspondence of Reichsschriftumskammer d.RMfVuP, UAbtl. für astrologische Wissenschaft. 1938 - 1939. 20 pages.

347 Correspondence addressed to the Chief of the VIIthe Buro concerning various publications. 1938-1942. 39 pages.

348 Notificaiton of change of address or cancelling of subscriptions; unidentified fragmentary subscription lists; file cards on persons in France; names and addresses of persons in foreign countries; changes of address. 1938 - 1939. 178 pages.

349 Report sent to SIX concerning exchange of library duplicates. 1938. 6 pages.

350 Press clippings concerning film and propaganda. SD-HA II 122: regarding death of KPD leader Otto Fröhlich in KL; reports and press clippings regarding hate propaganda. 1936. 1938-1939. 40 pages.

351 Lists of books to be bought for RSHA's employees. RSHA VII, Archive: accounts of book purchases for SD staff. 1938-1941. 26 pages.

352 Records of SD-HA II1 and RSHA II regarding investigations of anonymous correspondence to Hitler and Party organizations and religious Kettenbriefe. 1939-1940. 41 pages.

353 Lists of historical literature. Fragmentary lists of courses by instructor and university. 1939-1942. 41 pages.

354 Correspondence concerning the International Youth Movement (SD-HA II 122), Reims. 1939. 6 pages.

355 Political maps made by the German university students union East Group; confidential information about the political, economic, and national life of Poland Gdansk, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, CSR, Hungary, Romania, and Yugoslavia. The maps are divided into: (I) Eastern states; (II) German eastern territories; (III) Student activities in the East; (IV) enclosures
(RSHA VII, Archive). January, February, May-June 1939. 62 pages.

356 Index of books for police and SD libraries. Gestapo and SD inventories of books for training in their post libraries. 1939. 1941. 1942. 26 pages.

357 German matters in Dutch publications. SD-HA II 122: anti-NS propaganda in Holland. 1939. 3 pages.

358 Additional index of state laws: penal aid, penal processes law, and supplement. RSHA VII, Archive: book, Schnellkartei des Reichsrechts, 5, Strafrecht und Strafprozessrecht. 1939. 31 pages.

359 Correspondence, teletypes, notes concerning valuables and the library of the bishop of Pelpin. Report on search and seizure of materials in the bishop's palace in Pelplin. October 1939. 25 pages.

360 Bibliography of French publications. SD Verbindungsstelle Leipzig, II A5, book reviews (Schriftungshinweis). 1940 - 1942. 13 pages.

361 Security police report about England (SD-Pressbericht). January 1940 and March 1940. 25 pages.

362 Correspondence with libraries concerning the compilation of yearbooks from 1930-1938, 1939 of the English "Labor Monthly." (SD-HA II A2.) 1940 - 1941. 14 pages.

363 Correspondence concerning materials, library, and archival collections for the police school (SIPO and SD) and biographies. 1940. 54 pages.

364 List of libraries in Turkey and Africa, conference notes and books and English publishing, notes for philosophical lexicans. SD Verbindungsstelle Leipzig II A5: book reviews; reports and analyses of British periodicals; list of libraries in Turkey; historical inventories of scholars and literati. 1940. 73 pages.

Reel 29

365 Bibliography of publishing houses of books and magazines elaborated by the Bookstores Association. SD-Verbindungsstelle Leipzig, II 224: Schriftungshinweis (synopses with an NS/SD ideological perspective); some Zeitschriftenhinweis from the RSHA Zeitschriften Zentrallektorat, Leipzig, III C4; and card files of II 1131 on books regarding religion, circa 1938. 1941 - 1944. 260 pages.

366 Correspondence concerning the acquisition of history of Belgium books for RSHA. SD-HA II 1131/RSHA VII C3: intelligence reports to II 1131, 1937; correspondence regarding youth and literature in Belgium. 1941. 17 pages.

367 Lists of professional and other books for police libraries. RSHA VII, Archive: Deutsche Kriminalpolizei, Kripostellen correspondence regarding and extensive book lists of professional libraries in field offices of Sipo (IdSuSD, Kripostelle, Stapostelle). 1941. 59 pages.

368 Lists of Gestapo libraries from various towns and cities; seized books. 1941. 163 pages.

369 Lists of books in libraries of the SD (Security Police). 1941. 16 pages.

370 Lists of professional and fiction literature of the SD libraries; two pieces of miscellaneous correspondence. 1941 - 1943. 8 pages.

371 List of foreign journalists assigned to Berlin and lists of diplomatic idioms. Miscellaneous folder: Diplomatische Fachausdrücke (lexicon), March 1941; unidentifiable report on the 'Wurm-Aktion,' 12 November 1943; Kirchliche Fachausdrücke; 5 June 1941 list of foreign Berichterstatter in Berlin. 127 pages.

372 Correspondence concerning borrowing of books from the RSHA libraries (RSHA VIII). 1941. 6 pages.

373 List of professional and published books found in the police post in Karlsbad. RSHA VII, Archive: Stapostelle Karlsbad, correspondence regarding and list of library holdings (continuation of files 367-70). 1941. 7 pages.

374 List of books mentioned in the Yearbook of Foreign Affairs appeared in various countries (Institute of International Affairs) (RSHA VII, Archive). 1942. 187 pages.

375 Bibliography of books on German history. Miscellaneous folder of reports: Zentralstelle für Berufsumsichtung und Palaestinaauswanderung (Hechaluz Office) Geneva, 30 January 1942 (4 pages); lists of books on German history; Die 'Geschäfte mit dem Nationalsozaialismus' der Firma Jos. C. Huber, Diesen vor München. 1942. 9 pages.

376 Part of informational bulletin with articles on (a) the "Bolshevication of Italy" leaflet in occupied Italy in 1944; (b) Hungarians, 1943, 26 pages; (c) part of a bulletin about the Soviet Union. Einstazstab des Reichsleiter Rosenberg: damaged typescript reports on Communist efforts in Italy, on the Soviet Union, and on Hungary. 1943. 26 pages.

377 Ukrainian nationalists publications. 1943. 20 pages.

378 Hungarian monthly in Hungary published in Budapest "Archives Diplimatigues et Consularies" (RSHA VII A3). 1943. 375 pages. (continues on reel 30)

Reel 30

378 (continued from reel 29) Clippings and complete copies of Hungarian monthly in Hungary published in Budapest "Archives Diplimatiques et Consulaires". 1943. 375 pages.

379 Reprints of and newspaper clippings concerning Italian affairs (VII B 5). 1943. 19 pages.

380 Dr. Rudolf Levin's papers and bibliography concerning various scientific aspects and cultural research (RSHA VII B3). 1944. 126 pages.

381 Private letters. RSHA VII, Archive: miscellenous collection of personal correspondence, no apparent common theme or focus on individuals; probably relates to cultural research. 1917 -1944. 80 pages.

382 Private correspondence of Dr. Richard Zouikofer. 1921. 4 pages.

383 Private correspondence of Mrs. Dr. Hedwig Winzer (cancer research), mostly from Max Steele. 1931 - 1940. 149 pages.

Reel 31

384 Correspondence of Mrs. Dr. Winzer to German propaganda Minister Goebbels and Dr. Hugo Bach. 1927 - 1936. 214 pages.

385 Private letters. RSHA VII, Archive: miscellanous collection of personal correspondence, mostly handwritten, no apparent common theme, probably relates to cultural research. 1928 - 1929. 1,011 pages. (continues on reel 32)

Reel 32

385 (continued from reel 31). 1,011 pages.

386 Private correspondence among editors. RSHA VII, Archive: private notes exchanged regarding publications, sender not identified. 1936 - 1937. 14 pages.

387 Personal correspondence among scholars concerned about the purity of race; correspondence regarding reincarnation and theosophy, with names and addresses of society members and subscribers to related publications. 1936 - 1937. 280 pages.

388 Private, typed correspondence, sender usually not identifiable. 1939. 50 pages.

389 Correspondence of Alfred Wenzel with the firm Karl Hiersemann in Leipzig (VII). 1940. 64 pages.

Reel 33

390 Private correspondence of Dr. Rudolf Levin and Ernst Merkel (employees of the RSHA) regarding their cultural research interests. 1940 - 1942. 15 pages.

391 Material prepared for the Hungario-Italian commission for commercial affairs (in German and Hungarian). Kgl. Ung. Aussenhandelsamt, data on Italo-Hungarian economic affairs. 5 September 1942. 37 pages.

392 Organizational structure of RSHA, signed by Six. no date. 90 pages.

393 Lists of telephone numbers of the VII section from 15 March 1940. 5 pages.

394 War correspondents' reports (RSHA VII, Archive), excerpts. no date. 83 pages.

395 Lists of contents for an archival plan. no date. 137 pages.

396 Instructions concerning the organization and competence of RSHA (VII B 1). RSHA VII, Archive: newspaper clippings on the Gestapo, 1935; miscellanous personnel and organizational directives for Sipo und SD (RSHA). 1935. 1936. 1939. 1941-1944. 24 pages.

397 List of files of RSHA (section VII B). Sachaktenplan RSHA VII B3 (religion), plus one book review from VII A3, Verbindungsstelle Leipzig, 1942. 1936. 11 pages.

398 Situational reports for the region (VII): SDHA II 1: Lagebericht d. Abtl. II 11 (religion, Freemasonry, and Jews) and II 12 (Gegnerformen), 1 April - 15 April 1937, SD Oberabschnitte Rhein, Nord, Elbe, Ost, Sued, Sued-West, Nord-Ost, Nord and Ost; special reports of SD Abschnitte, November - December 1939 - May 1940. 55 pages.

399 Instruction, confidential circulars from the chief of RSHA (VII B). Chef d. Sipo und SD: internal directives for regulating a range of affairs. 1937. 1939-1944. 136 pages.

400 Work plans for individual desks (VII B). RSHA VII, Stellenbesetzungplan, A2, A3, directives regarding personnel and operations. 1940 - 1942. 168 pages.

401 Interdepartmental RSHA correspondence concerning miscellaneous cases. SDHA, I 3, Library: correspondence, directives, loans, etc. 1937 - 1942. 78 pages.

402 Note about the situation in the Ministry of the Eastern Provinces VI. RSHA VII B5: Deutsche Ostpolitik in rassischen Sichtung, 11 November 1942; RSHA VII B3: Lage im Ostministerien, 18 November 1942. 2 pages.

403 New duties roster (VII B). RSHA VII B1a: duty roster, 30 June 1942; roster of foreign language speakers in Amt VII. 1942. 6 pages.

404 Papers on the relations of nationalism to the Christian Ecumenical Movement. SDHA II 113: notes on Church relations, especially with enemies, circa 1937. 15 pages.

405 Correspondence about Rudolf Steiner's (Austrian philosophy) Antoposophy which he called "spiritual science" criticism. RSHA VII, Archive: correspondence and articles regarding Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophie. 1915 - 1942. 63 pages.

406 Polish associations and organizations compiled probably by the Germans (typed manuscript) no date. 39 pages.

Reel 34

407 Confiscated materials concerning German League for Human Rights (RSHA VII, Archive). 1925 - 1933. 221 pages.

408 Private correspondence of Meyer-Stein and others concerning antroposophy (Human intellect and the ability to contact spiritual worlds); manuscripts; press clippings. 1930 - 1938. 226 pages.

409 Materials concerning the Social Republican German Party SRPD - Otto Hörsing (SDHA II 122), seized materials, Otto Hoersings Kriegsplan, 1931, and correspondence; copies of Volks-Kurier; SD reports and directives. 1931. 1933. 1937. 28 pages.

410 Invitational leaflets, programs for events organized by various organizations. RSHA VII, Archive: leaflets and program for meetings of various Christian communities and sects. 1932 -1934. 37 pages.

411 Photocopies concerning the organization of authroposophic societies. SD file on Organizations, Anthroposophy: correspondence, publications, members lists. 1933 - 1934. 23 pages.

412 Correspondence and list of members of the Natural Sciences Association of Berlin (Naturphilosophischer Verein von Gralsanhaengern) (Grals anhänger) A-J. 1933. 183 pages.

413 See file no. 412 (list of the disciples of the Holy Grail). 1933. 234 pages.

414 "The People's party of Bavaria" (Beyerische Volkspartei), Briefe Nr. 1/I, 1. June 1933 - dissolution. 8 pages.

Reel 35

415 The case of the cooperation of religious unity for peace. RSHA VII, Archive: copies of Gestapo reports and correspondence regarding Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Konfessionen fuer den Frieden. 1933. 10 pages.

416 Austrian Social Insurance Association (Policy of the club "White Tower"). SD file on Weisser Turm (Catholic students' club, Wien); miscellanous seized materials. 1926 - 1933. 10 pages.

417 Correspondence concerning the movements of Experimentalists. SDHA II 113: reports to Heydrich on Catholic Esperanto movement. 1935. 8 pages.

418 Report on the "German Bund." SD file: report on Deutschbund in Melsungen. 1935. 3 pages.

419 Photocopies of "Merkuria," a periodical of the associaiton of Catholic merchants of United Germany (SDHA II 113); seized materials and other publications. 1935. 46 pages.

420 Correspondence concerning a class in Eden by Oranienburg on "Education for Life," reports to Heydrich, including publications. 1935 - 1936. 17 pages.

421 Correspondence concerning the organization of Experimentalists (Instructionalists). SDHA II 122: file on Esperanto Orgaization; seized printed matter and correspondence; SD reports to Heydrich and internal directives and correspondence. 1931 - 1937. 265 pages.

422 Correspondence and materials concerning "The German Independent Party," and other miscellanous seized materials. April - June 1937. 35 pages.

423 Press clippings concerning case of Kunon Hohnigg; miscellanous press clippings. 1937 - 1938. 43 pages.

424 Concerning the organization "The League against War and Fascism." SDHA II 122/RSHA II B5: file on Liga gegen Krieg und Faschismus, reports; seized materials. 1930-1937. 1940. 25 pages.

425 World Service congress in Frankfurt on 1-4 September 1938. Information and programs lists of participants. RSHA VII, Archive: report on international congress of "Weltdienst" (anti-Semitic organization) (includes American Knights of the White Camellia); texts of presentations. 1938. 268 pages.

426 Photographs from the Eucharistic Congress in Budapest, Polish clergy (SDHA II 113). 1938. 12 pages.

427 Information of the SD agent about the Eucharistic Congress in Budapest, with photographs and publications. 12 March - 29 May 1938. 196 pages.

428 SD agent's report for the International Congress of Optymologists in Cairo, 7-12 December 1937 (SDHA II 122), and interoffice communications of II 111. 1938. 21 pages.

429 Paper concerning problems of rural youth "The Rural Service of the Hitler Youth." Chef der SS-HA: Denkschrift ueber den Landdienst der Hitler Juden, 2 March 1939. 18 pages.

430 Reports and correspondence concerning the Experantists' Movement and the bibliography of their publication (RSHA II B5). 1940. 80 pages.

431 The authropological Society in the community Kirschlag Linz (Section II-B3); house search of the Anthroposopohische Gesellschaft. 1940. 3 pages.

432 Periodical "The Headquarters of the German Caritas Association" about schools and seminars organized for women (RSHA II); seized materials. 1940. 7 pages.

433 Correspondence about the Experantists' Society. RSHA IV: reports on Rheinland-Separatismus and Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft. 1941. 9 pages.

Reel 36

434 Correspondence with the Quack Doctors Association in Germany (Alternative Medicine Association). RSHA VII, Archive: seized correspondence of the Heilpraktikerbund (alternative medicine). 1938 - 1941. 89 pages.

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Part 3:

435 Karl Graf von Bothner Separatist (photocopy) (Religious movement); seized correspondence. 1919 - 1924.

436 "French Popular Party" (Parti Populaire Francais) and its position vis-a-vis the Catholic Church. RSHA IV: reports on the Partei Populaire Francais, Doriot and the Catholic Church. 1944. 2 pages.

437 Separatism (Religious Group) stressing authority of the Bible Fundamentalists. Excerpt from steno-notes from court appeals Limborg versus the "Kölner Stadtanzeiger" (newspaper) for libel. Stenographic record of the case of Limbourg vs. Koelner for Beleitigung, involving charges of Separatism. no date. 164 pages.

438 Correspondence concerning the Separatists (Christian Fundamentalists) in Germany (VII). Gestapo reports on the Separatist movement and individual suspects. 1937 - 1940. 16 pages.

439 Separatism. 1936. 10 pages.

440 Separatism materials concerning scientific research by SD Chief Office (VII). SDHA I 3: file regarding research on and actions against Separatists. 1936 - 1938. 52 pages.

441 Correspondence concerning the activities of the separatists and organization of the RSHA. Miscellanous folder: Gestapa II 1B regarding Bekennende-Kirche, 1936; Six to Heydrich regarding proposals regarding creation of the future RSHA, 23 June 1939; RSHA II B5 reports on Separatists, 1940; Bericht der Gauleitung Westfalen-Nord regarding "Kirche und Jugend," 1940; SDHA II 113 report on Catholic orders, 15 November 1940; travel report of Hauptsturmf. Stein to Verbindungsstelle Leipzig, June 1942; unidentifiable fragments; reports to Heydrich on Devienprozess gegen den Redeptoristenorden, no date (1935?); personnel file of correspondence regarding Hauptsturmf. Guenther Stein, 1942; excerpt of RSHA III C2 report, "Erziehung und religioeses Leben;" fragment of correspondence of Cardinal Faulhuber, Munich. 1936 - 1942. 31 pages.

442 Separatism, the Free Party (section Müller). RSHA VII, Archive: folder on Separatismus and Freiheitspartei, 1933-1941; newspaper clippings; SD agents' reports; published material; fliers; report on investigative tour by SS-Mann Blim, 29 November - 9 December 1934; reports of illegal publications of the DFP. 1937 - 1941. 72 pages.

443 Italy: the return of Romolo Murri to the Church "Italian and Austrian Jews;" reports on Italy: "Ruckkehr von Romolo Murri zur Kirche;" "Italien und die Oesterreichen Juden;" "Italien und Triest." no date. 7 pages.

444 Lists of parts of the world, countries of the world, imperialistic countries, religious denominations, and Churches. Archival cataloging or document indexing system: geographic, religious. no date. 62 pages.

445 File index concerning the Catholic Church (VINS). RSHA(?) VI N 5: Sachaktenplan ueber katholische-Kirche. no date. 5 pages.

446 Paper on the culture of East Asia, materials spiritual and various papers on religious matters. RSHA VII, Archive: miscellanous file of typed manuscripts, handwritten notes, and news clippings, complete and fragments, general theme of culture and mythology: e.g. W.A. Lehner-Sander, "Von Todesgebraeuchen und Todesmythen Ostasiens;" H.M.M., "Todes und Leben;" "Skizze zum Fuerspan." no date. 134 pages.

447 Paper on the history of Catholicism in Russia (VII). SDHA: typescript "Vatikanische Annaerungsversuche an Sowjet-Russland." no date. 31 pages.

448 Report on political Church and religious sects in Belgium, France, and America (RSHA VII, Archive). 1940, 1942-1943. 34 pages.

449 Photocopies of a paper on the Catholic Church in Germany; laws, etc., signed Schmitt, Karlsruhe. 22 May 1936. pages 24, 55-110.

450 Dispositions and correspondence with the Church representatives. no date. 32 pages.

451 Church problems in CSR (Czechoslovakia). Typed copies of agreement between the Vatican and the Czechoslovakian Republic on 17 December 1927, and report on church-state relations, 1940 or later. 1927 - 1928. 7 pages.

452 Newspaper clippings concerning Church affairs. SDHA II 113: press clippings regarding Der Prozess gegen Professor Dessauer, 1933; Katholic Aktion, 1935. 7 pages.

453 Newspaper clippings of German-French-Italian press and rules of GUB concerning clergy. SDHA II 113/RSHA II B: press clippings and press monitors' reports on Church matters, 1935-1943; fragments of SD reports on churches (Jews), 1936; RSHA II B 32 reports on ministers in the Wehrmacht, 1940; Reichspresskammer, "Liste der einzustellenden katholischen Zeitschriften," 1935 - 1943. 340 pages. (continues on reel 37)

Reel 37

453 (continued from reel 36, pages 181-340) RSHA II B2, newspaper clippings regarding Church affairs.

454 Monthly report-press bulletin concerning Catholic writings. SDHA I 3: monthly report of Amt Presse und Schriftum. December 1935. 140 pages.

455 Information about Catholic publishings with a short characteristics of contents concerning the confiscation of books and booklets. SDHA I 3 or II 122: correspondence and lists of books classified by various perspectives (democratic and pascifist publications); some news clippings. 1936 - 1938. 294 pages.

456 Information of Catholics Marxists activities on the Polish border. SDHA II 1131: reports on Katholic Aktion and Marxists on the Polish border. 1937. 51 pages.

457 Correspondence concerning Catholic Church and Catholic organizations (SDHA II 113). 1937. 3 pages.

458 Correspondence concerning German clerics and theology candidates in Rome. SDHA II 1131: Gestapo and SD reports and correspondence regarding Catholic affairs, especially German Catholic clerics in Rome. 1937 - 1938. 108 pages.

459 Correspondence concerning the organization of Catholic pilgrimages. SDHA II 1131: Gestapo and SD reports regarding Catholic affairs. 1937. 7 pages.

460 Investigation and sentences against priests for immoral offenses. SDHA II 1133: correspondence and reports regarding cases against priests for homosexual activity. 1937 - 1940. 14 pages.

461 Report and correspondence concerning the Catholic Church in Gdansk. 1938. 16 pages.

462 Reports concerning hostile intervention of Catholic and Protestant Churches in the region of Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf. 1937 - 1938; 1940. 19 pages.

463 "Christianity in the imperialistic times" excerpt for Soviet encyclopedias. 1938. 13 pages.

464 Rulings concerning Catholic Youth Organization in Opole region (SDHA II 1131); copies of Gestapo and SD reports. 1938. 11 pages.

Reel 38

465 Order concerning the establishment of Church rules for the district of Gdansk-West Prussia (RSHA II B3), Danzig-Westpreussen. 1939 - 1940. 92 pages.

466 Report on the situation of the Catholic Church in Katowice region. RSHA II B31: Kirchliche Verhaeltnisse in den neuen Ostgebieten (letters by Bormann and Himmler). 1939 - 1940. 59 pages.

467 Correspondence concerning spiritual welfare of Polish POWs by German Catholic Church (II - II31). SDHA II 1131: Gefangenenseelsorge (Polen). 1939 - 1940. 154 pages.

468 Laws concerning the Catholic Church in the Warthegau (the annexed Polish territories). SDHA II 1133/RSHA II B32: ordinance regarding taxation of religious institutions in Reichsgau Wartheland (correspondence of Heydrich, Himmler, Weizaecker, and Lammers). 1940. 45 pages.

469 Four-year national political plan towards the Catholic Church in the free city of Gdansk. SDHA II 113/SD Leitabschnitt Danzig: "4 Jahre nationalsozialistische Politik gegenueber der katholischen Kirche in der Freien Stadt Danzig," and correspondence. 1939 - 1940. 14 pages.

470 Information of the IIB3 desk concerning intelligence and hostile activities of the international Catholic post in Holland. June - July 1940. 59 pages.

471 Security Police report in Poznan concerning the development of Churches in the annexed Polish territories. 10 December 1940. 7 pages.

472 Correspondence concerning the French government Concordat with the Vatican; Prof. Rolland's lecture on political and church problems. SDHA II 113/RSHA II B31: typescript report by Prof. Rolland, Paris, 29 August 1928, "Franzoesische Katholiken und Politische Fragen," (28 pages); reports and correspondence regarding Catholic Church in France; 1937 articles on France, and Italy in Africa, and 1936 on Germans in Italy. 1928 - 1940. 80 pages.

473 Newspaper (French) clippings and write-ups in German about the Catholic action in France (RSHA VII, Archive). 1941 - 1943; 1944. 166 pages.

474 Reports concerning political activities of the Catholic Church (VII). RSHA VII B2: reports on the political church around the world. 1942. 17 pages.

475 SDHA I 3: reports and newsclippings on the political reactionaries and Catholicism, 1934 - 1935; the Church in France, 1940 - 1943. 164 pages. (continues on reel 39)

Reel 39

475 (continued from reel 38) Reports concerning political activities of the Catholic Chruch (VII). Meldungen aus dem besetzten Frankreich and Lagebrichte der BdSuSD, Frankreich. 1943. 164 pages.

476 Catholic affairs, dictionary of Church expressions by Wurmi and list of foreign journalists. SDHA I 3B: (negative copies of poor quality) report on the "Wurm-Aktion," 12 November 1943; Kirchliche Sachausdruecke; list of foreign correspondents in Berlin, 5 June 1941. 96 pages.

477 Reports and correspondence concerning Christian activities among Jews. (The Berlin Jewish Mission) Association for the propagation of Christianity among Jews in Berlin. RSHA VII, Archive: Gesellschaft zur Befoerderung der Christianisierung der Juden, handscript Akta, (mostly 1830s, scattered pieces from 1840s and 1850s), 133 pages; typescript, das Kommittee der Gesellschaft zur Befoerderung des Christentums unter den Juden, Bericht ueber die Taetigkeit der Gesellschaft...(Berlin Judenmission) waehrend der Jahre, 1905-1907 (pages 334-345); handschrift of same (pages 346-351); the same, 1902-1904 (pages 352-354); numerous annual reports and 1834-1921. 514 pages. Correspondence regarding the Berlin Judenmission and others, 1902-1930s; Lehrgang XIX (pages 482b-515); Lehrgang XVI, 32 pages.

478 Concerning publishing of the Evangelical clergy on German territory (SD II 1135); seized religious publications; publications. 1934 - 1937. 52 pages.

479 Correspondence of the Evangelical Church authority with Hitler's deputy Hess. 18 February 1937. 5 pages.

480 Correspondence concerning commercial Evangelical church schools. SDHA II 1133/RSHA II B 33: SD reports and fliers of the Reichsverbandes deutschen evgl. Schulgemeinden, 1937-1938; miscellanous regarding Ev.-Luth. Kirche, especially correspondence of the superintendent zu Dippoldiswalde to the Ev.-Luth. Landeskirchenamt, 30 June 1939, regarding Cantors. 1937 - 1940. 12 pages.

481 Correspondence concerning the Evangelical Church on the territory of Gdansk and Warthegau (annexed Polish territories) (RSHA II B 3). 1939 - 1941. 80 pages.

Reel 40

482 Correspondence concerning Evangelical Church (various directions) (SDHA II 1133). 1939-1940. 124 pages.

483 Committee to help the victim of the victims of Wuppertal trials. RSHA VII, Archive: typescript, Bulletin No. 1, Initiativcomite zur Unterstuetzung der Schaltopfer des Wueppertalen Prozess. December 1935. 10 pages.

484 Bibliography of mystical literature especially the witches trial. Rudolf Richter bibliography of literature on Hexenprozesse in Mitteldeutschland. 1936; 1941. 69 pages.

485 Correspondence with various German Archives concerning the search for information about the "Witches Trial." Nachlasse of Richter, correspondence with archives and libraries regarding Hexenprozesse and analyses of libraries in Western Europe. 1939. 342 pages.

486 Memorial for the Oriental Seminar at the Royal University in Berlin. Denkschrift ueber das Seminar fuer Orientalische Sprachen an der Koeniglichen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet zu Berlin von 1887 bis 1912, Berlin, 1912. 1887 - 1912. 44 pages.

487 Paper on Buddhism; typscript manuscript (copyright 1937) "Geschlechtslust-Geschlechtsnot," Brief an Suchende von Tao Chuen, Buddistischen Bhikker (see file 491). 30 pages.

488 Excerpts for the files of the Russian Orthodox Synod in Poland: typscripts, Auszuege aus dem Akten des russ. Synods in Karlovitz and Belgrad, 1925-1940 materials, some in Russian language, correspondence to and from RMfd kirchlichen Angelegenheiten and others. no date. 137 pages.

489 Reports of the pastor Hermsdorf. Berichte des Herrn Paster Hernsdorf von 16 November 1922 - 19 April 1928 (Judenmission). 88 pages.

490 Correspondence of catholic missionaries in Japan. 1930 - 1933. 326 pages. (continues on reel 41)

Reel 41

490 (continued from reel 40) Private correspondence of German missionaries in Japan. 1932. 326 pages.

491 Materials of the sect "Friends of Buddhism" (private correspondence in English, French and German, relates to file 487). 1934 - 1936. 71 pages.

492 Report about activities of Sectaerian religions. SDHA II 1134: SD V-man reports, extracts from Lageberichte and Jahresbericht 1937; corresepondence with Gestapo, etc. regarding sectarian religious activities. 1935 - 1944. 138 pages.

493 Paper on Russian Orthodox Church in foreign lands. 1936-1938. 33 pages.

494 Photocopies of papers on Ukranian (Russian) Orthodox Church, press clippings. 1936. 44 pages.

495 Correspondence concerning Ukrainian-Orthodox Church in Germany (II). 1936. 22 pages.

496 Photocopies concerning the establishing of the (Russian) Ukrainian-Orthodox diocese in Germany. 1936. 12 pages.

497 Reports and correspondence concerning Catholic and Orthodox Churches in the Eastern territories joined to German/Ukraine and Baltic countries. SDHA II 113: press clippings, 1937; abstracts from Lageberichte 1942 and correspondence regarding church affairs in occupied territories. 1937 - 1942. 78 pages.

498 Reports for the activities of the Russian (Ukrainian) Orthodox Church (SDHA II 1132). 1938. 11 pages.

499 Excerpts for the files of the Russian symbol. 1939. 96 pages.

500 Correspondence concerning the establishment of the Ukrainian-Orthodox Church community. 1939. 18 pages.

501 The case of the Evangelical Church in Poznan and Lodz regions. The Augsburg Evangelical Church. Dr. Bursche, the arrests of pastors, followers of Bursche. 1940. 9 pages.

502 Correspondence Greek-Orthodox Church, in Poland. 1940. 34 pages.

503 Note of a Prussian correspondent from the "Politiken" rumoring that the Pope were to move to France. no date. 1 page.

504 Correspondence concerning Cardinal Hudal (VII). 1933. 1938. 9 pages.

505 Report for the Bishops' conference; typscript Beauftragten der Fuldaer Bischofskonferenz, "Landhelfer-und-FAD-Seelsorge," Bericht ueber die Tagung zu Biesdorf b. Berlin vom 17-19 January 1934. 69 pages.

506 Report of the trial against the spiritual councilor Schröder and bishop Speyer (VII). 1937. 15 pages.

507 "The Rosary" Pious XII Encyclica write-ups, discussions, press clippings, file on Rosenkranzenzyklika, the papal position on Communism. 1937. 15 pages.

508 Teletype concerning Hitler's visit in Rome and talks conducted with the Pope's confessor. 1938. 3 pages.

509 Correspondence and press clippings concerning the genealogy of the Pope (II-1131-111). 1938-1939. 9 pages.

510 Concerning Pious XII Encyclica (II-B31-III). August 1939. 2 pages.

511 Masonery; SDHA II 1114: handscript "Erster Aufseher I. II. III." and "Zweiter Aufseher I. II. III." no date. 35 pages.

Reel 42

512 Paper by the SS Col. Harms about the idea that the organizations and activities of the Masonry or organization like the masons. SDHA II 1114: report of SS Hauptstrumf. Harms, Winkellogen und freimaureraehnliche Organisatione. no date. 45 pages.

513 Paper concerning the connecting of word Jewry with the worlds free masons and co-operation and influence on the world economy and politics. File of reports and notes by Dr. Helmut Knochen, "Warum Kampf der Freimaurerei?"; Jewish, liberal, Communist, and international ties of Freemasonry. no date. 278 pages.

514 On the organization of Free masonry in CSR (Czechoslovakia). no date. 34 pages.

515 On Free mansonry in CSR. no date. 33 pages.

516 See file no. 515; member lists of Czech lodges (assembled 1938-1989). no date. 105 pages.

517 List of Polish masonry lodges. 1925 - 1935. no date. 27 pages.

518 Handwritten notes on Free Mansonry. 1933(?). 7 pages.

519 List of directors and supervisors of masonic lodges who were also masons. Direktoren und Aufsichtsraete usw. weiche als Mitglieder von Freimaurerlogen, des Rotary-Klubs, des Deutschen Herrenklubs und der Schlaraffia festgestellt wurden. no date. 6 pages.

520 Free Masonry materials concerning Frey and Maynette (Material Koenigsberg); seized correspondence, etc. (see file no. 534). 1925 - 1934. 156 pages.

521 Correspondence concerning freemasonery and theosophic (SDHA II 111); individual persons, miscellanous materials. 1920 - 1936. 102 pages.

522 Reichl's paper "Freemasonry and Catholicism" (in opposition). 1925. 1926. 1928. 96 pages.

523 Exchange of letters between the ecclesiastical court councilman Dr. Specht and Muller concerning Free masonry. (Discussion about the question of the Masonry being a national or international organization. Is there an international lodge and what influence does it have as such as the world politics. 1927 - 1934. 50 pages.

524 Correspondence concerning Kurt Reichl (see file no. 522). 1927-1931. 1933-1936. 51 pages.

525 Correspondence of the French masony with that of Honduras. Name list of members of "Johannes Lodge". "Anker", Lettland 1921, photographs of the interior of a masonry club. Correspondence and materials exchanged between a French lodge and those in Honduras and various European states. (in French) 1928 - 1937. 29 pages.

526 Seized materials of French lodges. 1928 - 1937. 355 pages. (continues on reel 43)

Reel 43

526 (continued from reel 42) Masonry, France, probably from the Archives of Oskar Wirth; correspondence, press clippings, anti-masonic materials, etc.) (in French). Subfiles on Alfred Jacoby, and Grande Loge de Fraternite Universelle. 1929 - 1937. 355 pages.

527 Foreign correspondence of a German mason, Dr. Cornelious Shouten, who lived in Germany until September 1934 and then in Holland; with western European lodges and brothers. Correspondence delivered to police authorities by his divorced wife after his departure from Germany (SDHA II 111). 1931 - 1936. 108 pages.

528 Papers concerning Czech masonry; seized papers mostly in German and French: Grand Orient of Czechoslovakia; Landesloge fuer die Tschechoslowakei. 1931 - 1936. 26 pages.

529 Monograph on Russian masonry lodges abroad by N. Snitkow, "Die Freimaurerei in der russischen Auswanderung (zum 1 January 1932); Verfasst auf Grund der freimaurerischen Dokumente (spanning the period of 1920-1927 completed in 1932). 1932. 23 pages.

530 Press notices concerning Polish masonry lodges. 1933-1942. 40 pages.

531 Bulletin, publications of the Rosicrucian Order, USA (multilingual) (American masonry). 1934 - 1941. 131 pages.

532 List of masonic activities, their characteristics and short reports on masonry and on individuals (VII); reports to and from Heydrich; Direktoren und Aufsichtsraete usw., welche als Mitglieder von Freimaurereilogen, des Rotary-Klubs, des Deutschen Herrebklubs und der Schlaraffia festgestellt wurder, A. 1934. 33 pages.

533 SS-major Schwartz Bostunitsch's (SD expert on Freemasonry, Jewry, Bolschevism, and Russian emigrants), including reports on Ludendorff, Hjalmar Schacht, Poincare, Karl Radek, and other individuals; report on masonry problem in various countries. 1934 - 1935. 193 pages.

534 Explanation to the Margrett case. Case of a former consul Otto Lampe and the deceased Grandmaster Ludwig Dangle who under the cover of masonry maintained suspicious contacts with Belgiums and Frenchmen (see file no. 520). 1934. 11 pages.

535 Clippings from a Russian emigrants press about the alleged masonic connections of Casanova; file on Casanova as a Mason, copy of an article by a Russian Jewish emigre. 1934. 6 pages.

536 Letter for Walter Hopp from South America to the Grandmaster of the lodge in which he writes that the persecution of masons and Jews in Germany is viewed unfavorably in America. 1934. 6 pages.

537 Information, Schwartz-Bostunitsch report on Friedrich III and Freemasonry. 1934. 7 pages.

538 Investigation file on Max Gellert from Königsberg, member of a masonic lodge; Gestapo and SD materials. 1934. 20 pages.

539 Papers concerning free masonry activities of Johan Wolfgang Goethe. 1934 - 1937. 13 pages.

540 Files labled Druiden Orden, seized monthly reports on membership of various Masonic lodges. 1934 - 1935. 271 pages. (continues on reel 44)

Reel 44

540 (continued from reel 43) List of masonic lodges members and address books on membership. Monthly report. 1933 - 1935. 271 pages.

541 Investigations in the case of Prof. Dr. Max Prütz, manager of a water control authority, suspected of being a mason (SDHA II 111). 1934. 35 pages.

542 Case file of Johan Wilhelm Kellner, free mason. 1934. 10 pages.

543 Newspaper clippings about the Pan-European movement (Masonry); file on Coudenhove-Calergie. 1934. 6 pages.

544 Report about the activity of masons in Germany; SD report, "Die gegenwaertige Lage und Taetigkeit der Freiamurerei in Deutschland," 22 August 1935, with attached copies of documents. 48 pages.

545 Investigation of physicians, members of Catholic Centrum, Masons and those who have connections to Marxism (VII); 6 February 1935 SD report on persons involved in Catholic Action, and Catholic unions, former Zentrum members, lodge members and their connections with Marxism. 6 pages.

546 Information about links of international masons with the Soviet Union, photocopies, signed Herzberger. 1935. 10 pages.

547 Press clippings about Frederic the Great and Free masonry. 1935. 15 pages.

548 Protocol of investigation of the mason Paul Theodor Otto, Berlin-Wilmersdorf. 1935. 9 pages.

549 Gestapo reports (RSHA VII, Archive) concerning Jehovah Witnesses sect in various parts of Germany. 1936. 27 pages.

550 Paper on masonic lodges; SDHA II 111: file of reports and correspondence on Masonry, 1934-1936, 1938, 1944, includes Gestapo reports. 92 pages.

551 Dr. Kurt Reichl, former Mason in Austria, contacts with SD before the Anschluss and after; biography; 1936-1938, includes a handwritten autobiographical statement (see file nos. 524 and 555). 45 pages.

552 List of files in the section VIIB5 of the RSHA, miscellaneous political, intellectual and cultural matters, 1937, includes Mitteilungen des Amtes WS, Nr.4, April 1937; ideological training of youth; membership lists of Rosenkreuzer-Gemeinschaft Berlin-Neukoelln, no dates; list of files in VII B5, no date; Aktenplan VII B5; miscellanous personnel records of Amt VII, 1944; library records and book orders, 1944. Summary on the themes "Influence of masonry on the life of a state". 1937 - 1944. 124 pages.

553 Masons, "The Union of German Gouoten, German gentlemen's Race Order," East Prussia - remnants; SDHA II 111: reports on Masonic Bund Deutscher Gusten and Deutscher Herrenorden. 1937. 18 pages.

554 SD inventories of the holdings of the libraries of various Masonic lodges. 1935 - 1936. 664 pages. (continues on reel 45)

Reel 45

554 (continued from reel 44) Diagram of the card files on Freimaurertum; bibliography of masonic lodges, libraries, and archives. 1935. 664 pages.

555 Excerpts from the lecture of Kurt Reichl concerning Masonry in various countries; SDHA II 111: typed and hand written reports of Dr. Kurt Reichl (former 33 degree Mason), 1 April 1936 - 1937 (includes Palestine) (see file nos. 556 and 559). 1936 - 1937. 333 pages.

556 Papers concerning the Mason's conference in Aachen (Austria). Letters of Gruber and Dr. Reichl concerning various countries (conference probably took place in June 1928). Report of SD Sonderkommando II 1 Wien, regarding Aachener Konferenz, 1928, and contact between Kurt Riechl and Father Hermann Graber, SJ, 2 April 1938; handwritten and typed texts on miscellanous topics regarding Freemasonry, Jewry, Catholicism, etc. 1937 - 1938. 233 pages.

557 Report: situations in various SD districts concerning masons and guide lines for section 11-111 (RSHA). Directives for work against Freemasonry, October - November 1938. 1938. 45 pages.

558 Report on masonry for the time of January 1935, March - December 1938. Gestapo and SD reports on Masonic lodges, 1935; Lageberichte of II 111, March, April, May, August, October, and November 1938; and SD Oberabschnitt Nordwest, no dates. 57 pages.

559 Correspondence Dr. Reichl to SS Col. Knochen. File of correspondence from Kurt Riechl; his reports on topics regarding Freemasonry, Jewry, and Catholicism. 1938. 199 pages.

Reel 46

560 Reports from various masonic lodges. Gestapo, SD V-man, and SD Abschnitt reports: "Salvator," a "secret Freemason organization of marxist inclined Catholics and Russian emigrees;" Josef Hessen (Kadet Party), Vlaerian Tatarinow, numerous allegedly anti-Bolshevik emigrees in contact with the OGPU, Bishop O'Rourk, Danzig, Goetz von Oettingen: Verbindungsstelle Leipzig reports on "related" occultist literature, especially, Arisches Weistum, by Ernst Issberner-Haldane; advertisements for literature; Siemens-Studien-Gesellschaft fuer Psychologisch Wissenschaft, publications; reports on numerous Masonic or allegedly Masonic organizations. 1938. 193 pages.

561 Correspondence concerning Masonry, Dr. Reichl and his reports on Freimaurerei. 1938. 47 pages.

562 Anti-semitic articles to SS Col. Knochen for the purpose of rehabilitation by Reichl. 1938. 37 pages.

563 Photocopies concerning Masonry in CSR (Czechoslovakia); reports to the Gestapo, forwarded by Oberkommando der Wehrmacht and Auswaertiges Amt. 1938. 12 pages.

564 Situational reports on masonry; SD Oberabschnitt Lageberichte on Freemasonry, 1939; copy of "Der europaeische Aufstand gegen die Freimaurerei," 1943. 90 pages.

565 Bibliography concerning freemasonry in cases persued by Dittel; RSHA VII, Archive: catalog of books der Johannes-Loge "Bruderkette an der Saar," Saarbruecken (Polish index indicates relates to "cases pursued by Dittel"). 1940. 130 pages.

566 Correspondence concerning Catholic propaganda activities among young people; SDHA II 1131: files of directives and reports on Catholic "propaganda" work directed at peasants and youth, especially in Wehrmacht and Arbeitsdienst. 1936 - 1937. 55 pages.

567 Remnants of paper written on masonic lodges (for archival materials); SDHA II 111: miscellanous material and reports on international Freemasonry, especially Jewish influence therein. 1940. 48 pages.

568 Correspondence concerning Yugoslavian masonry; reports on and seized publications of Freemasons in Yugoslavia. 1941. 15 pages.

569 Anti-Hitler activities of Polish Catholics. Report on "The struggle with the Church in Germany". SDHA II 113: analyses of Catholic publications and reports on Polish Catholic activities hostile to Germany and National Socialism. 1935 - 1943. 50 pages.

570 Catholic instructional material for the core and protection of Catholic Youth (SDHA II 1131; same as file no. 566). 1935. 56 pages.

571 Correspondence concerning the activities of the Catholic Church among youth (same as file no. 566). 1935 - 1940. 52 pages.

572 Correspondence concerning investigation against Jehovah Witness sect's activities in Warsaw; SDHA II 1134: SD Oberabschnitt reports on Missionblaetter aus Warsau. 1936 - 1938. 11 pages.

573 Correspondence and reports about the organization of spiritual core and help in labor camps; SDHA II 1131: Catholic Seelsorge in Arbeitsdienstlager. 1937 - 1939. 79 pages.

574 Correspondence concerning Catholic activities in Germany through the organization of population into the rural help service; Kirchlicher Landhelferdienst/Exerzitien fuer Arbeitsdienstler und Rekruten. 1936 - 1937. 102 pages.

575 Exerzitienbewegung. 1935 - 1937. 100 pages. (continues on reel 47)

Reel 47

575 (continued from reel 46) Correspondence Catholic Action in Germany bulletins. 1937. 100 pages.

576 Appeals and letters of the Bishop of Gdansk Archdiocese (Dr. Splett) (Festenhirtenbriefe of the Bishop of Danzig). 1938. 51 pages.

577 The recall of Gdansk's Bishop and press report of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. 1938. 8 pages.

578 Project to increase church tax in Poznan; SDHA II 1133: ordinances on the taxes of religious communities in Reichsgau Posen. 1939 - 1940. 111 pages.

579 Information and correspondence Protestant churches in Silesia; SD Oberabschnitt reports on Evangelische Kirche in Silesia. 1939 - 1940. 23 pages.

580 Report, state of the Catholic Church in Germany; SDHA II 113: miscellanous materials on the churches, includes Einsatzgruppen II report Protestant church communities in Poland, 17 September 1939, 1937 - 1940. 59 pages.

581 Correspondence, reports, situation of Catholic and Protestant Churches in annexed Poznania (Warthegau). 1939 - 1941. 125 pages.

582 Correspondence Catholic Church action against new Nazi laws (SDHA II 1131: SD Oberabschnitt Lageberichte on Catholic Action). Leaflets "Do you know the truth" in German language. 1937 - 1943. 20 pages.

583 Correspondence Masons, philosophical-natural science organization, Abdrushin (Natural Science Union). 1934. 9 pages.

584 Correspondence Masonic lodges in Germany; list of members; seized materials, police and SD reports, 1931-1937: Bund der Karolusritter, Bremen; Irinesler Ritterschaft, Essen, 1935; Ritterlogen der Overstolzen, 1935-1938; Ritterorden der Alemannen, Pforzheim, 1934. 90 pages.

585 Charter of the masonic organization "Union of the Knights of the Holy Grail" ("Heiligen Quell Deutscher Kraft") a Gralsritterschaft.

586 Correspondence Masonic order "Union of German Knights" (Deutscher Ritterbund). 1935. 105 pages.

587 Commentaries of Dr. Kurt Reichl on Freemasonry in various nations with newspaper clippings and published literature. 1936 - 1937. 429 pages. (continues on reel 48)

Reel 48

587 (continued from reel 47) Excerpts from Reichl lecture on freemasonry. 1936 - 1937. 429 pages.

588 Papers on the fight with masonry as a political enemy. RSHA VII B5: Freimaurerei, miscellanous SD reports and one publication. 1941 - 1943. 52 pages.

589 Buro VII report on freemasonry. RSHA VII B1: file on securing material to indentify individual Freemasons, Jews specifically identified among members (includes new Geschaeftsverteilungsplan for RSHA VII B, 8 November 1943; and other administrative directives for securing archives, etc.). 1943 - 1944. 88 pages.

590 Correspondence of Antiquarians on the subject of the Hess trials in the Middle Ages. SDHA II/RSHA VII: correspondences with antiquarian book dealers on literature about Hexenprozesse. 1935 - 1941. 40 pages.

591 "The Tragedy of Warsaw" article conerning the Warsaw Uprising (1944). The responsibility of the Government in Exile, the Allies and the Soviet Union for the calamity defeat of the uprising. RSHA VII, Archive: "Die Tragodie Warschau," typescript critical of the Polish and Allied leadership, held responsible for the tragedy, allegedly written from the viewpoint of the innocent victims. 16 pages.

592 Remnants of confiscated papers of unknown provenance: for example typescripts of Allied and resistance propaganda broadcasts, and miscellanous informational or intelligence reports regarding Austria, 1930?-1940; "The Secret of Colonel Redl's Espionage," chapter 10, by George A. Luxemburg; published poetry; list of philosophy courses taught at an unknown university, 1939-1941; "Die Philharmonie des Generalgouvernements" by Dr. Hanns Rohr; "Volk und Arbeit: Unser Agrerisches Programm;" numerous unidentifiable fragments; Munich court case of Jos. Huber vs. F. Walter Ilges, 12 April 1934; antiquariate's book sales list of literature on the middle ages; copy of The Publishers' Circular and Book Sellers' Record, 11 February 1939. 208 pages.

593. Materials confiscated with names lists, protocols, and correspondence from the Saarland; protocalls of refugees from Saarland; lists of names of persons expelled from Saarland and occupied Ruhrgebiet; financial aid. 1920 - 1924. 229 pages.

594 Russian language handscript, private papers of a Russian correspondent in Berlin. 1921 - 1929. 95 pages. (continues on reel 49)

Reel 49

594 (continued from reel 48) In Russian language: private correspondence of a Russian journalist in Berlin. 1921 - 1929. 517 pages.

595 Teacher's contracts, German and Dutch language, for catholic teachers in Higher schools for women; correspondence. 1926. 110 pages.

596 Resolutions; reports on associate companies; annual reports of the Aachener Immobilien A.G., Koeln. 1934 - 1939. 75 pages.

597 Seized records and literature of the Harand-Bewegung (against racial hatred and poverty); correspondence with international members and affiliates; press clipppings about delegates to assemblies (including newsletters of The Jewish Publication Society of America, Philadelphia and The American Jewish Committee, NY. 1934 - 1939. 533 pages. (continues on reel 50)

Reel 50

597 (continued from reel 49) Confiscated literature from the conference of "Harand Bewegung" a movement started by the Austrian Harand against war, hatred, and poverty. Correspondence with international members profiles of delegates to the World Congress among other Poles. 1936 - 1939. 533 pages.

598 Alfred Wenzel correspondence with bookstores; Betriebs-ausgabestellenleiter correspondence with the Deutsche Hausbuecherei, Hamburg and Berlin. 1937 - 1943. 70 pages.

599 Press clippings concerning political and war incidents. 1939-1941. 100 pages.

600 Excerpts from "London Times" about the situation of Poles in the USSR; Polnische Pressauszuege: excerpts of international press coverage of Polish affairs. 19 July - 5 September 1944. 7 pages.

601 Newspaper "The Upper Silesia" (Oberschlesische Zeitung). 8 August 1944 - 12 October 1944.

602 Information for the fight with Communism; RSHA IV A1: directives, Information fuer die Kommunistischenbekaempfung. August 1944. 14 pages.

603 Fight with enemy propaganda, remnant of correspondence (leaflets, posters); RSHA VII, Archive: SD Abschnitt daily reports on anti-Nazi slogans and printed propaganda. 1939 - 1940. 42 pages.

604 Materials of the regional German Communist Party confiscated by the Gestapo. 1923 - 1924; 1934 - 1937; 1939. 155 pages.

605 Report on research about Bolshevism as the world danger done by the Office of Rosenberg; RSHA VII B1: (Ehlers) 19 November 1944 report on "Einsatzbesprechung der 'Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Erforschung der bolschewistischen Weltgefahr'" (Dienststelle des Reichsleiters Rosenberg) in Prague. 31 October - 2 November 1944. 102 pages.

606 Document concerning the confiscation of the materials of the German Command party in Berlin in 1919 and Nazi propaganda material concening the GC party; RSHA VII, Archive: report of search and seizure of KPD headquarters, Berlin, 16 September 1919; 1935 printed material on Communist subversion. 13 pages.

607 Anti-Nazi propaganda, correspondence; miscellanous file, mostly SDHA II/RSHA III reports on anti-National Socialism propaganda (mention of Jehovah's Witnesses and Jews); SD personnel matters, training; church affairs; Schriftumshinweis of Amt VII. 1936 - 1940. 57 pages.

608 Document concerning the giving of asylum to political refugees. SDHA II 122: report on Internationales Buero fuer Asyl und Hilfe fuer politische Fluechtlinge, Paris, 9 April 1937. 3 pages.

609 Photocopies of statements of Friedrich Meier suspected of illegal activity (SDHA II 1133) for the IBV (Jehovah's Witnesses). September 1937.

610 Bibliography concerning national socialism, Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA), Oct. 1937 Radio and press news from all over the world. RSHA VII, Archive: analyses of books published in 1941, categorized by SD research catagories, e.g., Judentum, Freimaurerei, Ausland, etc.; fragments of analyses of international newspaper reports. 1937 - 1943. 67 pages.

611 Correspondence; enemy anti-Nazi propaganda in Austria by elements from Germany; SDHA II 122: anti-Nazi oral propaganda in Austria. May 1938. 3 pages.

612 Correspondence; resistance movement of Belgium clergy men; SDHA II 113: SD reports on suspicious clerical activities in Belgium; and seized, related French and German language materials. 1937 - 1938; 1941 - 1943. 58 pages.

613 Anti-German activities in Poland (11-122-05); SDHA II 122: Polen: press reports about refugees in Poland, specifically Jews, and their anti-National Socialist activities. 1936 - 1939. 17 pages.

614 Report about political mood of the population in Bavaria (VII); SD Oberabschnitt Sued: Tagesbericht der Abteilung II 1, 4 October 1939. 3 pages.

615 Correspondence conerning wealth of the countries of the Lower Donau (Danube) regions with anti-nazi stance; RSHA II B: correspondence regarding property of hostile foreigners in Niederdonau. 1940. 4 pages.

616 Official authority's of Ciechanow information about enemy propaganda; RSHA II B3: reports and directives on hostile propaganda in Poland, especially that eminating from religious quarters. 1940. 11 pages.

Reel 51

617 Correspondence co-operation of the RSHA offices in the fight against enemy propaganda; SDHA II 122: "Cooperation with other Abteilungen:" enemy propaganda, directives, communications regarding and examples of seized materials. 1940. 97 pages.

618 Reports about the political adversaries activities on the German territory; SD Abschnitte reports of violations of public order such as listening to enemy broadcasts and statements and acts harmful to public moral or hostile to the Reich government. 1940. 54 pages.

619 Correspondence under others and letter to Hitler and Goebbles; RSHA VII, Archive: hostile letters to Nazi leaders (Hitler, Goebbels) and seized correspondence. 1926 - 1944. 36 pages.

620 Military headquarters in Vienna investigations against people accused of treason; Das Militaerkommandien in Wien: proceedings against Dr. Jaroslav Preiss, Apollo Ruzicka, Dr. Ladislaus Sourek, Anton Tille, Rudolf Pilat, Josef Janka, of the Zivnostenska Banka, Prague. 1917. 199 pages.

621 Polling of the people arrested for membership in IBV; questionaires containing personal data and the fate of persons arrested for membership in IBV (Jehovah's Witnesses). 1936 - 1937.

622 Materials to secure the traces of committed crimes; Sipo training materials?; directives for securing a crime scene. no date. 5 pages.

623 Court records of the case against Frieda Donath, Frankfurt O., for Christian Science healing. 1933 - 1938. 16 pages.

624 Court records of Anna Fish of Liebmuehl. 1934. 65 pages.

625 Court records of Otto Hahn, of Halberstadt. 1934.

626 Court records of Frida Jacob, of Leipzig. 1933 - 1934. 48 pages.

627 Court records of Emma Kühn of Berlin. 1931 - 1934. 157 pages.

628 Court records of Dore Lohr of Wnadsbek. 1927. 28 pages.

629 Court records of Johannes Meding of Darmstadt. 1931 - 1932. 76 pages.

630 Court records of Dr. E. Mosbacher of Berlin. 1931. 46 pages.

631 Court records of Frau N. Schumacher of Stettin. 1931. 21 pages.

632 Court records of cases against individuals for homosexual and pederastic acts. 1923 - 1936. 25 pages.

633 Case against SS-Hauptsturmfuehrer O. Dirlwanger (of Sonderkommand Dirlwanger); contains details of treatment of Jews and other victims in eastern territories. 1941 - 1942. 93 pages. (continues on reel 52)

Reel 52

633 (continued from reel 51) Criminal case against SS Lt. Dierlewanger. 1941 - 1942. 93 pages.

634 Investigation of (enlisted man) Unteroffizier-Apotheker Paul Dreyfus (apothecary). 17 July 1918. 41 pages.

635 Martin Korsch; criminal persecution cases; mortgages, correspondence. 1926 - 1930. 85 pages.

636 Personal file of SS Lt. Col. Wilhelm Pösch. 1938; 1943 - 1944. 5 pages.

637 Notorized copy of court case vs. Albert Winter, journalist, for libel. 1926. 24 pages.

638 List of employees of "Ancestral inheritance;" list of Mitarbeiter of Ahnenerbe, alphabetical by place of residence; alphabetical list of persons affiliated with "PA." 1936 - 1940. 23 pages.

639 Correspondence concerning the loss of citizenship; copy of Gesetz fuer erbrechtliche Beschraenkungen wegen gemienschafts-widrigen Verhaltens, 5 November 1937; related Gestapo directives regarding Ausbuergerung; several alphabetical lists. 1933 - 1936. 60 pages.

640 Dr. Gemrovsky's letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - his wife's travels to America. 1931. 4 pages.

641 Correspondence concerning German Labor Office (Reichsarbeitsdienst) (RAD). 1944. 57 pages.

642 Correspondence concernign the actions of the religious organizations against the (DAF) German Labor Front; SDHA II 113?: newspaper clippings of Kolpingsblatt, other publications and copies of correspondence of Kolpinsfamilie regarding relations with DAF. 1935 - 1936. 67 pages.

643 London: accounts settlement for February 1937 - December 1937; RSHA VII, Archive: financial reports of Friedrich Preller, Berlin, to Accounts Department, London, regarding Christian Science Publishing Society and church affairs. 138 pages.

644 Dispositions and correspondence concerning various matters: copies of correspondence of Johannislogen, 1926; various financial exchanges, 1927-1928; alphabetical lists of persons whose citizenship was revoked, 1933-1936; unidentifiable inventories of documents, 1923-1936; micellaneous directives of SD Oberabschnitt Sued, 1936; alphabetical lists of Volksdeutsche, Paris, 1943. 1926-1941. 71 pages.

645 Name lists of honorary and charter members, Körnberg-Wien. no date. 7 pages.

646 Correspondence; aid to the family of the fallen Franz Hösten. 1942. 5 pages.

647 Opinions of physicians, specialists (psychology and military authorieis). 1940. 25 pages.

648 Bank contos loans and debt payment on real estate; records of Aachemer Immobilien A.G. 1938. 21 pages.

649 Book of accounts of the German anti-war Society in Berlin; records of Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft, Ortsgruppe Berlin. 1925 - 1933. 80 pages.

650 Payment index cord of Ukrianian soldiers in German serviec for the region of Lwow, Stanislawow for the years 1941-1944. 48 pages.

651 Alphabetical list of names, 1929-1930 (identified in Polish index as PEN Club; P.E.N. was a World Associaition of Writers, e.g., H.G. Wells, Leon Zeitlin). 184 pages. (continues on reel 53)

Reel 53

651 (continued from reel 52) PEN-Club materials in French language. 1937 - 1940. 184 pages.

652 See file no. 651: P.E.N. Club, individual members' correspondence, mostly requesting accomodations at the Maison Internationale of the P.E.N. Club, Paris. 1935 - 1940. 184 pages.

654 Hungarian materials; receipts and correspondence regarding a porcelain business in Hungary, 1890s. 13 pages.

655 Materials concerning Polish Legionaires (in French); French language typed manuscript, "Etude sur les Legion Polonaises" (1 and 2 Brigades). no date. 47 pages.

656 Excerpts from archival sources about the "Witches trials" of the 16th and 17th century. 1936. 48 paes.

657 Correspondence purchase of furniture for a casino. 1942. 6 pages.

658 About motorization (in German and French); RSHA VII, Archive: receipts for repairs and fuel for SS and police vehicles in France, and printed French language departmental decrees, Prefecture de Police. 1939 -1942. 218 pages.

659 Receipts for health care, with individual diagnoses and note regarding optical problems. 1930s - 1940s. 485 pages. (continues on reel 54)

Reel 54

659 (continued from reel 53) Health register with diagnosis of illness. 1939. 485 pages.

660 Miscellaneous collection of typed and published material of the British Council, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1940; handscript correspondence and archiveal records of Masonic lodges, 1805-1900s; publications and correspondence of the Gesellschaft zur Befoerderung des Christenthums unter den Juden, 19th - 20th centuries. 612 pages.

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Part 4:

Reel 55

660 (continued from reel 54) Archival documents of Masonic Lodges from the turn of the century in French and German. 18th and 19th century. 612 pages.

661 Documents of Masonic Lodges. 18th and 19th century. 390 pages.

662 Documents of Masonic Lodges. 19th century. 743 pages. (continues on reel 56)

Reel 56

662 (continued from reel 55) Documents of Masonic Lodges. 17th to 19th century. 743 pages.

663 Document from Masonic Archvies; handwritten document in German, Latin, and French. 17th to 19th century. 486 pages.

664 Documents from Masonic Archives. 19th century. 1,087 pages. (continues on reel 57)

Reel 57

664 (continued from reel 56) Masonic archives - manuscripts in German and Latin. 17th to 19th century. 1,087 pages.

665 Documents from Masonic Archives turn of the 18th and 19th century; membership lists. 667 pages.

Reel 58

666 Masonic documents, manuscripts. 1845 - 1860. 547 pages.

667 Masonic documents, manuscripts. 19th to 20th century. 188 pages.

668 Masonic documents, manuscripts (in German and Latin). 1832 - 1901. 116 pages.

669 Miscellaneous correspondence: Der Minister der geistlichen, Unterrichts- und Medicinal- Angelegenheiten; Gesellschaft zur Befoerderung des Christenthums unter den Juden. 19th and 20th centuries. 349 pages.

Reel 59

669 (continued from reel 57) Files of documents of the Ministry for Medical and Religious Education. 1878 -1901. 349 pages.

670 Archival documents of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Prussia; Archive der Grossen Loge vom Preussen, Acte regarding Prince Friedrich Wilhelm v. Preussen. 1854 - 1888. 256 pages.

671 Document for the "The Great National Mother Lodge;" Archive der Grossen National-Mutterloge, Acte regarding Reichsaussenminister Stressemann. 1915 - 1935. 435 pages.

672 Papers concerning the popularization of masonry in England; handwritten manuscript of the history of Freemasonry and its various international orders. 1811. 112 pages.

673 Anstellung von Missions geistlichen, including Gesellschaft zur Befoerderung des Christenthums unter den Juden. 19th and 20th centuries. 116 pages.

Reel 60

673 (continued from reel 59) Documents concerning the nomination of (spiritual) missionaries. 1887 - 1908. 116 pages.

674 Records of the "Great National (Lodge) Mother Situation" (Grosse National Mutterloge zu den Drey Weltkugeln) to Three World Spheres. 1889. 339 pages.

675 Records from the German Mason Archive (Grossen National Mutterloge und denen Verwaltung). 1847 -1855. 352 pages.

676 Records from the Great Prussian Masonic Lodge (Archive der Grossen Loge von Preussen, gen. Royal York zur Freundschaft, Acte regarding Prince Friedrich Leopold von Preussen). 1889 - 1918. 417 pages.

Reel 61

677 Records and newspaper clippings concerning Masonic Lodges, regarding den Protektor Kronprinz Friedrich Wilhelm. 19th to 20th century. 353 pages.

678 French language materials confiscated by RSHA; materials regarding L'Union Anglo-Belge, organized by individuals' names. 1920s - 1930s. 447 pages.

679 Argus International de la Presse, S.A., Geneva, newsclippings and news article excerpts regarding Freemasonry. 1930s. 444 pages.

Reel 62

679 (continued from reel 61) French language materials confiscated by RSHA; news clippings, correspondence, publications of lodges from all over the world. no dates. 444 pages.

680 Miscellaneous file, mostly French language materials of Catholic, pacifist and labor organizations, 1920s-1940s: correspondence, newsclippings, bibliographies; some German occupation forms and reports on individuals; several issues of Les Feuillets du Militant, 1939; World Student Association for Peace, Freedom and Culture, News Bulletin, 1940; Kraft und Licht, 1930s; publications of the British Council, and the Academe de Droit International. 741 pages. (continues on reel 63)

Reel 63

680 (continued from reel 62) French language materials confiscated by RSHA; various world news publications, multilingual. no dates. 741 pages.

681 French language materials confiscated by RSHA; indexes of documents of socialist organizations in Belgium, 1880s-1940s; international correspondence and publications of pacifist, socialist, and labor organizations of France and Belgium; newsclippings; indexes of leading personalities in the USSR; Journal Official l'etat Francais (Vichy). 1941 - 1942. 913 pages.

682 Miscellaneous file of similar material including Catholic organizations, report I Congreso de Solidaridad de Obreros Vascos, 12-13 October 1929 in Eibar; News Service Issued by the Anticomintern, 1936; Henri de Man, Le Plan du Travail. 822 pages. (continues on reel 64)

Reel 64

682 (continued from reel 63) French language materials confiscated by RSHA; typed manuscript, Dino Galardi, Guerisons & Miracles, 1928; Das Wahre Deutschland, Auslandsblaetter der Deutschen Freiheitspartei, 1938. no dates. 822 pages.

683 French language materials confiscated by RSHA; seized papers of Masonic lodges, France and Belgium - correspondence and instructional material, 1920s-1930s; newsclippings. 422 pages.

684 French language materials confiscated by RSHA. no dates. 857 pages. (continues on reel 65)

Reel 65

684 (continued from reel 64) French language materials confiscated by RSHA; miscellaneous file - correspondence among Masonic lodges of various nations, 1930s-1940s; publications of la Science Medicale Pratique on physiognamy and physicalk typology; Ligue Francias pour le Defense des Droits de l'Homme et du Citoyen; French Ministere du Travail, correspondence and notes on individual laborers; correspondence and publicatinos of various Catholic organizations. 857 pages.

685 French language materials confiscated by RSHA; correspondence of Stockholms-Tidningen; multilingual reports on international affairs by Cooperation, several written by Churchill, Hermann Rauschning. no dates. 123 pages.

686 French language materials confiscated by RSHA; French handwritten correspondence of a M. Wirth, Paris, many illegible, and financial records, 1880s; most common theme seems to be Freemasonry. no dates. 524 pages. (continues on reel 66)

Reel 66

686 (continued from reel 65) French language materials confiscated by RSHA; handwritten correspondence of Oswald Wirth, Paris (1910s). 524 pages.

687 List of Gestapo agents submitted by the post "Bombaj;" Abwehrstelle im Wehrkreis III: file on Polish intelligence service, includes records seized from Polish intelligence files containing three 1937 lists of Gestapo agents and personnel. 1936-1941. 121 pages (pages 88-118 missing).

688 Case of Kurt Reichl arrested, detained and freed by Gestapo; SDHA II 111: correspondence and reports regarding Gestapo arrest and interrogation. 1938 - 1939. 51 pages.

689 List of intelligence and archival materials for the II Section (Polish Military Intelligence) of Polish General Military Staff taken by the Germans; RSHA VII, Archive: index of documents (1935-1938) seized at the II Section of the Polish General Staff. 1940. 30 pages.

690 Bibliography of works published in 1936-1940, newly published books; common theme seems to be religion. 142 pages.

691 Transcripts and copies of letters from patients and physicians of persons treated by the method of Mrs. Frieda Jaaks-Munchberg. 1933 - 1937. 125 pages.

692 Papers from French records concerning masonic lodges; mostly religion and Fremasonry in France, 1940-1941, e.g., seized materials by EK Paris, 1940; National Socialist Party directives on religious, education, 1940; mostly RSHA internal directives and correspondence. 1940 - 1941. 14 pages.

693 Documents, correspondence (seized) concerning the activities of the Catholic Church in Poland. 1938 -1939. 65 pages.

694 From the Public Prosecutor of Koblenz and the court of Mainz: case against Britz, Engelbert, Pallatinate friar for swindle and wounding of a female. 1938 - 1941. 173 pages.

695 (1) Testimony of Lucian Byczkowski, citizen of Gdansk accusing some Poles for pro-Polish firms activities; records of testimony of Lucian Byczykowski against Ernst Vierbucker and Anastasius Strogulski for activities with the League for Human Rights in Danzig, 1933; (2) Case of Willy Wichmar, German spy stopped on the East Prussian border in 1935. 1933 - 1935. 16 pages.

696 File of materials of the PEN Club, Paris, 1933-1934; correspondence and publications, including typed manuscript, "Entre la Paix et la Victoire." 272 pages. (continues on reel 67)

Reel 67

696 (continued from reel 66) French language documents concerning the Paris PEN-CLUBS. 1933-1939. 272 pages.

697 Documents concerning the International Academia for State and Administrative management (Internationalen Akademie fuer Staats- und Verwaltungswissenschaften) in Berlin. 9 May 1942. 34 pages.

RSHA printed matters, Department IV

698 Reports on significant state police; Gestapo incidents; RSHA, Amt IV: Meldung wichtigen staatspolizeilicher Ereignisse, incomplete run, 7 November 1941 - 17 December 1941 (contain arrest reports specifying Jews and some case summaries with names). 6 copies.

699 See file no. 698. January - June 1942. 15 copies.

700 See file no. 698. July - October 1942. 15 copies.

701 See file no. 698. November - December 1942. 10 copies.

702 See file no. 698 (broken file, all dates of arrests report not identifiable). January - December 1943. 4 copies.

703 See file no. 698. September 1944. 2 copies.

704 Duplicates of the documents in file nos. 698-703. 1941 - 1942. 16 copies.

705 Duplicates of the documents in file nos. 698-703.

706 Duplicates of the documents in file nos. 698-703.

RSHA Department V

707 Reports on important incidents in the criminal police department; RSHA, Amt V: Meldung wichtiger kriminalpolizeilicher Ereignisse. November - December 1944. 7 pages.

708 Duplicate of the a/m documents. December 1944. 3 pages.

Department VI

709 News about China; RSHA VII, Archive: reports on Catholic schools and missions in China and Japan. 1930. 56 pages.

710 News, reports about Romania. 1939 - 1940. 26 pages.

Reel 68

711 Press releases with information for April 1940; RSHA, Amt VI A6: B-Dienst Berichte (foreign intelligence gathered by radio monitoring). 189 pages.

712 Press releases with information for May 1940; RSHA, Amt VI A6: B-Dienst Berichte (foreign intelligence gathered by radio monitoring). 348 pages.

713 Press releases with information for May 1940; RSHA, Amt VI A6: B-Dienst Berichte (foreign intelligence gathered by radio monitoring). 336 pages.

714 Press releases with information for June 1940; RSHA, Amt VI A6: B-Dienst Berichte (foreign intelligence gathered by radio monitoring). 517 pages. (continues on reel 69)

Reel 69

714 (continued from reel 68) Press releases with information for June 1940; RSHA, Amt VI A6: B-Dienst Berichte (foreign intelligence gathered by radio monitoring). 517 pages.

715 Press releases with information for June 1940; RSHA, Amt VI A6: B-Dienst Berichte (foreign intelligence gathered by radio monitoring). 499 pages.

716 Press releases with information for July 1940; RSHA, Amt VI A6: B-Dienst Berichte (foreign intelligence gathered by radio monitoring). 447 pages.

Reel 70

716 (continued from reel 69) Press releases with information for July 1940; RSHA, Amt VI A6: B-Dienst Berichte (foreign intelligence gathered by radio monitoring). 447 pages.

717 Press releases with information for August 1940; RSHA, Amt VI A6: B-Dienst Berichte (foreign intelligence gathered by radio monitoring). 657 pages.

718 Press releases with information for September 1940; RSHA, Amt VI A6: B-Dienst Berichte (foreign intelligence gathered by radio monitoring). 229 pages.

719 Press releases with information for October 1940; RSHA, Amt VI A6: B-Dienst Berichte (foreign intelligence gathered by radio monitoring). 433 pages. (continues on reel 71)

Reel 71

719 (continued from reel 70) Press releases with information for October 1940; RSHA, Amt VI A6: B-Dienst Berichte (foreign intelligence gathered by radio monitoring). 433 pages.

720 Press releases with information for November 1940; RSHA, Amt VI A6: B-Dienst Berichte (foreign intelligence gathered by radio monitoring). 296 pages.

721 Press releases with information for December 1940; RSHA, Amt VI A6: B-Dienst Berichte (foreign intelligence gathered by radio monitoring). 153 pages.

722 Press releases with information for January 1944, plus fragments of later Auslandsmeldungen; RSHA, Amt VI A6: B-Dienst Berichte (foreign intelligence gathered by radio monitoring). 433 pages.

723 Reports from foreign countries for August 1940; RSHA VI: Auslands-Meldungen. 44 pages.

724 Reports from foreign countries for 17 January - 25 July 1941; RSHA VI: Auslands-Meldungen. 244 pages. (continues on reel 72)

Reel 72

724 (continued from reel 71) Reports from foreign countries for period of January - July 1941. 244 pages.

725 Reports from foreign countries for period of August - October 1941. 341 pages.

726 Short reports for foreign countries, Auslands-Kurtzmeldungen, of March - August 1940. 54 pages.

727 Short reports for foreign countries, Auslands-Kurtzmeldungen, of September 1940. 75 pages.

728 Commentary reports, Auslandslageberichte, for March - August 1940. 80 pages.

729 General foreign reports, Allgemeine Auslandslagemeldungen, March - November 1942. 235 pages.

730 General foreign reports, Allgemeine Auslandslagemeldungen, January - May 1943. 79 pages.

731 RSHA VI A6: Funkspiegel der Weltwirtschaft, Sonder-Berichte, 2 August - 30 October 1940.
398 pages. (continues on reel 73)

Reel 73

731 (continued from reel 72) Radio reports concerning political and economic world problems. August - October 1940. 398 pages.

732 Radio report about the Vatican for 25 October 1940 to 29 January 1941; RSHA VI: B-Dienst, Vatikan-Funkspiegal, Berichte. 83 pages.

733 Situational reports from Yugoslavia; RSHA III A: Monatsberich. June 1943. 38 pages.

734 Situational reports from Latvia; KdSuSD Lettland: Stimmungs- und Lagebericht fuer i\die Zeit v. 1 (includes Juden). March 1943. 143 pages.

735 Excerpts from foreign press about Germans residing there; Volksbund fuer das Deutschtum im Ausland - Weststimmungen. April - May 1941. 29 pages.

736 Instruction for the ideological training of SS functionaries #9 and #10; RFSS, SS-Hauptamt, Abteilung IV: Nachrichtendienst zur Fuehrung der weltanschaulicher Erziehung, Nr.9, June 1944 and 10, summary of nos. 1-6. 1944. 80 pages.

737 The idea of race and its official introduction via orders and instruction #1; CdSuSD: Der Rassegedanke und seine gesetzliche Gestaltung, vol. I (no date), circa 1941 (comprehensive summary of Himmlerian racial-biological ideas and their consequences). 69 pages.

Duplication of Department VI

738 Foreign reports for 1940; miscellaneous file of fragments: Lageberichte from Luxemburg, 11 February 1943 (includes Juden); fragments of international reports, 1941; domestic Lageberichte, 1942; Funkbeobachtungen VI A6; RSHA VII, Auslands-Meldungen, 27 May 1941, no date, 15 August 1941, 7 October 1941. (pages 358-579 missing) 601 pages.

739 RSHA VI: Allgemeine Auslandsmeldungen, 16 March, 2 April, and 16 April 1942. 359 pages. (continues on reel 74)

Reel 74

739 (continued from reel 73) General foreign situation reports. 1942 - 1943. 359 pages.

740 Radio materials from various countries and various fronts. 1940 - 1944. 4 copies.

RSHA Department VII

741 Reports from Belgium and Northern France; BdSuSD Bruessel, Meldungen aus Belgien und Nordfrankreich, (includes Juden). January, February, March 1943. 176 pages.

742 Reports from occupied France. June and July 1943. 97 pages.

743 Reports from Occupied Poland; BdSuSD General-Gouvernement: Meldungen aus dem Generalgouvernement, January to May 1943. 30 pages.

744 Reports from Lorraine; SD-Gruppenstab Metz: Meldungen aus Lothringen f.d.Z.v. January - March 1943. 261 pages.

745 Reports from Lorraine. April - December 1943. 309 pages.

746 Meldungen aus Luxemburg. 2 January - 25 February 1943; 4 June 1943. 118 pages. (continues on reel 75)

Reel 75

746 (continued from reel 74) Reports from Luxembourg. January - June 1943. 118 pages.

747 Reports from occupied Holland; BdSuSD den Haag: Meldungen aud\s den Niederlanden. March 1942. 94 pages.

748 See file no. 747. April - August 1943. 256 pages.

749 Newspapers articles and clippings concerning Holland. 1941. 63 pages.

750 Reports from Norway. January - May 1943. 140 pages.

751 Information bulletin from the Secret State Police #17 of 19 March 1937 (Juden and Jehovah's Witnesses). 17 pages.

752 Index of orders and disposition of the RSHA; Stapostelle Zichenau-Schroettersburg. 1938(?) - 1944. 170 pages.

753 Maps and charts depicting the fights of the Communists during 1923-1924 in Hamburg; RSHA VII, Archive: Polish language maps of Communist uprisings in Hamburg, Bulgaria, and Berlin. 410 pages.

754 List of institutions of Higher Learning in Germany as of 15 October 1941; Vezeichnis der hoeheren Schulen des Deutschen Reiches; file cards of SD members in the SDHA. 26 pages.

755 General Headquarters of the German Army communications about air raids on London; OKW reports and Polish translations, mostly naval and air operations. August and September 1940. 57 pages.

756 Various papers on internal German politics. 1930s. 81 pages.

757 Correspondence and reports regarding German Catholics in Polish Upper Silesia, (Verband Deutsches Katholiken in Polen). 1931 - 1935. 161 pages. (continues on reel 76)

Reel 76

757 (continued from reel 75) Various materials concerning the activities of the organization of German Catholics in Silesia and Poznania. 1933 - 1936. 161 pages.

758 New agrarian laws for the occupied Soviet territories; reports, draft decrees, propaganda and information service reports regarding agrarian reform in occupied territories of USSR. 1942 - 1944. 85 pages.

759 Private French language correspondence of 1920-1926, between scholars and other prominent persons confiscated by German occupying forces; seized records of various banking houses, Vienna; protocols of executive committee meetings, accounts, correspondence, receipts, legislation regulating banking; most common denominator seems to be the names of Lothar and Gottfried Kunwald and Karl Schlesinger, 1924-1934. 369 pages.

760 Various German materials in Russian translation concerning Poland and Latvia; KdSuSD Krakau, Stadthauptmann: security measures, list of personnel, search and seizure procedures, public notices and newsclippings (many Russian translations). 1941 - 1943. 136 pages.

761 Materials concerning the Knights of Malta (in Poland); RSHA VII, Archive: Il Sovrano Militare Ordine Gerosolinitano di Malta - Ruolo Generale (Order of Knights of Malta). 1938. 184 pages.

762 List of telephone numbers of the Police Commissioners in the Czech protectorate; Befehlshaber der Ordnungspolizei in Protektorat Boehmen und Maehren, directory for telephonic communications. no date. 52 pages.

763 German Rotary Club; membership directory, alphabetic by city. no date. 127 pages.

764 SS activities in Norway; activity report of SD Sonderauftrag in Oslov, 10-15 April 1940, search and securing of foreign missions in the city. 11 pages.

765 Paper concerning the history of the Proletariat historical cross-section for pages 26-87; fragments of typed manuscript (French) on history of the proletariate (pages 26-87); "Flucht aus der Hoelle!" (National Socialist version of Soviet occupation of eastern Poland, 1939; naming Jews allegedly in leading occupation forces). 50 pages.

Reel 77

766 Paper on history of Poland and West Ukraine; typed manuscript analysis of Poland and the West Ukraine (including Judentum), 1939 (pre-invasion). 191 pages.

767 Wide variety of National Socialist indoctrination publications, der Reichsorganisations; leiter der NSDAP; Hauptschulungsamt, Mai/Juni 1944, Schulungs-Unterlage; Der Gauring; Gau Mark Brandenburg der NSDAP; Hauptkulturamt and other branches of the Reichspropagandaleitung; Deutsches Seegeltungswerk; Mitteilungsblatt der Reichszeugmeister der NSDAP. 1944. 1,153 pages. (continues on reel 78)

Reel 78

767 (continued from reel 77) Clippings from World Press. 1,153 pages.

768 Commentaries and press clippings concerning World War II; RSHA VII A2, newsclippings, radio reports, cartoons from German and international press, 1943-1944; Aufnahme- und Verpflichtungsschein des "Sudetendeutschen Freikorps," 1938; WAG history report, 1936 on Carolingian times; miscellaneous publications on international affairs, 1937-1941, publications of internationl organizations; Internationale Kriminalpolizeiliche Kommission (publication of ordinances regarding German police), 1931-1943; manual for defusing bombs. 635 pages.

769 Work entitled "The dance of death in Poland" with illustrations published in Hamburg in 1940; RSHA VII, Archive: police photo report on a corpse found by a rail line, Schweidnitz-Koenigszelt in Schweidnitz, no date. 10 pages.

770 Photo album of Nazi leaders. no date. 3 pages.

771 The persecution of criminals; Dr. jur. Walter Zirpins, Kriminalpolizeiliche Verbrechensverfolgung: Eine Schau- und Lehrtaffel. 1943.

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Hi David,

That's a lot of stuff to read but i am sure very interesting. Anyway here is a link about the Holocaust in Poland.


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Thanks, Benoit, for both the interest and the cool link, which went directy to my favorites list!

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Re: Nazi War Crimes Records in Poland (RSHA-RuSHA)

Post by herbert_loeh » 18 Aug 2009 04:43

How/where could I obtain one of the documents listed there?

I am interested in reel 52/638 - List of employees of "Ancestral inheritance;" list of Mitarbeiter of Ahnenerbe, alphabetical by place of residence; alphabetical list of persons affiliated with "PA." 1936 - 1940. 23 pages.

Could anybody help me?

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Re: Nazi War Crimes Records in Poland (RSHA-RuSHA)

Post by David Thompson » 18 Aug 2009 04:51

herbert_loeh -- You asked:
How/where could I obtain one of the documents listed there?
The USHMM website is at , and as far as I know, the microfilms can be purchased. You might check directly with the USHMM via the internet for details, and any restrictions on their use. You might also ask if they have digitalized copies in pdf, and whether they are available through your local inter-library loan service.

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Re: Nazi War Crimes Records in Poland (RSHA-RuSHA)

Post by David Thompson » 22 Aug 2009 02:06

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Re: Nazi War Crimes Records in Poland (RSHA-RuSHA)

Post by WINIK » 11 Nov 2017 11:33

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To add to NAZI WW2 war Crimes please check this link
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