Nazi War Crimes Records in Czech Republic

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Nazi War Crimes Records in Czech Republic

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Here is a finding aid to Nazi war crimes records held by the Military-Historical Institute in Prague, from the US Memorial Holocaust Museum Website at:
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Archival Finding Aid

Military-Historical Institute (Prague) records, 1941-1944 [microform]. [manuscript RG-48.004M]

6 microfilm reels ; 16 mm.

Provenance field: Documents reproduced by photocopy machine in Prague by Yad Vashem and microfilmed in Israel for USHMM Archives. Provenance information is often incomplete or non-existent on the film.

Reel 1

Kommandostab (KDOS) des Reichsführerschutzstaffel (RFSS)

Biography field: KDOS RFSS originally formed as Einsatzstab RFSS, renamed 6 May 1941, headed by Kurt Knoblauch, subordinated until 18 June 1941 to the Führungshauptamt, 19-27 June 1941 to the XLII Army Corps, and thereafter directly to Himmler. KDOS RFSS had jurisdiction over those Waffen-SS units not placed under military control, but kept as a reserve by Himmler for his own purposes. From time to time, the KDOS RFSS assigned some or all of its units temporarily to military commands or to Higher SS and Police Leaders, Höhere SS und Polizeiführer, (HSSPF).

The principal formations at the disposal of the KDOS RFSS in June 1941 were as follows:

1st SS Infantry Brigade (Brigadeführer Hermann) with the 8th and 10th SS Infantry Regiments.

2nd SS Infantry Brigade (Brigadeführer von Treuenfeld) with the 4th and 5th SS Infantry Regiments.

1st SS Cavalry Regiment (Standartenführer Fegelein) with a cavalry battalion (Reitendeabetilung) and a reconnaissance battalion (Vorausabteilung)

2nd SS Cavalry Regiment (Standartenführer Hierthes) with a cavalry battalion and a reconnaissance battalion.

The 5th SS Infantry Regiment was ordered dissolved on 13 August 1941. Subsequently, the 2nd SS Infantry Brigade received the Dutch, Flemish and Norwegian SS legions.

On 2 August 1941, the SS Cavalry Brigade was formed with the 1st and 2nd SS Cavalry Regiments as its components. Standartenführer Hermann Fegelein became its commander. Sturmbannführer Lombard became the acting commander of the 1st SS Cavalry Regiment. Sturmbannführer Schliefenbein - replacing Hierthes, who took over the 4th SS Infantry Regiment - became the acting commander of the 2nd SS Cavalry Regiment.

[KDOS RF-SS Karton 1. 16 June 1941 - 31 December 1941] FN 100004-100114
War diary and various deployment orders. Includes "Bestimmung für die Führung von Kriegstagebüchern und Tätigkeitsberichten, 23 April 1940". Service roster for KDOS RFSS officials, 31 December 1941 (FN 100009-100029).

[KDOS RF-SS. Karton 1. 15 June 1941 - 31 August 1941] FN100115-100401
Activity reports. Situation reports. Regulations for reporting procedures. Operational orders. Change of duty station orders. Unit insignia (FN 100174). Battle losses reports. Shooting Jews, "bolsheviks," "plunderers," etc. by Cavalry Brigade assigned to HSSPF Russland Mitte (Erich von dem Bach) reports to KDOS RFSS, 4 and 6 August 1941 (FN 100272 & 100275). Evacuation of Jews in Bialewicze by Polizeiregiment Mitte report by von dem Bach to KDOS RFSS and head of Ordnungspolizei Kurt Dalüge, 16 August 1941 (FN 100309). Report by HSSPF Russland Süd (Friedrich Jeckeln) and 1st SS Brigade 19 August 1941 ff. regarding shooting of Jews in Slavuta SE of Starokonstaninov and massacre of Jews expelled from Hungary in Kamenets Podolskiy (100377, 100385, 100391), regarding the latter (carried out by Jeckeln's headquarters company and Police Battalion 320 at the end of August) See also Ops/Sitrep No. 80 RSHA, 11 September 1941, Nuremberg Document NO-3145, and conference summary Quatermaster General, 25 August 1941, Nuremberg Document PS-197.

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 2. 1-30 September 1941] FN 100402-100585
Daily situation reports regarding operational activities and movements. Includes HSSPF Russland Mitte report, 1 September 1941, regarding killing operations of Police Regiment Center (100406). HSSPF Russland Süd report regarding tasks of Police Regiment South in Kiev during Babi Yar killings 28-29 September and 2 October 1941 (100569, 100584, 100591). See also Einsatzgruppen report No. 101, 2 October 1941, NO-3137.

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 2. 1-31 October 1941] FN 100586-100706
Daily situation reports regarding operational activities and movements. Includes HSSPF Russland Süd regarding smaller actions in Berdichev, 5 September 1941 (100421), Ovruch 6-7 September 1941 (100424-425, 100427).

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 2. (1 July 1941) 1-30 November 1941 (31 December 1941) FN 100707-100825
Daily situation reports regarding operational activities and movements. Includes action at Kremenchug, 8 November 1941 (100741). Battle losses name lists (1 July - 31 December 1941) and duty rosters (10 July - 31 December 1941).

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 2. 2 December 1941 - 1 January 1942] FN 100826-100905
Daily situation reports regarding operational activities and movements.

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 3. War Diary 1 Jan - 6 Jun 1942] FN 100906-101040
Orders and reports regarding assignments of Dutch and Flemish legions, activities of Police Battalion 45 in Poltava, delineation of commands between combat group of Colonel Walter Schimana and Police Regiment Russia Center under Max Montua.

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 4. Deployment Orders 1941 - 1942] FN 101041-101360
Includes centralization of command of units of Kommandostab under von dem Bach as Plenipotentiary of RF-SS for anti-partisan campaign, 23 October 1942 (101199-201) with draft organizational chart (101285-289). Situation reports on anti-partisan campaign progress and operations Sumpffieber, Karlsbad, and Albert II.

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 5. 1941] FN 101361-101719
Orders and reports, including unit strength tabulation. Report from 1st Cavalry Brigade commander Fegelein to von dem Bach, 13 August 1941, (101493) enclosing field reports of commanders of Cavalry Battalion, 1st Cavalry Regiment (Gustav Lombard), Cavalry Battalion of 2nd Cavalry Regiment (Bruno Magill), Recon Battalion of 1st Cavalry Regiment (Christian Reinhardt), Recon Battalion of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment (Albert Fassbender). (Lombard report is not on microfilm and apparently has not been found in Prague Military Historical Institute Archives. See Lombard orders dated 1, 8, and 11 August 1941, in Bundesarchiv-Militärarchiv, Freiburg, RS 4/441. Magill report refers to impossibility of driving Jewish women and children into the swamps, but notes the shooting of 6526 "looters, etc." Reference to swamps connected to Himmler order to two cavalry battalions in Lombard's battalion file at Freiburg, RS 3-8/36, and in Magill's battalion file on NARA microfilm RG 242, T-352, Roll 168.) Interim report by von dem Bach on Pripet Marshes, 8 August 1941 (101510); summary report by Fegelein on Cavalry Brigade action in Pripet Marshes: shooting 14,178 looters, 1001 partisans, 699 Red Army soldiers, and 830 "captives" (101606). 1st SS Brigade reports on shootings, August-October 1941 (101539, 101567, 101613).

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 6. 1941 - 1942] FN 101720-101908
Various reports by the three brigades, including 1st SS Inf Brigade shooting of 95 Jewish POWs in Konotop, 1 December 1941 (101842). Dutch and Flemish legions' strength reports (101850).

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 8. 1942 - 1943] FN 101909-101986
Kommandostab Ia (operations) reports, especially regarding deployment of units for parts of Operation Sumpffieber.

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 9. November - December 1942] FN 101987-102036
Kommandostab reports, including strength reports, losses and transfers. Authorized strength of Dirlewanger Kommando, 15 November 1942.

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 10. 1941 - 1942] FN 102037-102117
Anti-partisan operations 1942, including Nordpol, Adler, Karlsbad and Nürnberg. Kommandostab files containing various regulations and a Hitler order received by the XLII Army Corps on 26 June 1941, that Lithuanian government should be ignored and no Lithuanian troop formations would be created (101084).

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 11] FN 102118-102180
Anti-partisan warfare directives. Messages by Hitler and Saukel to the troops.

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 13. 1941 - 1942] FN 102181-102194
Personnel matters.

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 14. 1941 - 1942] FN 102195-102303
Kommandostab Ia orders. Oberquartiermeister reports on supplies 21 June - 31 December 1941. Various orders regarding personnel including transfers and assignments of commanders, 1941.

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 15. 1941 - 1942] FN 102304-102317
Miscellaneous orders and strength reports.

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 16. 1941] FN 102318-102388
Various orders regarding travel, transfers and promotion. Special Himmler order, 19 July 1941, regarding Volksdeutsche Mittelstelle tasks in occupied territories (102332).

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 19. 1941 - 1942] FN 102389-102753
1st SS Infantry Brigade (including Ia and other staff offices) 1941 reports, some of which record killing of Jews (102446-447, 102458). (Ia report, 10 August 1941, mentions two Jews hanged in Zhitomir (102469). See photograph of this hanging, with testimony in Ernst Klee, et alia, Schöne Zeiten (Frankfurt am Main, 1988), pp. 106 -108.)

Reel 2

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 19. 1941 - 1942] FN 200004-200220
Sumpffieber operation reports including Jeckeln's final report, 6 November 1942, recapitulating killing 389 armed partisans, 1274 suspicious persons, and 8350 Jews (200090). Some of this material is poorly copied and barely legible.

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 20. September - November 1941] FN 200221-200276
2nd SS Infantry Brigade orders and reports. Captured partisan pamphlets.

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 21. 1941 - 1942] FN 200277-200310
2nd SS Infantry Brigade reports on varia, including decorations, brigade strength in September 1942 (with Dutch, Flemish, and Norwegian legions).

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 22. 1942 - 1943] FN200311-200350
Anti-aircraft battalion matters, 1943. Personal Guard Battalion (Begleitabteilung) for Reichsführer-SS, 1942.

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 23. 1941 - 1942] FN 200351-200408
Anti-aircraft battalion matters.

[KDOS RFSS. Karton 24. 1941 - 1943] FN 200409-200738
SS Cavalry Division Ia, Ic, and IIa reports, 1942 - 1943, regarding treatment of civilian population, partisans, decorations, deployment, locations, strength. 2nd Cavalry Brigade, cavalry battalions of 2nd Cavalry Regiment, and recon battalions of both regiments reports on actions in July and August 1941. (Some are duplicates of material in Karton 5.) 1st Cavalry Regiment (Lombard) report on killing all Jewish men in Starobin, 4 September 1941 (200577).

Polizeiregiment Mitte:

Biography field: With the onset of the invasion of the Soviet Union, three police regiments were deployed in the rear areas of Army Groups North, Center, and South. Max Montua commanded Polizeiregiment Mitte (center), which consisted of the 307th, 316th, and 322nd Police Battalions, which existed prior to the formation of the police regiment and after its dissolution. During the period they served in the police regiment, they also had consecutive Roman numerals. Thus, Police Battalion 322 was simultaneously Police Regiment Center Battalion III. Companies were also renumbered consecutively during this period, so that the 3rd Company of Battalion 322 would be referred to as the 9th company of the regiment.

In mid-1942, new police regiments were set up with Arabic numerals. Polizeiregiment Mitte was dissolved and its original battalions were reassigned. Battalion 307 became Battalion I of Regiment 23, and I/23 was listed as a component of Gruppe Binz, named for its commander, Siegfried Binz, which was set up for the anti-partisan operation "Sumpffieber" in the Byelorussian region.

Battalions 316 and 322 were subordinated with their original Arabic numerals to the Befehlshaber der Ordungungspolizei "Alpenland" in Bled, Slovenia. Battalion 316 was then shifted to France, where it became Battalion I of SS Police Regiment 4. Battalion 322 remained in the northwestern Yugoslavia area and southern Hungary area from which it operated in 1944 as Battalion II of SS Police Regiment 5.

The collection Polizeiregiment Mitte contains records of the battalions before and after their new assignments from 1942. Most of the microfilmed documents are those of the 322nd Battalion.

SS Police Battaltion 322, originating in Vienna, and constituted as a bicycle battalion under Major Nagel, was assigned to Polizeireiment Mitte on 6 June 1941, to the HSSPF Russland Mitte von dem Bach on 24 July 1941, and to the military commandant of Smolensk on 29 January 1942.

[Polizeiregiment Mitte. Pol. Bat. 322. Kompanie Tagebuch. 9 June 1941 - 26 March 1942] FN 200739-200871
War diary of 3d Company of Police Battalion 322 (Oberleutnant Riebel), 9 June 1941 - 26 March 1942 (200740 ff.), recording departure, arrival in Bialystok, creation of forest preserve in Bialowicza with attendant evacuation of Polish population and shooting of Jewish men, movement of company to Baranowicze, transfer to Minsk and shooting of hundreds of Jews there end August 1941 (200806 ff.) movement to Mogilev and mass shooting of Jews in that area (200825 ff.), thereafter various anti-partisan actions.

[Polizeiregiment Mitte. K.T.B. Polizei Bataillon 322. 9 June 1941 - 30 October 1941. A-I.] FN 200872-201007
War diary of Police Battalion 322, recording departure, removal of population from Bialowicza forest and shooting Jewish men, assignment of 1st Company in Minsk for protection of Himmler during his visit 15 August 1941 (200939), action by 7th and 9th Companies in Minsk, 31 August - 1 September 1941 (200947), mass shooting by entire battalion of Jews in Mogilev, 3 Oct 1941 (200948).

[Polizeiregiment Mitte. K.T.B. Polizei Bataillon 322. 30 October 1941 - 26 May 1942] FN 201008-201159
War diary of Police Battalion 322 regarding activities including shooting of four Jewish women for leaving the Smolensk ghetto, 2 March 1942 (201108), and battalion losses in action.

[Polizeiregiment Mitte. Pol. Bat. 322. A-II. 14 June 1941 - 16 December 1941] FN 201160-201380
Correspondence, memoranda, reports regarding Montua order, 11 July 1941, regarding conduct of shootings and spiritual care of shooters (201180 ff.). Shooting Jewish POWs in Bialystok by 3d Company, 20 July 1941 (201185). Regiment order, 27 July 1941, regarding format for reports on shootings (201189). Company 8 (Binz) report on house to house search in Pinsk (201211). Company 8 report, 30 August 1941, regarding shooting of Jews in Antopol (201216). Company 9 report, 1 September 1941, regarding shooting Jews (201226). Montua warning against looting, 9 September 1941 (201234). Company 9 report regarding two men hanged in error due to false accusations and subsequent shooting of two accusers, 13 October 1941 (201237). Monthly report by Battalion III regarding numbers of people shot, 1 October 1941 (201263). Company 9 report regarding shootings, 15 October 1941 (201301).

Battalion III report regarding shootings, 17 October 1941 (201315). Various reports about treatment of Russians. Battalion III report signed by Nagel regarding shooting by Company 8 of 340 Jewish men and women in Krasnopolye at request of Army's Feldkommandatur in Propoisk (201328). Monthly shooting report by Battalion III, 1 November 1941 (201329). Various reports and other items including 10 October 1941 Fieldmarshall Reichenau order regarding treatment of prisoners and civilians (201359).

[Polizeiregiment Mitte. Directives and Reports. 23 May 1940 - 17 April 1942] FN 201381-201427
Braunitsch directive for anti-partisan warfare, 25 October 1941 (201383) with German translation of Red Army directive for partisan warfare. Instructions on how to keep war diary, organizational charts.

[Polizeiregiment Mitte. Kreiskommandantur Kos. Mitrovica] FN 201428-201461
Detailed situation report by Kreiskommandatur Mitrovica, Yugoslavia, 10 January - 10 February 1942.

[Polizeiregiment Mitte. A-III. 15 January 1942 - 6 September 1942] FN 201462-201546
Orders by Kommandeur der Ordnungspolizei in Generalkommissariat Weissruthenien (Byelorussia) Colonel von Heimberg and his successor, Colonel Klepsch on positioning of police units including forces of Major Binz and Lithuanian and Latvian battalions, July - September 1942 (201504 ff.). Seizure of labor forces in Byelorussia.

[Polizeiregiment Mitte. A-IV. 22 April 1943 - 16 July 1943] FN 201547-201600
Location and personnel of police battalions, including Battalions 316 and 322, in Yugoslavia, mainly August 1942 (201547 ff.).

[Polizeiregiment Mitte. B V. 23 July 1942 - 4 October 1942] FN 201601-201639
Various reports and action movements.

[Polizeiregiment Mitte. December 1942 - July 1944] FN 201640-201842
Police Battalion II of Police Regiment 5 on the Yugoslav-Hungarian border, 1943 - 1944, including roundups and guarding Jews in Siklos, Barcs, and Darda by all three companies of the battalion, April - May 1944.

[Polizeiregiment Mitte. 1941 - 1944] FN 201843-201951
Battalion II reports, correspondence, etc., including name lists of personnel, poems about Ursula, photos of local Yugoslavs (very unclear on film).

HSSPF Russland Süd

[HSSPF Russland Süd. 30 October 1941 - 10 January 1944] FN 201952-201991
Order by SS-Führungshauptamt, 31 October 1941, setting up units for SS men punished for infractions, etc.

[HSSPF Russland Süd. Karton 4. 31 July 1942 - 28 October 1942] FN 201992-202165
Kommandeur der Ordnungspolizei reports, July - October 1942, signed by Oemler and, from October, by Hirsch, regarding various operations against partisan units, with mention of Jews in the units, etc.

[HSSPF Russland Süd. 9 November 1942 - 25 December 1943] FN 202166-202293
SS Economic Administrative Main Office (WVHA) order 23 July 1942 assigning SS economists to HSSPFs (202187). SS-Führungshauptamt directive on recruitment of non-German nationals, 4 November 1943 (202273). Directives on venereal diseases and homosexuality in the SS. Employment of native auxiliaries (Hilfswillige - HIWIS) in SS units. Plans regarding evacuation of Ukraine area and Kiev, 1943.

[HSSPF Russland Süd. 6 January 1943 - 14 September 1943] FN 202294-202326
Personnel name lists.

[HSSPF Russland Süd. March 1942 - 19 January 1944] FN 202327-202425
Personnel name lists.

[HSSPF Russland Süd. 4 December 1942 - 12 October 1943] FN 202426-202522
Personnel matters.

[HSSPF Russland Süd. 24 June 1942 - 13 January 1944] FN 202523-202763
Personnel name lists. Crimes committed by German troops and punishments.

Reel 3

Kriegsarchiv SS (Various units)

[SS Kav Div 1/2/2. Karton 3] FN 300003-300030
Totenkopf units creation and operations. 1939 - 1940.

[Kriegsarchiv SS] FN 300031-300066
Regierungspräsident Friedrich Übelhör memo regarding the creation of Lodz ghetto, 10 December 1939. Pogrom by 2. SS Totenkopf-standarte in Wloclawek, September 1939. Personnel lists of SS-Totenkopf Division.

[Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler - SS-D-1-(LAH) 14-4. Karton 4] FN 300067-300145
Verzeichnis der zuständigen Ersatztruppenteile der Waffen-SS, 1942 - 1943. Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler correspondence on replacements, morale building proclamations, employment, name lists, ID cards, and oaths of allegiance of Hilfswillige (Hiwis) mainly from USSR, etc., 1941 - 1943.

[Kriegsarchiv Totenkopf] FN 300146-300194
Photographs of transport ships, groups of Totenkopf members, forest scenes, destroyed buildings, Fort XII, etc. Images are barely discernable.

Note: The following 4 file-units cover the 8th Infantry Regiment from the time it belonged to the 1st SS-Brigade and other units in 1941-1942 to the period 1943-1944 when, as Panzer Grenadier Regiment 39, it formed a component of the 18th SS Panzer Grenadier Division "Horst Wessel." Records of actions in Poland, Hungary, and the suppression of the Slovak revolt 1944. Treatise on Croatia written after collapse of Italy. Anti-partisan operations including Sumpfieber, Karlsbad II, and Frieda.

[SS-I.R. 8/I Pz. Gr. Rgt 39, 18 SS Div - Kriegsarchiv SS Kriegstagebuch 8. SS-Infantrie-Regiment] FN 300195-300346
Activity reports, personnel name lists. 1943 - 1944.

[SS Inf Regiment 8. Daily Orders, Activity Reports, 10 July 1942 - 8 December 1942] FN 300347-300400
Regimentsbefehle, after-action reports.

[SS-Inf Regiment 8. Kriegstagebuch Nr. 1 19 June 1941 - 31 December 1942] FN 300401-300558
Many pages handwritten, often illegible.

[SS-Inf. Regiment 8] FN 300559-300576
Miscellaneous: leave reports, interrogation of partisan report, marching orders, regulations on behavior of troops, etc. 1943.

Ministerstvo Narodni Obrany - London (MNO-L) (Ministry of National Defense - London Czechoslovakian Exile Government)

[MNO-L 61/33/28, Immigration to Palestine from Czechoslovakia] FN 300577-300586
Movement of Slovakian Jews to Palestine, 1943. Correspondence, reports, and name lists. In Czech and Slovakian.

[MNO-L Kopecky Report on Transport from Terezin to Auschwitz, 29 February 1944] FN 300587-300598
Movement of Romanian Jews to Palestine. Transports from Terezin to Birkenau. Deportation of Jews from France, Warsaw to various camps in the East. Reports and correspondence. 1942 - 1944.

[MNO-L 56. Terezin] FN 300599-300690
Deportations to Terezin and Birkenau, name lists. Lists of Slovakian Jews deported to various camps. 1942 - 1943.

[MNO-L List of Deportees 1943] FN 300691-300958 Box 53. 664-667/43
Name lists of Jews transported from Czechoslovakia to camps and ghettos in Poland, 1942 - 1943.

[MNO-L 3571/42. List of Deportees from Slovakia to Lublin, August 1942] FN 300959-301006
Box 41 - Name lists of Jews transported from Czechoslovakia to ghettos and camps in Poland, 1942. Memo on condition of Czechoslovakian Jews, August 1942.

[MNO-L List of People Deported to Lublin, Lodz, etc. 1942] FN 301007-301114
Name lists of Czechoslovakian Jews transported to ghettos and camps in Poland. Donald A. Lowrie (American Friends Service Committee) letter to Paul C. Squire, US Consulate Geneva, 28 August 1942, on deportation from Vichy France of Jewish veterans of Allied forces (FN 301019). Name lists of Czechoslovakian Jews interned in French camps.

Fond 117 Concentration camps:

[Fond 117 Concentration Camps Buchenwald Blockbuch Bl. 8] FN 301115-301228
Name list of Czechoslovakian inmates.

[Fond 117 List of Internees in Buchenwald] FN 301229-301356
Miscellaneous fragments of Buchenwald documents including name lists often handwritten and difficult to decipher.

[Fond 117/3 Blockbuch Nr. 2, Block 66 Buchenwald] FN 301357-301511
Name list fragments.

[Fond 117/4 Buchenwald] FN 301512-301524
Inmate proclamations April 1945 before and after liberation. In German.

[Fond Buchenwald. Jednotka: 1945/874. Poc_t listû: 24] FN 301525-301588
Post-liberation handwritten fragments (in Czech?). Belgian, Netherlands, Yugoslavian, Polish, and Austrian inmates committees' reports (typescripts in German, some pages illegible). April - June 1945.

[F 117/5 Buchenwalder Nachrichten] FN 301590-301637
Buchenwald inmate newspaper issues 6 (21 April 1945) -16 (2 May 1945), 21 (8 May 1945) -22 (9 May 1945), 24 (11 May 1945).

[117/6 Gazetka Obozowa Polaków Buchenwaldzkich] FN 301638-301652
Buchenwald Polish inmate publication issues 1 (17 April 1945) -2 (19 April 1945), 6 (26 April 1945).

[117/7,8 KLB 45] FN 301653-301704
Buchenwald Czech inmates newssheets, some pages barely legible. 1945.

[117/10, 13, 14 Buchenwald Inmate Publications 1945] FN 301705-301736
Yugoslavian, Italian, Belgian, Spanish, Portuguese, French inmates newssheets, single editions.

Fond 127 Terezin

[Fond 127 Terezin] FN 301738-301766
Various materials including the Reichsprotektor ordinance dissolving the municipality of Terezin to create the ghetto, 16 February 1942.

Fond 308 Resistance Movements:

[Fond 308 List of People Who Returned to Prague After the War] FN 301754-301796
Name lists of deportees with places of origin and camps of destination. Some pages unreadable.

Fond 117 Concentration Camps

[Fond 117/A Concentration Camps] FN 301797-301809
SHAEF newspapers.

[Fond 117/18 Concentration Camps] FN 301810-301903
Postwar reports on various camps covering period 1937-1945. In Czech and German.

[Fond 117/B20 Concentration Camps] FN 301904-301908
Post-liberation report on Dachau. Flossenbürg closing reports.

[Fond 117/B24 Concentration Camps] FN 301909-301911
Postal card photo of Eisenberg factory with unreadable handwritten text in Czech.

[117/B 26 Gross-Rosen] FN 301912-301950
Post-liberation statements by former inmates. In Czech.

[117/A 13 Ravensbrück] FN 301951-301982
Name lists of female inmates (mostly Czechs and Slovaks).

[Mauthausen] FN 301983-301997
Name lists of female inmates of Uckermark (500 persons) and Mauthausen.

[117/43 Ravensbrück] FN 301998-302012
Name lists of female inmates (some repetition of names in [Mauthausen] file in different format). Some lists indicate physical and mental illnesses.

[117/67 Terezin] FN 302013-302029
Handwritten "presentation" poem and several photographs dated 16 June 1943, typescript poem dated 16 November 1943 (both by Karel Hartmann). Two typed documents in Czech.

[117/68 Terezin] FN 302030-302050
Examples of communications from inmates of the "ich bin gesund, mir geht es gut" type. Additional documents in Czech.

[117/70 Terezin] FN 302051-302058
Barely decipherable Czech typewritten documents, probably post-liberation.

[117/71 Terezin] FN 302059-302141
Post-liberation statements and reports in Czech.

[117/72 Terezin] FN 302142-302158
Inmate reports on conditions in ghetto, including one on illegal CP organization, in Czech. Name lists (probably of CP members).

Fond 140 - J. Kopecky Papers

[140/12 Conditions in Czechoslovakia] FN 302159-302173
Situation reports on Czechoslovakia 1939-1944. In Czech.

[140/19 Conditions in Czechoslovakia] FN 302174-302421
Report "Zidovská otáska" dated 21 August 1939. Report "Die Judenfrage" German version of "Zidovská otáska". Report "La Tschécoslovaquie sous l'occupation allemande" and other 1939-1940 situation reports on Czechoslovakia in French, Czech, and German (many images unreadable), most originate in the Comité National Techécoslovaque, Département de l'Information, Paris.

[140/20 Conditions in Czechoslovakia] FN 302422-302478
Reports on Slovakia and Protektorat. Correspondence with London exile government. 1939 - 1944.

[140/24 Deportations] FN 302479-302643
Deportations of Slovakian Jews reports. Name list of Edersgrün camp inmates. Name list of deported Slovakian Jews from Presev to Deblin Irena 21 September 1942. Name lists of Czech Jews deported to various camps (Terezin, Isbica, Warsaw ghetto, Chelmno, etc.). Name lists of deported supplied by Slovak Red Cross.

[140/33 Conditions in Poland] FN 302644-302706
Situation reports on Poland, including situation of Jews. Directives regarding creation of ghettos in Poland. Polish Fortnightly Review, 1 December 1942, on extermination of Polish Jewry with mention of Belzec (FN 302691). London Polish Embassy (Ragzynski) to Jan Masaryk, 9 December 1942, regarding German persecution of Polish population and conditions of Polish Jews. 1940 - 1944.

[140/53 Rescue and Welfare] FN 302707-302754
Anny Ackermann donation of 200 francs to Czech Red Cross. Requests for assistance and rescue including release of inmates from camps. Correspondence with various national Red Cross and welfare organizations, Hermann Fried, et. al.

Reel 4

[140/53 Rescue and Welfare, continued] FN 400004-400281
Requests for assistance. Purchase of Jews projects. Correspondence with A. Silberschein (Committee for the Relief of the War-Stricken Jewish Population), Natan Scwalb (Hechaluz), Gerhard Riegner (World Jewish Congress), Nachum Goldman (World Jewish Congress), and Verband Schweiz. Israelitische Armenpflegen, Manfred Danzig, et alia. In German, Czech, French, and English.

[140/59 Cooperation with Ha-Chalutz, the Jewish Agency, World Jewish Congress, etc.] FN 400282-400366
Situation reports including "Die Situation der Juden in der Slovakei am 15 September 1944" eyewitness report (400310). Richard Lichtheim, Jewish Agency report in Geneva, memo 23 June 1944 regarding meeting about Kopecky's receipt on June 10 of the Vrba/Wetzler report on Auschwitz and the dissemination of the report (400320) and text of the report dated 11 May 1944 (400324).

[140/64 Statistics] FN 400367-400416
Name lists of Jews who died on Rhodes, Jews living in Italy, October 1942. Name list of Slovakian Jews.

Reel 5

Fond 117 - Concentration Camps:

[KT 40/Bu/1/8] Buchenwald Werk II Lageplan draft schematic dated 9 May 1944. 1 page.

[KT 43/Bu/1/9] Name list of 2662 Czechoslovak Buchenwald inmates compiled by Czechoslovak London exile government dated before April 1945.

[KT 51/Bu/1/13 - 1] Original German file title: "Maschinen-Ablader. Veränderungs-Meldungen. Kapo Klaassen." Statistics on numbers of inmate slave laborers at the Gustloff-Werke II (Fritz-Saukel-Werke Weimar) with names of those entering and leaving the work unit until early October, thereafter only numbers. April - December 1942.

[KT 51/Bu/1/13 - 2] Buchenwald Geldverwaltung. Lists of newly arrived inmates indicating type of prisoner (e.g., Schutzhäftling, Soviet POW, Jew, homosexual or para 175, Jehovah's Witness, professional criminal, labor education prisoner, Rassenschänder, Arbeitsscheu), profession, date of birth, inmate number. Lists of deceased inmates who left no money in Krankenbau and other deceased with date of death and inmate type (e.g., Jew, 175, professional criminal, etc.). July - September 1942.

[KT 213/R/1/44] Protocol of interview done in 1960 regarding the actions of Frantisk Hofmann at Dachau. In Czech. 2 pp.

[KT Dachau 125/Da/1/127] Copy of mimeographed Dachau Luxembourg inmate publication "Ons Zeidong," May 1945, in Flemish, with list of Luxembourgers who died in Dachau. 6 pp.

[KT Terezin 196/Te/1/39] Drawings by Leo Haas. 5 sheets.

[KT 206/R/1/40] Stutthof near Danzig. Name list of Czechoslovakian Jews in Stutthof. In Czech. no date. 2 pp.

[KT 51/Bu/1/13 - 3] Idem [KT 51/Bu/1/13 - 2] above. January - April 1942. Not in strict chronological order.

[KT 51/Bu/1/13 - 4] Idem. January, April - June 1942. Not in strict chronological order.

[KT 51/Bu/1/13 - 5] Idem. January, April - July 1942. Not in strict chronological order.

[KT 209/R/1/42] Lists of German POW camps. Camps for Jews. Police jails. Labor camps for Poles, Ukrainians and other Ostarbeiter, French, Italians, et alia. Internment camps, etc., with German and Czech names. One-page information sheet on each camp in Czech. no date, probably 1945. N.B. Material may have been gathered for and submitted to UNRRA or the Red Cross for what became the International Tracing Service.

Fond - Bataillon der Waffen-SS z.b.V.:

[SS Bataillon z.b.V. Karton 3, 17 August 1941 - 19 January 1943] Documents tracing the activities of Company 1 ("Rosenow"), Bataillon der Waffen-SS z.b.V. during service with Einsatzkommando 1a in the Baltic and Belorussian region, 1941 - 1942. Anti-partisan campaigns. Most of the images are extremely dark and difficult to read. The Yad Vashem Archives staff have retyped a report dated 27 May 1942 regarding actions around Minsk.

[SS-Ausbildungsbataillon z.b.V. Karton 3, File 11, 1943 - I] List of classified documents from the unit stationed in the Krakow district. Documents relating to the dissolution of the unit, transfers of volunteers "Galizien," actions against partisans, unit strength reports, creation of SS-Freiwillige Division "Galizien," orders for combating partisans, guidelines for training (including distribution of ammunition), personnel matters, etc. 1943.

[SS-Ausbildungs-Bataillon z.b.V. Karton 3, File 11 1943 - II] Idem, includings lists of officers and equipment, supplies and clothing. "Verzeichnis der zuständingen Ersatztruppenteile der Waffen-SS," 1 June 1943. 1943.

Records of SS Ausbildungbataillon zbV, 1943, for the training of SS Freiwilligen Division Galizien.

Reports, most of which are blank on the film. A legible fragment is a report by Unterscharführer Lipps to Untersturmführer Burgdorf, 27 May 1942, about actions against Jews in Dolhynov. Burgdorf was a platoon leader in an independent SS company under Obersturmführer Störtz. The company was originally a component of SS Bataillon Dern zbv. The battalion was broken up among the Einsatzgruppen, and the company was assigned to Einsatzgruppe A. See the facsimiles (which include the Lipps report) in Unsere Ehre heisst Treue, pp. 231-249.

Materials, mostly in Czech, under the heading SS Bataillon zbV. These items deal with labor camps, including several Sonderlager für jüdische Mischlinge. Other items, about various camps, are postwar.

Materials from the fond Concentraiton camps, including Buchenwald files of 1942 with numbers of inmates, items about Czech inmates in Buchenwald immediately before the liberation, and Dachau materials of early May 1945, immediately after liberation, in Czech and other languages.

Reel 6

Fond - Bataillon der Waffen-SS z.b.V:

[SS-Ausbildungs-Bataillon z.b.V. Karton 3, File 11 1943 - II] continued.

Fond - SS-Artillerie-Ausbildungs- und Ersatz-Regiment:

Note: Much of the material in the following folders comes from the SS-Führungshauptamt, Berlin, consisting of rules, regulations, orders, organizational structures, etc.

[Artill. Ers. Rgt - München 1940 - 1941]
Organization charts for various SS departments and units. Organizational orders. Lists of units in groups higher in the hierarchy (e.g. SS divisions, Waffen-SS, etc.) including units guarding and administering concentration camps. "Feldpostnummernverzeichnis der Waffen SS". Monthly report for August 1941. Eicke report on problems of replacement on Eastern Front. 16 pp. 15 November 1941.

[Artillerie Ers. Rgt. München Abt Ic 1942]
Field postal numbers supplement, March 1942.

[SS-Div. Totenkopf. W. Batl. Prag, Karton 39] 1943 - 1945
Propaganda lectures, outlines and other materials for the troops. Political reports on world situation. Countering Allied propaganda.

[Artillerie Ausbildungs u. Ersatz Rgt. Ic Prag 1944 - 1945]
Transport of civilians and POWs over Reich borders. 3 pp.

[Artillerie Ausbildungs u. Ersatz Rgt. IIa/III Prag 1943 - 1945]
Adolf-Hitler-Kaserne ID cards for Jews. Jews employed by Wehrmacht units.

[SS Standortverwaltung Brünn (1942 - 1945) K. 1]
Banned Jewish composers (list), 20 January 1942. Sexual relations with Polish women, 21 June 1941.

[SS Wachbataillon 2 Prag (1940 - 1945) Karton 3, Karton 4]
Personnel files of SS-Schütze Mathias Weron (stationed in Serbia) and Gerhard Wittwer (mainly signed statements attesting to understanding SS rules and regulations). Ideological guidelines for behavior, 4 April 1945. Sexual relations with Polish women, 3 July 1941. SS-Junkerschule classes. Plan of SS accommodations in Terezin.

[SS Standortkommandantur Prag 1939 - 1944 File 14 - 1941]
Fourteen information sheets on current affairs issued by Stokom Prag.

Fond- SS-Kraftfahr. Ausbildung u. Ersatz Abteilung:

[SS-Kraftfahr-Ersatz-Abeteling 1942 Ia]
Repsonsibilities of the German Officer, 31 May 1942.

[SS-Kraftfahr Ers. Btl. 1941 Ia geheim]
Organization of Waffen-SS units, 22 April 1941.

Fond - Nachschub-Kommandantur d. W-SS R-Mitte:

[Ia 1943]
Monthly activity reports July - September 1943.

Fond - Befehlshaber der Waffen-SS Böhmen und Mähren:

[Odd. IV, 1942-43 Karton 4]
Ideology guidelines. Education and training for Waffen-SS units. Banned compositions by Jewish composers.

[SS. T. INF. ERS. BTL. IV - Karton 10]
Zusammensetzung der Waffen-SS (organization and administrative units, including camp guard and other units), 22 April 1941. Geheim Feldpostnummernverzeichnis der Waffen-SS, 26 May 1941.

[Arbeitsabteilung der Waffen-SS. 1943]
Nachschubkommandantur der Waffen-SS R. Mitte activity reports.

Fond - SS Wachbtl. Böhmen-Mähren in Theresienstadt:

[Wachbtl. Böhmen und Mähren. 1941. 141-250 - Theresienstadt]
SS men socializing with Jews in Terezin, October 1941. Ban on photographing executions, 20 November 1941.

[Wachbtl. Böhmen und Mähren 1941. 1-87 - Theresienstadt]
Nothing filmed.

[Wachbtl. Böhmen und Mähren 1942. 1-100 - Theresienstadt]
List of "k.v. Männer der 1./SS-Wachbtl. Böhmen-Mähren in Theresienstatdt, KL. Festung." 19 February 1942. 1 page.

[Verwaltung 27.9.40-7.5.43(?)]
Reorganization of SS economic agencies in occupied territories. July 1942.

Fond - Findbücher:

Note: The relation between these document/file lists and the materials on the 6 microfilm reels must be investigated.

[Kommandostab Reichsführer-SS. Findbuch]
Handwritten list of KdoS Rf SS files in 24 cartons, followed by listing of individual documents in each carton. Comparison between this listing and what Yad Vashem actually copied should be made. Quality of images ranges from legible to illegible.

[SS-Division 1 - Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler 1941 - 1945]
Typed inventory by Vera Zdrazilova, 1962, to records presumably held by the Military Historical Institute Archives. 2 pp. In Czech.

[SS-Division 2 -Das Reich]
Handwritten inventory of records presumably held by Military Historical Institute Archives. 20 pp. In Czech.

[3. SS-Panzer-Division "Totenkopf" 1939-1943 Inventar]
Handwritten organizational structure notes and inventory to materials presumably held by Military Historical Institute Archives. 21 pp. In German and Czech.

[4. SS-Polizei-Panzer-Grenadier-Division 1939 - 1945 Inventar]
Idem. 8 pp. In German and Czech.

[5. SS-Panzer-Division "Wiking" 1941-1945 Inventar]
Idem. 7 pp. In German and Czech.

[6. SS-Gibirgsdivision "Nord" 1940 - 1944 Inventar 1990]
Idem. 7 pp. In Czech and German.

[7. SS-Freiwilligen-Gebirgs-Division "Prinz Eugen" 1942 Inventar]
Idem. 4 pp. In Czech and German.

[8. SS-Kavallerie-Division "Florian Geyer" 1939 - 1943 Inventar]
Idem. 16 pp. In Czech and German.

[9. SS-Division-Hohenstaufen 1943 - 1944 Inventar]
Typewritten idem. 3 pp. In Czech.

[10. SS-Panzer-Division "Frundsberg" 1943 - 1945 Inventar]
Handwritten idem. 4 pp. In Czech.

[12. SS-Division-Hitlerjugend 1944 Inventar]
Typewritten idem. 5 pp. In Czech.

[13. SS-Freiwilligen (bosnisch-herzegowinische)-Gebirgs-Division "Handschar" (Kroatien) 1943 - 1944 Inventar]
Handwritten idem. 6 pp. In German and Czech.

[17. SS-division-Götz von Berlichingen 1943-1944 Inventar]
Typed list in Czech. 1 page.

[Höherer SS- und Polizeiführer Russland Süd 1942 - 1943 Inventar]
Handwritten organizational notes and list of documents. In Czech and German. 7 pp.

[Generalkommando SS-Panzer Korps 1942 - 1943 Inventar]
Idem. 4 pp.

[SS-Brigade Schuldt 1943 Inventar]
Idem. 2 pp.

[Gruppe SS-Polizei-Ost 1942 Inventar]
Idem. 3 pp.

[SS-Freiwilligen-Legion "Norwegen" 1941 - 1943 Inventar]
Idem. 6 pp.

[SS-Regiment Burk 1942 Inventar]
Idem. 6 pp.

[Bataillon der Waffen-SS zu besonderer Verwendung 1941 - 1943 Inventar]
Idem. 4 pp.

[Nachschubkommandanteur der Waffen-SS Russland-Mitte 1943 Inventar]
Idem. 3 pp.

[Arbeitsabetilung der Waffen-SS 1941 - 1945 Inventar]
Handwritten list of documents. In German. 1 page.

[SS-Ausbildungs-Bataillon zu besonderer Verwendung (SS-Freiwilligen-Division "Galizien") 1942 - 1943 Inventar]
Idem. 2 pp.

[SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Ausbildungs- und Ersatz-Bataillon 10 1939 - 1945 Inventar]
Idem. 2 pp.

[SS-Kradschützen-Ersatz-Bataillon 1940 - 1943 Inventar]
Idem. In German and Czech. 1 page.

[SS-Totenkopf-Kradschützen-Ersatz-Kompanie 1939 - 1940 Inventar]
Idem. 2 pp.

[SS-Totenkopf-Standarten (Regimenter) 1939 - 1941 Inventar]
Idem. 19 pp.

[SS-Artillerie-Schule II 1944 - 1945 Inventar]
Idem. 1 page.

[Pionierschule der Waffen-SS Hradischko 1942 - 1945 Inventar]
Idem. 1 page.

[SS-Kraftfahr-Ausbildungs- und Ersatz-Regiment 1940 - 1944 Invetnar]
Idem. 1 page.

[SS-Totenkopf-Infant-Ersatz-Bataillon II 1940 - 1942 Inventar]
Idem. 2 pp.

[SS-Pionier-Ausbildungs-Bataillon 3 1943 - 1945 Inventar]
Idem. 1 page.

[SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Schule 1943 - 1945 Inventar]
Idem. 2 pp.

[SS-Wachbataillon "Böhmen und Mähren" 1940 - 1943 Inventar]
Idem. 8 pp.

[SS-Standortkommandantur Prag 1939 - 1944 Inventar]
Idem. 4 pp.

[Befehlshaber der Waffen-SS Böhmen und Mähren 1941 - 1945 Inventar]
Idem. 6 pp.

[SS-Infant-Regiment 8/SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment 39 - I Bataillon 1941 - 1945]
Idem. In Czech. 2 pp.

[SS-Standortverwaltung Brünn 1940 - 1945 Inventar]
Idem. In German and Czech. 2 pp.

[SS-Artillerie-Ersatz-Regiment München - SS-Artillerie-Ausbildungs- und Ersatz Regiment Prag (1941 - 1945)]
Idem. 2 pp.

Materials of SS Ausbildungs- und Erzatz-Regiment Prague, 1941 - 1945. Mascellaneous items, including Standortbefehle in Protektorat.

Poorly microfilmed materials, gray on black or black on black.

An inventory of Kommandostab holdings of the Military Historical Archives.

Some reports of the Higher SS and Police Leader South, October - November 1941, respecting the shooting of thousands of Jews in Volhynia.

Regulation, 23 July 1942, dealing with SS-Bauinspektionen and SS-Zentralbauleitungen.

Material on SS-Wachbataillon Böhmen and Mähren with respect to Theresienstadt, 2 February 1942. Various reports by Nachschubkommandantur Russland Mitte, dealing with partisan fighting and the seizure of the harvest, 1943. List of SS units, 1943, with field post numbers. List by SS-Führungshauptamt of the number of Totenkopfsturmbannkompanien, by concentration camp, 22 April 1941.

Vertrauliche Informationen of the SS-Standortkommandantur/Abt. VII, 15 April - 6 October 1941, containing detailed propagandistic and ideological materials, guidelines, and instructions, including a Himmler order prohibiting sexual intercourse between SS-men and Polish women.

Propagandistic materials, Wachbataillon Prague. 1943 - 1945.

Materials regarding recruits and replacements in the SS, prohibitions of purchases on the black market, and training.

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Re: Nazi War Crimes Records in Czech Republic

Post by Valgor6 » 26 Dec 2020 03:11

Apologies for ressurecting this very old thread, but how can on actually read or get acces to these files?


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Re: Nazi War Crimes Records in Czech Republic

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Valgor6 -- Start by contacting the Military-Historical Institute in Prague, which held those records at the time I started this thread. If they cannot help, try the US Memorial Holocaust Museum.

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Re: Nazi War Crimes Records in Czech Republic

Post by steve248 » 30 Dec 2020 13:26

USHMM have not digitized these CZ records so needs a personal visit: ... fnd_en.pdf

I doubt the Prague archives has digitized them so personal visit is again, the only way to see them.

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