Panzer strength in Kharkov, 1943

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Panzer strength in Kharkov, 1943

Post by aecastro48 » 11 Apr 2010 16:18


Will anyone provide me information on Panzer strength in Kharkov March, 1943 (Manstein's counter-attack)

The only information I have is
SS.Panzergrenadier.Division LSSAH
9 x Tiger, 52 x Pz.IV, 10 x Pz.III, 12 x Pz.II

Looking for SS.Panzergrenadier Das Reich, Totenkopf, Wiking,
3.Panzer.Div, 6.Panzer.Div, 7.Panzer.Div, 11.Panzer.Div., 17.Panzer.Div, 19.Panzer.Div

or can recommend me any books that shows the strengths in Kharkov, 1943

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Re: Panzer strength in Kharkov, 1943

Post by kamehouse » 11 Apr 2010 17:54

For "Das Reich" I have 15 StuGIII ,33 PzIII,7 PzIV and 1 PzVI Tiger (commander SS-obersharfuhrer Paul Egger)on the 20th of February.
For the "LAH" my numbers are a bit different:22 StuGIII,12 PzII, 10 PzIII,45 PzIV and 21 command tanks(either PzIII or PzIV),no tiger recorded for the 19th of February.(source G M Nipe Jr "last victory in Russia)
GD:7 PzIV and 3 PzIII on the 11th of February.
9 PzIII,39 PzIV,6 Flammpanzer and 6 PZ VI Tiger on the 11th of March(source H-J Jung "Panzerregiment GrossDeutschland")
Totenkopf: 62 PzIII,18 PzIV and 9 PzVI Tiger on the 22nd of February(source C Trang "Totenkopf")
I'll try to dig some more.

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