U-boats in Golfo Nuevo 1941-1960

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U-boats in Golfo Nuevo 1941-1960

Postby ohrdruf » 23 Apr 2010 16:29

I refer readers to the U-530 voyage described at pages 8 and 9 of the thread "Patagonian U-boat Wreck". What happened during that voyage with the spillage may have had a major future significance.

In this posting in two parts (Part 1 - Sightings Golfo Nuevo 1941-1958 and Part 2 - The Battle of Golfo Nuevo 1960) I shall attempt to provide as much evidence as I have been able to assemble regarding alleged activity by Type XXI U-boats in or around Golfo Nuevo. It is interesting to note that despite confirmation from the US Navy and Argentine Governments in 1960 that these submarines were man-made and crewed by humans, a very determined attempt has been made by the media to represent them as UFOs. I leave the reader to decide for himself.



Unidentified submarines believed to be German were routinely present in Argentine waters around Golfo Nuevo, on the southern side of the Valdez Peninsula at 43ºS, in 1941 and 1942.

On 7 March 1942 for example, the CO 3rd Torpedo Division, capitán de navío Campo, informed the C-in-C Torpedo-boat Squadron that at 1730 hrs that day, when two groups of torpedo-boats were heading towards the nine-mile wide entrance to Golfo Nuevo, the "San Juan" had reported seeing a periscope and wake confirmed by hydrophones at 2000 metres, 42º55'S 64º01'W.

On 25 March 1942 almirante Sueyro forwarded the files to Navy Minister Fincati with a note complaining: "It is not the first time that reports of this nature have been received by the C-in-C. They cover a long period of time but always the same area. A number of commanders have been as close as 500 metres to these periscopes." As a result, Sueyro had ordered that unidentified submarines were to be depth-charged.

On 13 April 1942 vice-almirante Guisola, C-in-C Sea Fleet, requested the Chancellor, Guinazú, to inform foreign Governments that all submerged submarines in Argentine waters would be attacked. Argentine submarines were to be escorted on the surface by torpedo-boats "to avoid being attacked by mistake".


Golfo Nuevo is an almost enclosed, roundish bay of water located on the shore of Chubut province on the 43rd parallel South. The only entrance faces SW and the nine mile width is generally navigable over seven miles. From coastal shallows the bay itself shelves deeply to a maximum depth of 157 metres at its centre. There is little protection for a submarine in the depths. The town and important naval base of Puerto Madryn inshore lacks facilities for submarines. For the most part the coast is dune, the soil being bivalves and fossils, volcanic ash and a clayish sand with gravel. During winter it is the haunt of whales, sea lions are present all year round.


During a Government Press conference at Government House on 23 May 1958, Argentine President Arturo Frondizi made the following announcement:
(1) On Wednesday 21 May a squadron of destroyers carrying out a routine exercise NW of Cracker Point just inside Golfo Nuevo detected hydrophonically a submarine proceeding submerged. It is assumed that this submarine is capable of high underwater speed.
(2) Our destroyers carried out four patterns of depth charge attacks.
(3) During the operation a periscope was seen.
(4) After the attacks patches of oil were seen floating at the surface as often happens when a submarine suffers damage.
(5) Our Navy carried out searches until Thursday evening but without success.
(6) It is therefore assumed that the submarine though damaged has eluded its pursuers or been sunk."

The exercise was being carried out by three cruisers, four destroyers, a workshop ship, an oceanographic survey ship and a tug supported by three Catalinas, five bombers, a DC-4 and 12 Corsairs. The submarine was first sighted partially surfaced from various vantage points on the destroyer "Buenos Aires" after a radar contact. All depth charges carried by the warships were expended during the initial patterns.

Late the following week Navy Secretary contraalmirante Gastón Clement stated that the Navy was continuing the operation in Golfo Nuevo in accordance with the plan drawn up for such emergencies. Military sources quoted by the newspapers stated that the submarine had proceeded while submerged at 8 to 12 knots and, despite numerous reports identifying it as a Type XXI used by Germany in the Second World War, "the impression amongst the naval chiefs is that these submarines are much more modern". The use of the plural "these submarines" when only one had ben sighted in Golfo Nuevo is significant, for it confirms our legitimate suspicion throughout that the Argentine Navy knows far more about "these submarines" and where they operate from than it cares to admit.

On 10 June 1958, nearly three weeks after the operation commenced, the special correspondents sent to Puerto Madryn reported their suspicions that the intruder submarine escaped through the blockaded entrance to Golfo Nuevo on 7 June.

In October 1959, another intruder submarine was detected in Golfo Nuevo but left after five days despite an intense combined air-sea search. (Source: Blanco y Negro, Madrid No 2494, 20 February 1960).

(My Note: The description of the Battle of Golfo Nuevo, which lasted roughly from 30 January to 25 February 1960, requires a great deal of copying. I should be grateful if readers would abstain from replying to this article until Part 2 is posted over this coming weekend so that I can complete it by the Edit process and not have it split in two Parts. Ohrdruf)

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Re: U-boats in Golfo Nuevo 1941-1960

Postby ohrdruf » 01 May 2010 17:13

Readers can continue by calling up: http://golfo.greyfalcon.us/
This is a "Black Sun" site which begins with speculative material, for harder information one has to scroll down some paragraphs.

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Re: U-boats in Golfo Nuevo 1941-1960

Postby JTG » 03 May 2010 09:27

So: you have abandoned further `research' in favour posting a link to this rubbish? You have asked us to wait (possibly with bated breath) before replying?

The which we courteously have refrained from, in expectation.

Then we receive the link you posted above..

Ohrdruf, your posts are a total waste of bandwidth...

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Re: U-boats in Golfo Nuevo 1941-1960

Postby Peter H » 03 May 2010 10:26

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