Schmeißt sie raus, die ganze Judenbande

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Schmeißt sie raus, die ganze Judenbande

Post by WTW26 » 21 Feb 2003 10:28

I'm looking for texts/lyrics/MP3 of "indecent" Nazi songs such as "Schmeißt sie raus, die ganze Judenbande". I fancy it would be incorrect to post them here, so if you have some and are willing to share them, send them to my inbox. Thanx in advance

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Post by Ivan Ž. » 19 Jul 2005 15:36

Such a song was hardly ever recorded. I haven't found any period source even mentioning it. I've seen it mentioned only by elderly people long after WWII, who quoted only one strophe. Apparently, it was something that was sung by (some of) the youth.


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