Div Nr 480 & Div z.b.V Gilbert

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Div Nr 480 & Div z.b.V Gilbert

Post by Andy H » 21 Apr 2002 17:47

On May 13th 1945 Armee Blumentritt consisted of various higher commands, of which Generalkommando Ems was one. Within Ems agian amongst other units were Div Nr 480 (Formed in November 1944) which contained the original training elements of the 480th, and z.b.V Gilbert which contained replacement elements for 480th.

zbV Gilbert contained:-
269th Ausb. Regt (47th,65th & 280th (M) Btn's),
22nd Gren Ausb Regt (2,000men)
32nd Heeres Flak Ausb Abt.
1/10th Landschtz Ausb Btn.
2nd Nebelwerfer Ausb Regt (7,491men)

I have a few questions concerning the above.

1) I have seen in Tessin a ref made to Art Ausb Abt 22 being assigned to the above. Has anyone got any info on this?.

2) The figure again in Tessin for 7,491 seems rather high for a Regiment. Does anyone have any thoughts on this, seemingly making this division by late war standards extremely strong.

3) "Gilbert" I presume the divsion was named after it's commander. Does anyone know of this Gilbert and his history

:D From the Shire

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