very strange submachinegun: late WW2 prototype?

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Post by Redbaron1908 » 02 Mar 2003 20:42

i don t mind if its real or not it looks cool

Mark V
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Re: Unknown SMG?

Post by Mark V » 02 Mar 2003 23:01

varjag wrote:A totally unknown SMG? One that the gun-writers and researchers have missed for six decades? And brought back by a GI who was too shy to EVER show it to anyone?
Come on fellas, pull the other one. America - the Land of Unknown Guns. But of well-known gun-shysters! This is a fake.
I think you are right. Many reasons, some mentioned here previously (too good finish for prototype). Also it seems to have very, very little room for main spring. The front grip looks silly - very much like lenghtened MP-40 front grip. It has front sight, but as a rear sight serves simple rail on top of receiver - stupid solution for weapon chambered for 7.92x33... Have some-one seen this weapon in real life ?? - i must say that to me it looks very much like Photoshop product.

- Mark V

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Gun Shysters

Post by varjag » 03 Mar 2003 13:01

Yep - Aardvark - we downunder, have our share too - I admit. But it found no buyer here...I wonder about that 'Hitlers personal P.38 with which he killed himself' [bloodstains still in evidence..] advertised in the SGN some years back - it might have? Meanwhile - as we both obviously agree - there's a sucker born every day - and may they keep beeing born!

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Post by Uninen » 23 Feb 2004 04:19

Somebody said something about it being Stg 45?

Well.. it is not, and to me it looks like some Yugoslavian Zastava product.. maybe some early post-ww2 prototype, as some parts including its pistol grip are identical to theirs AK-clones..


Stg 45.

Stg 45.


Link to BIG Stg 45 (proto) picture

Something like 15 Stg 45 were assembled by allies after the war, from parts manufactured by Germans during it..


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Post by HC8604 » 23 Feb 2004 06:52

off topic though, If anybody clicked the .50 BMG kit link (2nd link in the list) it shows a pic of a gun made of wood and a 7-UP can lol. from they also "make" a 300 round uzi mag, a .50cal nuke round, and a "homeboy" gun and some others :lol:

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Post by stril » 23 Feb 2004 13:58

have seen that gun travel around the net, it have been for "sale" for a long time, as i can recall it was judged a fake, some said it was made mostly on a pc....., perhaps Adobe is its manufacturer...? :lol: :lol:

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