Bagamoyo 15 August 1916

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James A Pratt III
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Bagamoyo 15 August 1916

Post by James A Pratt III » 07 Feb 2011 22:45

I am looking for an information of the fighting at Bagamoyo in GEA on 15 August 1916. I believe the Germans had 400 men 1-4.1in gun off the Konigsberg 1-"pom-pom" possiblely a 3.7cm revolverkannon off the Mowe, and 2 MGs. The British force included part of the Zanibar rifles and landing parties of marines and sailors off the Battleship Vengence, Cruisers Challenger Talbot, and Pioneer. They also had the monitors Severn and Mersey who engaged the Konigsbergs gun . this gun was later capured and is on display in Mombasa Kenya. I think the Balloon ship Manica was around to do some spoting. There is a photo of the "Pom-pom" it was supposedly damaged by the Vengence.

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Re: Bagamoyo 15 August 1916

Post by Polar bear » 08 Feb 2011 12:03

hi, James,

Vengeance, Challenger, Talbot and Pioneer were at that time definitely obsolete and not "battle-worthy" any more, but capable to take part in actions like this.

greetings, the pb
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Re: Bagamoyo 15 August 1916

Post by danebrog » 09 Feb 2011 10:39

Sketch of landing Operation

aerial view from balloon

the destroyed pom-pom
A lucky hit from a "Vengeance" gun instantly killed both officers in charge
The following confusion enabled the landing troops their quick success

hope this helps a little


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