German funeral? RCAF Halifax Bomber member

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Alan Soderstrom
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German funeral? RCAF Halifax Bomber member

Post by Alan Soderstrom » 22 Mar 2003 21:15

I am researching my Uncle, He was Mid-upper-AG in a halifax bomber, shot down 17 June 1944. Only crew member not survive. Germans removed his body from a/c. Buried in Ruurlo Gen. Cemetary, Netherlands. My Question(s) who would bury him? local town people? German infantry?, and if so, are there documents other than the red cross card? Uncle is Clarence V. Soderstrom, 434 squadron, RCAF. (I do not know if this is placed in proper forum/category)
Thanks, Alan

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Your late uncle.

Post by lisset » 20 Apr 2003 19:42

I was intersted sir to see your post regarding your late uncle.
I am going to The Netherlands in ealry MAy to see the grave of an uncle of imen who was lost with 158 Squadron...he is buried in Ameland off the Dutch Coast.
I have often wondered what sort of burial My uncale had and what respects may have been given him by the Germans.
Whereabouts is your uncle buried , if it is near my route I will try and take a photograph for you.
Best Regards
james Stewart

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Andy H
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Post by Andy H » 21 Apr 2003 19:01

Debt of Honour Register
In Memory of


Pilot Officer
Air Gnr.
434 Sqdn., Royal Canadian Air Force

who died on
Saturday 17 June 1944 . Age 21 .

Additional Information: Son of Ture Matthew Soderstrom and Agnes Lillian Soderstrom, of New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.

Cemetery: RUURLO GENERAL CEMETERYGelderland, Netherlands

Grave or Reference Panel Number: Grave 452A.

Location: Ruurlo is a small town 50 kilometres north-east of Arnhem and 18 kilometres south-east of Zutphen. The cemetery lies 730 metres north-east of the town centre, on the south side of the road to Borculo.

Historical Information: There is one 1939-1945 war casualty buried in this site. ... ty=2648270


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Post by Peter » 05 May 2003 16:56

He was Rear Gunner of Halifax III serial number LK801 and codes WL-D operating on Sterkrade. Took Off from Croft at 2242 hours on 16 Jun 44 flown by WO1 M A Laffin RCAF (POW). The other crew were Sgt EJ Druett RAF (evaded capture) Flight Engineer, Flying Officer JH MArtin RCAF (POW) Navigator, Flying Officer GA Chapman RCAF (Bomb Aimer) POW, Flight Sergt KJ Donaldson RCAF (POW) Wireless Op/Air Gunner, Sergt CW Wentworth RCAF (POW) Mid Upper Gunner.

The Luftwaffe routinely held funerals with full military honours, appropriate flag over the casket and escort/firing party.


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kim vachon
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Post by kim vachon » 09 May 2003 16:09

Hi Alan
If you go to this site the will take pictures of his grave site and e-mail them to you.Most of the canadian graves in Europe have been done and are on their data base already.

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