Was the Westerplanne occupied by Poland?

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Re: Was the Westerplanne occupied by Poland?

Post by wm » 11 Jul 2019 21:55

Because it was there, was (very) annoying by the virtue of its very existence, and mostly because they didn't expect any serious resistance.
And the defense of Westerplatte was quite effectively exploited by Polish propaganda and that was even more annoying.

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Re: Was the Westerplanne occupied by Poland?

Post by gebhk » 26 Dec 2021 15:46

Hi Alis

Sorry didn't notice your post earlier.

Number of reasons.

Predominantly, they were political. The Polish garrison on the Westerplatte was seen as a very visible symbol of the 'hated Polish presence' in Danzig. Having whipped up local passions about this for years, the Nazi machine felt obliged to remove it: failing to so would have been highly emberassing - as indeed it proved to be.

Practically it obstructed some of the access to the port of Danzig.

You also have to bear in mind that the German planners had little idea of the defensive capabilities of the place. The German marines setting out for the first attack were confident that they would be 'back on board ship in time for lunch and medals'. So big political gain expected for little military effort. The first two all-out assualts proving abortive, the Germans settled down to exactly what you suggest - a siege that lasted another 6 days or so. The next general assault, now properly planned, was scheduled for the 8th day but was pre-empted by the Polish surrender.

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