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as far as the video "purple triangles", the history of jehovah witnesses in nazi germany, that was produced by the BBC television channel in england, and i assume could be purchased from the channel itself. the videos produced by the JW's could be ordered with a money order if you feel uncomfortable with having to personally visit with any members of the church . i was allowed to borrow them for free, andthe church would even be willing to give them away for free if asked. i'm not a JW, and i have never paid/nor ever been asked to pay any more for any of the material. the JW's that i know where long time friends of my grandmother. that's how i came to meet them.

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Here's some information on the Nazi detention program, from "Document D-84: Protective Custody for Bible Students [Bibelforschers] [translation]", in Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression. Volume VI: US Government Printing Office, District of Columbia: GPO, 1946. pp. 1040-1042.
Berlin, 8/5/1937.

To all leading State Police Departments and State Police Departments.

For Information: Government Presidents and Government Vice-Presidents in Prussia and the Ministries of the Interior and all regions except Prussia.


The Reichs Minister of Justice had informed me that he does not share the opinion voiced by subordinate departments on various occasions, according to which, the arrest of the Bibelforschers after they have served a sentence, is supposed to jeopardize the authority of the Law Courts. He is fully aware of the necessity for measures by the State Police after the sentence has been served. He asks, however, not to bring the Bibelforschers into protective custody under circumstances detrimental to the respect of the law courts.

The Reichs Minister of Justice has instructed his subordinate departments in this connection that protective custody for Bibelforschers, when this has been decreed after the serving of a sentence or after the cancellation of an arrest order, will no longer be carried out in convict prisons which are under the administration of the Courts. At the same time, following my suggestion, he has instructed the departments concerned with the carrying out of the sentences, to notify the appropriate State Police Department of the impending discharge of Bibelforschers under sentence one month before they are discharged. Accordingly I order:

(1) If a Bibelforscher has been acquitted as the result of a trial, or if part of the sentence is remitted because of remand, an arrest in court under my circular decree dated 22.4.37II B 2/326/37 S will not, for the time being, be carried out.

(2) If information regarding the impending release of a Bibelforscher from arrest is received from the authorities carrying out the sentence, my decision regarding the ordering of measures by the State Police, will be asked for in accordance with my circular decree dated 22.4.37, so that transfer to a concentration camp can take place immediately after the sentence ha been served. Should a transfer into a concentration camp immediately after the serving of the sentence not be possible, Bibelforschers will be detained in police prisons.

In each case immediate report must be made.

per pro Mueller.

Certified (Sgd) (Signature) Office Employee.

Secret State Police, Secret State Police Department, Dusseldorf.

11 B/80, 20/2119/I.B.V.
Dusseldorf 8/23/1937

A copy is attached for your information and observation.

The contents of the circular decree dated 22.IV.1937II B 2326/37-S quoted under (1) have been notified by circular letter dated 12.V.1937II B/1035/37/80.20/I.B.V.
Appendix for the information of Sub-prefects:

Prints for the information of the Burgomasters are attached herewith.

(signed) Kanstein.

Certified correct (signed) Ramme, Police Office Assistant,

To the Service Departments, the Sub-prefects, the Police Administration Departments at Neuss and Viersen, and II D in this building.

For correctness of the copy (signed) Berson, Employee.


DUSSELDORF II B 211/7/80.20/JBV:
Reference: Protective Custody for Bibelforschers.
Subject: Reference my circular decree 15 Dec 37, file reference as above.

Bibelforschers have recently been released from detention after having served a sentence without an appropriate decision having been applied for from this department. I therefore draw your attention once more to my circular decree dated 12 May 37II B. 1035/38/80, 2/JBVand that dated 23 Aug 37II B. 80, 20/ 2119/JBVand, in addition, point out the following.

1. In principle, all Bibelforschers are to be taken into protective custody after having served a sentence. Application for protective custody together with necessary details to be made to Service Department II D.

2. If, for exceptional reasons, Bibelforschers are to be released after having served their sentence, a detailed report giving the reasons for this, if necessary with the relative documents, is to be handed to Service Department II B, which will then report to Gestapo accordingly. If no instructions have been received on such a case on the day of the completion of the sentence, these Bibelforschers are to be taken into protective custody for the time being; further instructions will be awaited, since the Gestapo, as is apparent from the contents of the circular decree referred to above, has reserved itself the exclusive decision on the release of Bibelforschers who have served their sentence.

Para 2 of the above will apply even where the Bibelforschers have made convincing statements to the effect that they will not in future be active, or even where they have signed a document to that effect.

I request that the above directives are observed.

Appendix for information of Sub-prefects

Additional prints for the Burgomaster's attention. (signed) Sommer.

Certified: Signature Police Office Assistant

To the State Police Service Department. Sub-Prefects of the Districts. Police Administration, Neuss and Viersen.

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