Hauptmann Burseg

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Hauptmann Burseg

Post by AlifRafikKhan » 23 Nov 2013 17:28

The wounded commander of 2nd batallion/Infanterie-Regiment 46, Hauptmann Burseg reports to his divisional commander General Kurt von Briesen (to the left with map, KIA 1941 in Russia) before being taken to the rear. Near Petem/Belgium, May 26, 1940.
What is the christian name of Hauptmann Burseg? I couldn't found his name everywhere, or maybe this is typo?

Source: http://www.ww2incolor.com/german/DS1986_131_1+-+v.html
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Re: Hauptmann Burseg

Post by Rossano » 23 Nov 2013 21:50

no Typo, he really exhisted. In Keilig´s list of the 30.Inf.Div. there is a Hptm. Bursegk as Kdr. II./Inf.Rgt.46.
Rgds., Rossano

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Re: Hauptmann Burseg

Post by Heimatschuss » 24 Nov 2013 00:15


presumably it's Herbert Burseg.

This GoogleBooks snippet http://tinyurl.com/mmwng4d mentions a one-legged former Wehrmacht Major originating from Wrist (Schleswig-Holstein) who trained junior Volkssturm leaders in Itzehoe in 1944/45.

This is supported by the following site http://home.arcor.de/loenne1/Absturz/Steenbock.htm that speaks of a Major (ret.) Herbert Burseg living in Wrist in 1944 as a farmer.

Since 'Burseg' is a very rare family name in Germany chances are good this is the man you're looking for.

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