Brandenburg Raid Murmansk RR Aug 1942

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Brandenburg Raid Murmansk RR Aug 1942

Post by Cav1 » 08 Dec 2013 17:32

The German Brandenburg company attached to 20th Mountain Army GHQ was discussed with some good information from Harri in this old thread.

I happened to be looking through this old US Army Historical Study from 1953 Small Unit Actions During the German Campaign in Russia, available for download from army archives. ... 20_269.pdf
The whole books is a rather interesting collection of combat actions from a grunt's eye view rather than the usually dry reading of official histories and quite readable.

At any rate, in Part 3: Special Operations, Chapter 4: Fighting in Taiga and Tundra, Vignette II is entitled A Sabotage Operation Against the Murmansk-Leningrad Line (August 1942), pp 178-190.

Seems to me this must be the "Canoe Guerrillas" raid from the Finnish language book Kanoottisissit by Pentti Tikkanen. There's a chapter on it in Eric Lefevre's book Brandenburg Division: Commandos of the Reich but other than that I have not found much of anything about the operation in English language sources. I thought anyone with an interest in the raid would enjoy this vignette.

Does anyone know of any other English-language or perhaps even German accounts of this action?
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Re: Brandenburg Raid Murmansk RR Aug 1942

Post by larth » 09 Dec 2013 20:02


yes, it is also covered in the "Der Landseer" number 2129: A. Gütte: "Stoßtrupp gegen die Murman-Bahn" (1999), on some 60+ pages.


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Re: Brandenburg Raid Murmansk RR Aug 1942

Post by Juha Tompuri » 11 Dec 2013 22:43

The gun mentioned here to have been:
-weight 150kg
-range 5km
7,5 cm Leicht Geschütz 40?

German troops at the raid being from Captain Benesch 15. light company (gebirgsjäger)?
The German codename for the raid being Geheimauftrag 800? ... 2662&hilit

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