Arrowcross brutality and the "House of loyality"

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Arrowcross brutality and the "House of loyality"

Post by hunor » 22 Apr 2003 18:35


In 1944, during the domination of the Arrowcross party there was a building in Budapest(Andrássy Boulevard 60.) what was known as "House of loyality"(A hûség Háza). This building was the headquarter of the hungarian nazis.
in the cellar of "House of loyality" the members of the Arrowcross party tortured and killed hundreds of people. In expectation of Hitler's secret weapon, teenage boys were drafted for useless battles on the nazis side and innocent Jews were shot and pushed into the icy Danube. This blind faith of the Hungarian Arrowcross party drove Hungary country into destruction.

That building, today is a museum and it is called "The House of Terror"( A Terror Háza). You can see more things about the house:

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