U 47 Crew: Info needed!

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U 47 Crew: Info needed!

Post by Tiger S04 » 23 Apr 2003 13:46

As part of my ongoing research on this boat, I am looking to get in touch with any of the crew who might have served with Günther Prien on U 47 who were able to be transferred before it was sunk in March 1941. In particular, I would like more info on Helmsman Wilhelm Spahr, who was one of two officers to serve on U 47 and make it through the war. The other, Johann-Friedrich Wessels, sadly passed away in 1988.

Spahr eventually reached the rank of Kapitänleutnant, and went on to command U 178 before it was scuttled in August 1944. If it turns out that he is still alive, I would very interested in finding out more about him.

My main intention is to get in touch with any survivors, so that I can create something of a bond between the orginal crew who served on U 47 and my site, which I intend to be the definitive historical record of this historic boat.

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