Truppenübungsplatz Reichshof (Rzeszow)

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Truppenübungsplatz Reichshof (Rzeszow)

Post by Georges JEROME » 07 Aug 2014 15:19


I've most difficulties to find infos on one of the 6 training camps (Truppenübungsplatz) set up in the General Gouvernement.

- Truppenübungsplatz Reichshof bei Reichshof (Rzeszów).
I found reference in a post on a fellow forum (FdW) that staff of 806. bat. of Caucasian Legion was stationned there on beginning 44.

It's strange that this T.U.P. was situated in South Poland so narrow of the large T.U.P. Süd with area for Heeres and one for Luftwaffe. T.U.P. of the Waffen-SS Debica was also located in the same area.

any infos welcome



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Re: Truppenübungsplatz Reichshof (Rzeszow)

Post by Ponury » 25 Oct 2014 21:13

It was a labor camp, quite heavy. ... iej-gorze/
The forced labor camp for Lisia Gora - Flugmotorenwerke (1942 - August 1944).. [1.1]

In the summer of 1942. Lisia in a place called the Mount of Germany organized labor camp for Jews. Experts from Rzeszow and the surrounding towns worked in the old Polish Aviation Works, established in 1938. Within the Central District Przemysłowgo and transformed during the war on the German branch factory of aircraft engines (Flugmotorenwerke). In its board of directors were Germans, and the director was one Romik. [1.2] The head of the labor camp was SS Untersturmführer ester (Oester) [1.3], in the former prisoners, there is also the name of the lame Gestapo camp Kapo Lavrenz and Nacka Reben with industry. Izak Glettner, who went to the labor camp Rzeszow ghetto of Przemysl, in his memoirs, describes the crimes committed by the Gestapo, who is serving in the camp on Mount Lisia. He mentions m. Al. situation, when the manager of the camp Oester skatował gardener lagrowego two sticks and a rubber truncheon until he broke his ribs, under the guise that he is not planted in the camp vegetable garden that he wanted an SS. Camp guarded by German police, Polish and Jewish (Judische Ordnungdienst - Jewish The Order Police), the so-called. ordnerzy. The relationships of former prisoners, among primates ordnerów camp are mentioned coming from Debica Alfred Israel and N. Walter. Izak Glettner accuses them of stealing food from packages that came to the camp of prisoners' families. They had to spend in the hands of the Gestapo Lavrenz Wolbromia three brothers who complained about robbing their parcels, for which the brutally murdered these brothers. On the premises where prisoners worked also had to be organized a school for talented professionals, whose director was a German Papke. Former prisoner Szaja Bergman attended this school and made ​​friends there with a Pole, who brought him from outside food and tobacco in exchange for materials and equipment that Szaja was for him from the factory. Through this collaboration, facilitated also had to go beyond the camp. He took advantage of this and managed to escape two Jewish boys working in the camp, but he was caught, because all the action noticed the two prisoners and reported on his camp guards. Bergman was beaten for it, but after some time be forgotten, so you can still go outside the camp until he was one of the few people who luckily managed to escape from it. Escape from the camp at the factory Flugmotorenwerke were difficult not only because of the fire, but also denunciations from fellow prisoners, who feared punishment under the principle of collective responsibility. Izak Glettner mentions that for the escape of one worker SS Untersturmführer Oester shot 3 people. Therefore, when in 1943. Tried to escape from the camp, two Jews from Nowy Sacz, prisoners immediately alerted the guards, resulting in one of the escapees was shot dead on the spot, while the other captured, bound and beaten for several hours by Oester truncheon (up he left the nails) and then shot. The camp was liquidated in August 1944., In the face of approaching the eastern front. During the evacuation of parts of the prisoners managed to escape, including Soviet POWs, the rest of the Germans deported to Plaszow (according to the relationship Izak Glettnera transported a total of 520 workers) or executed on the spot.

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Re: Truppenübungsplatz Reichshof (Rzeszow)

Post by GregSingh » 26 Oct 2014 06:04

I am not so sure that so called "Truppenübungsplatz Reichshof " and a labor camp set up to provide labor force for Flugmotorenwerk was one and the same place. Still, it is possible.

Here are some names for Flugmotorenwerk for further research from 1942 phone book.
R.Thiel was Raphael Thiel (Flugmotorenwerk Reichshof). Used to work for Daimler-Benz AG as Abteilungsdirektor.
Flugmotorenwerk Reichshof.jpg
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