Official marches of the Wehrmacht

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Official marches of the Wehrmacht

Post by chazmaninc » 02 Jan 2015 05:48

Hello everyone,

I know that several of the Waffen-SS units had marches that were tied to them, but what about the rest of the Heer, KM and Luftwaffe? Did each division have an official march? What about the Heer as a whole?

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Post by GregSingh » 02 Jan 2015 06:38

several of the Waffen-SS units had marches that were tied to them
Today perhaps some of the music pieces are advertised as "Waffen-SS" marches so they can sell well, but back then - I'm not so sure.
Some of the songs quite often performed by SS were actually 100-300 years old, eg. 'Der Gott der Eisen wachsen ließ'.
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Post by SQ37 » 02 Jan 2015 14:30


It is not really proper to speak of "official marches". Most of the marches played came from the traditional Armeemarschsammlung. But it is true that each unit may have had a specific march it played more, during parades and such (that of the LAH was the Badenweiler-Marsch for example). Some of the most played marches in the army were: Preussens Gloria, Königgrätzer-Marsch, Regimentsgruss, Revue-Marsch, Steinmetz-Marsch, Helenen-Marsch, Des Großen Kurfürsten Reitermarsch, Prinz-Eugen-Marsch, Preussischer Präsentiermarsch, Defiliermarsch, Der Coburger, Alte Kameraden, Erzherzog Albrecht-Marsch, Gruß an Kiel, etc. The Kriegsmarine did not have many marches of its own but it had its songs. However, the Luftwaffe had many marches of its own. Most carried a very different spirit than those of the army. This CD is the best on the Luftwaffe's music: ... 1936-1943/

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Post by Ivan Ž. » 02 Jan 2015 18:10

It's a long tradition in the German army that the units have their official parade-marches. These were mostly old, traditional marches, and often the same march was used in parades by various regiments ("Fridericus Rex" by Radeck was one of the most popular and used by many units). The old tradition was continued in the Wehrmacht as well. List of SS-VT parade marches, for example, can be found in Bunge's book "Musik in der Waffen-SS" (all were traditional marches, composed before SS existed; by the way, these marches were recorded by HMK 5 of the Bundeswehr as a tribute to the Waffen-SS; that album was released by the pro-nazi Munin-Verlag, the same as Bunge's book).

Various Wehrmacht units also often had songs composed specially for them, generally by soldiers serving in them. Naturally, not all of those songs were used as official songs of their units, only a couple were. See the Songs Section of Axis History Factbook for a couple of examples. Instrumental marches were also composed for specific Wehrmacht units, but I don't remember an example of such a march ever becoming an official one (for example: LSSAH bandleader composed a march for this unit, but their official parade march remained old Fürst's "Badenweiler"; Husadel composed a march for Jagdgeschwader Richthofen, but unit's parade march remained Strauß' "Geschwindmarch"; etc).


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Post by chazmaninc » 04 Jan 2015 17:14

Thanks for the info gents.

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