34. ID Photographic Materials Sought

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34. ID Photographic Materials Sought

Post by joeyangel » 07 May 2003 19:07

I've been slowly (ponderously?) translating the brief 34.ID divisional history from the original German into English.

In the meantime, I have also been trying to track down any photographic evidence of this division. Unsurprisingly, for a unit with so little actually written specifically about it (despite its constant active service throughout the war), there is precious little to be found photographically.

Thus far, I am only in possession of a single original source photo which can certifiably be attributed to the 34.ID, as well as a few other secondary pieces.

I would very much appreciate the generosity of any forum members who may be in possession of primary or secondary photographic materials relating to this division. I am simply seeking scans of the original materials for entirely private use, and will not reproduce the images according to the wishes of the original owners.

If you would be so kind, please feel free to post contact information here, of simply send me a private message through the forum. My sincere thanks in advance.

- Joe

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