Aleksandrs Grīns- The Blizzarrd of Souls

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Aleksandrs Grīns- The Blizzarrd of Souls

Post by Balrog » 27 Nov 2015 13:55

I have been studying the Russian Civil War lately and came across Aleksandrs Grīns.


A Czarist infantry officer who fought for Latvian independence. Later he became a journalist, translator, and novelist. He was arrested, sent to a gulag by the Russians and murdered on Chrsitmas Day, 1941.

I'm trying to find an English edition of his most famous novel Blizzard of Souls. Has the book ever even been translated into English?

A movie is about to be released based on the novel:

It looks like it will be good...

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Re: Aleksandrs Grīns- The Blizzarrd of Souls

Post by merchant » 27 Nov 2023 12:44

hey, Latvian native here. I don't recall any of Grīns work being translated sadly. This is even more of a shame as the novel is miles better than the movie. although I recall the Wikipedia page (now for some reason missing) mentioning it had great sales in the USA but that may be purely due too emigration, there were a lot of Latvians in the US.

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