Uniforms of the Schutztruppe in the Herero war?

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Uniforms of the Schutztruppe in the Herero war?

Post by Happy Wanderer » 22 Dec 2015 11:20


Chris Dale's German Colonial Uniforms website is wealth of information.

http://s400910952.websitehome.co.uk/ger ... 20home.htm

One point I can't seem to find or wonder if anyone else knows is to what extent was the German "Home Uniforms of the Schutztruppe " in the grey was used in DSWA? Was the commonly seen tan or mustard type colour typical of the Schutztruppe or would some of the Feld Kompanies be dressed and did fight the Heroros in the earlier Grey uniform.

Any info appreciated.

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Re: Uniforms of the Schutztruppe in the Herero war?

Post by Chris Dale » 03 Feb 2016 11:09

I'm very glad you like the website, Happy!

You're right the Schutztruppe fighting in the Herero War wore the Khaki uniform ( http://s400910952.websitehome.co.uk/ger ... truppe.htm ) or corduroy uniforms ( http://s400910952.websitehome.co.uk/ger ... 20cold.htm ) in Africa. The grey home uniform was worn at home in Germany, hence the name "home uniform"... occasionally officers are seen in the grey home uniform in the colonies but it certainly wasn't day to day wear for any units on campaign in Africa.

Hope that helps,

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