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Re: Soviet Manuals

Post by AMVAS » 11 Aug 2023 17:25

Der Alte Fritz wrote:
11 Aug 2023 16:36
Got the email, thank you

This is the Ammunition Manual that I got last year:

Yes, I can see it.
He also wrote manual for horse equipment

Борейша, Михаил Михайлович.
Памятка красноармейцу о сбережении конской амуниции [Текст] / Составил М. Борейша... - Москва : Огиз - Гос. воен. изд-во, 1931

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Re: Soviet Manuals

Post by Art » 07 Oct 2023 18:51

"Manual on troop operations in mountains", Directorate for Battle Training of the Red Army, 1941
Part I:
Part II:

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