Post World War 1 wars.

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Post World War 1 wars.

Post by Y Ddraig Goch » 07 May 2002 12:16

There is very little information for the wars that occured right after the end of the First World War. I know the USSR tried to invade Poland but was beaten back, resulting in Poland taking a large portion of Bellorussia. Also I know that Poland tried to take selisia (spelling?) from Germany but was repulsed by the Friekorps.

Does anyone have any links to English language sites regarding these events.

Thanks in advance.
/ Mike

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Post by sylvieK4 » 23 May 2002 17:55

You might want to look at a few biographies of Lenin and of Trotsky, for example. These would probably provide some interesting information on the period. The bibliographies will give more sources to look at for text sources. You could also do the same on line: look for biographical material about the relevant leaders during the 1920s for more info.

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Post by USAF1986 » 26 May 2002 05:12

"Osprey Elite 76: The German Freikorps, 1918-23" by Carlos Jurado & illustrated by Ramiro Bujeiro from Osprey Publishing is a fairly decent little book on the German Freikorps campaigns in the Baltic and Silesia as well as in Germany proper. There's not much else readily available in English on the topic. I recently bought an original 1920 edition of "Meine Sendung in Finnland und im Baltikum" by Generalmajor Rüdiger Graf von der Goltz...only $15.00 on E-Bay and replete with all the original pull-out battle maps!


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