North Korean Trucks in the Korean War

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North Korean Trucks in the Korean War

Post by pdutram » 23 Apr 2017 20:33

My most recent research effort for vehicles I'd like to model concerns North Korean support vehicles in the Korean War. This particular question is in reference to North Korean trucks.
I have seen photos or read reports indicating that the following Russian trucks were used in Korea:
GAZ-67 4X4 General Purpose Vehicle
GAZ-69 4X4 General Purpose Vehicle
GAZ-51 2.5T 4X2 Cargo Truck
GAZ-63 2T 4X4 Cargo Truck
The following vehicles are contemporaneous but I have been unable to document them:
ZIS-5 3-4T 4X2 Cargo Truck WWII surplus?
ZIS-150 3T 4X2 Cargo Truck? [the ZIS-150, along with the GAZ-51, were this periods main Russian trucks]
ZIS-151 4.5T 6X6 Cargo Truck?
My questions are:
1. Does anyone have documentation of the last three vehicles being supplied during the Korean War?
2. Does anyone know what vehicles may have been used for refueling tanks/vehicles in the field - or was it all done from mechanically-pumped barrels?
Thanks for any help. Finding Korean War forums, especially those with vehicle information, is a fruitless task; and Korean War photographic sites seldom exhibit North Korean vehicles.

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Re: North Korean Trucks

Post by Knouterer » 24 Apr 2017 08:17

Production of the GAZ-69A started in 1952, I believe, so if it was used in the Korean War it must have been at a late stage.
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Re: North Korean Trucks in the Korean War

Post by modelbuild1976 » 05 Dec 2021 11:25

Hey pdutram, I know you posted a while ago but based on a lot of research, which I agree is fairly fruitless, I came across what I believe is a Zis-5 chassis, burned out on its back, Naktong River 1950, posted to the Australian War Memorial page under Korean War-Our collection. Based on photos and blueprints of an intact Zis-5 chassis, and this one, it looks like a match and one you can check off the list! I tried to post the pic but the best I could accomplish was the URL. ... aph&page=2

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Re: North Korean Trucks in the Korean War

Post by wwilson » 06 Dec 2021 18:31

Here is the image mentioned by modelbuild1976.



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