Execution of 20 July 1944 plotters

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Re: Execution of 20 July 1944 plotters

Post by fredric » 30 Dec 2017 16:52

I tend to agree. But please consider that Hitler wanted the plotters to suffer. Rottger wanted to make sure the film showed this suffering.
I have found numerous references to the repeated lifting of the victims (please read about Berthod Stauffenburg). I also have a statement that the victims died immediately. Both could be true. But the key point is that this was "theater" for Hitler. He wanted to see them hanged "like cattle" and Willi Rottger could and probably did, do this. He certainly did not want Hitler to say he made the execution easy. He also
was very familiar with the process because his "day job" was as a transporter for the Central Berlin Slaughterhouse. If you want the names of those who were especially ill treated in their execution, let me know.

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Re: Execution of 20 July 1944 plotters

Post by michael mills » 01 Jan 2018 20:37

The idea that Hitler wanted his would-be assassins to suffer, and that he wanted to view their suffering, rests on the assumption that he was a sadistic personality who derived personal enjoyment from seeing his enemies suffer.

However, although as a politician he was utterly ruthless and had no compunction about causing the deaths of millions, even of personal friends such as Roehm, there is no evidence that he ever personally witnessed any killings or torture, even though he had plenty of opportunity to do so during his 12-year rule. For example, even though he hated Jews and wanted them to die, there is no suggestion that he ever visited a concentration camp to watch them being killed.

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Re: Execution of 20 July 1944 plotters

Post by Nautilus » 08 Sep 2019 13:49

1. Anyone who ever handled piano wire (or any sort of monofilament steel wire less than 1mm) knows it's impossible to actually hang (strangulate) someone with it. Under the weight of a fully grown human, it cuts through flesh and arteries down to the spinal bone, quicker than a knife. Plenty of unlucky fishermen lost a finger if caught in a loop of plastic fishing line. Steel cuts much worse. So it could work if they wanted to decapitate the condemned, but not slowly strangulate.

2. The well-known picture of the Plötzensee Hooks shows twisted and braided thin rope, not monofilament wire. By comparison with the hook size, the rope looks around pencil-size thick.


3. Short-drop with a thin rope noose breaks the neck, even if it takes a few seconds longer than a long drop.

Friedrich Jeckeln got executed in a similar style and died with a broken neck, as visible in picture:


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