Identifying a sinking/sunk turkish vessel.

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Re: Identifying a sinking/sunk turkish vessel.

Post by Felix C » 27 Jul 2018 13:08

Understood and thank you for sharing.

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Re: Identifying a sinking/sunk turkish vessel.

Post by mavzerli93 » 22 Dec 2023 17:46

Jochen Kruesmann wrote:
27 Jul 2018 12:26
Hello Felix,

Sorry ! Those informations are from my own database and not from a printed book. I research the history of Ottoman-Turkish merchant (steam & motor) vessels since more then 30 years.
Hello. Chances are that you might not see this, but i am a guy currently living in Turkey and researching about Ottoman-Turkish merchant ships that were sank during WW1 as a result of British submarine attacks. İ was able to get some basic information on some of the ships from Turkish and online sources, but is there a possibility if i could ask for detailed info (basically pics and all types of info) about the following vessels from your personal archive (assuming you have info about them)? =

1. Rehber No.40= Built in 1890, it was a steamer that was sank by E-11 via gunfire at night (aside from the fact it was launched in 1890, a single picture, its technical specifications and a short account from one of the people who was onboard i have nothing on this vessel).
2.Tecelli (or Tecilli)= Sank by E-11 off Tekirdağ on 02/06/1915. The entirety of the 18-individual crew went down with it in 3 minutes.
3.Bahr-i Sefit: A steamer built in 1875, it was sank by E2 near the Erdek Harbour on 19/08/1915.
4-Bitinye: Steamer sank by E-11 near Bergos on 02/06/1915.
5-Bingazi= Built by Scott & Co. (Greenock) in 1861, it was torpedoed in 1915.
6-SS Bosphorus= A steam freighter built in 1911, it was torpedoed by E-11 on 4 December 1915.
7-Dofen= A tug sank by E-11 on 22/08/1915.
8-Memo= A tug sank by E-11 on 12/12/1915 near Eskihisar via gunfire.
9-Seyhun=Transport ship sank by E-11 near Akbaş on 05/08/1915.
10-Sam=Transport ship sank by E-11 on 28/08/1915 near Akbaş.
11-Plevne=Steamer (?) sank by H-1 off Şarköy on 20/10/1915.

And lastly (for now)

12-Hanefiye=Torpedoed on 20/10/1915 by H-1 near Şarköy.

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