Czech WW1 victory medal certificate

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Czech WW1 victory medal certificate

Post by bandit1200 » 22 Mar 2018 22:58

I have a ww1 Czech Victory medal award certificate to an officer .I believe that he was in the Czech Russian Legion but I cannot read his name as it is in some traditional Czech or Slovak script. I`d like to know his name because the certificate is part of a 11
medal ww1 and ww2 group with a photo. The man`s descendants sold his medals at auction as they were n`t interested and said he was a distant uncle.I think he deserves a lot more consideration so any help would be really appreciated.All the best Andrew
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Post by abaus » 23 Mar 2018 17:55


I beleive his last name is "Hladky" On the first certificate, his last name appears as "Hladkemu", the dative form of Hladky, as the recipient of the award. Czech grammar is rather complicated and even names are declined like adjetectives.

I hope you are able to put story to the man and his medals- he derves that much.


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Re: Czech WW1 victory medal certificate

Post by bandit1200 » 23 Mar 2018 21:30

Dear Andy Many thanks for you invaluable help. The name now gives me a basis for research.I shall get in touch with the Czech War Museum in Prague and see if they have any information.As you say with a chestful like that he certainly deserves to be remembered.All the best Andrew

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Re: Czech WW1 victory medal certificate

Post by Cekekb » 24 Mar 2018 23:08

Not completely sure but it probably reads as "to captain of rus.(sian) legion Hladkému"

Given that his name a rank are known, it should be possible to find him in databasis of legionaries there:

And there is only one captain of russian legion called Hladký - Jaroslav Hladký of 3rd Rifle regiment, born in 1896

According to additional source: ... load=32458
Captain Hladký continued service in the army after war, reached rank of lt.colonel and died in 1937 in Brno.

Yet it does not fit with other photos which are clearly from ww2 and after the war.....

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Re: Czech WW1 victory medal certificate

Post by erteple » 25 Apr 2018 05:16

Full text:

President of the republic of Czechoslovakia
Number of decret

to Captain of rus.(sian) legions
?V.? Hladky

As per Minister of Nationals Defence’s proposal
I award you
The medal of Victory

To rememberance of your part
in world’s war for civilisation.
This medal was vindicated by your volunteer
entry into Czechoslovak
foreign corps.

In Prag 8th December ?1922?

Minister of national defence (empty)

(Signature is of President T. G. Masaryk, 1st Czechoslovak President)

As for the medals, one of them (with emperor Karel IV) says "za zásluhy" (of Merit) - It was awarded between 1945-1948 (before the communist coup) for ?civilian? merits during WWII. It seems there are no "newer" medals. Also according the patch "czechoslovakia" was used by soldiers fighting in Brittish army, either as paras or pilots. So probably the guy (cpt. Hladky's son?) enlisted and fought in WWII but on the "wrong side" (west) - when the red plague took over, he was probably the of the more lucky guys who fled and were not executed as spies or sent into "work camps" to mine Uranium for 20 years - just for fighting from a wrong country...

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