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Re: e-bay U 1061

Post by Erdoeler » 02 May 2021 21:36

Hi Nobby,
my father served from Nov. 11th 1944 til the end of the war as 3rd watch officer and navigator ( Obersteuermann) on U 1061. I did not find any photos of the crew from this time. I would greatly appreciate if you could supply with some photos of crew and ship.
By the way I joined the Max-Planck- Schule in Wilhelmshaven from 1958-1968. In 1964 we used to sail on the Zwischenhafen…..
After school I served in the navy as radio operator…

Erdoeler….( means petroleum geoscientist)

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Re: e-bay U 1061

Post by oldhoweboy » 03 May 2021 11:36

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