Soviet failure during Barbarossa

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Re: Soviet failure during Barbarossa

Post by DavidFrankenberg » 31 Dec 2018 21:31

jesk wrote:
31 Dec 2018 21:20
DavidFrankenberg wrote:
31 Dec 2018 21:15
jesk wrote:
31 Dec 2018 20:50
About Leningrad empty things. 2 Russian armies which are cut off from supply except shaky across Lake Ladoga.
Without it Leningrad was doomed.
With it Leningrad didnt fall.
Million dead for hunger showed unsteadiness of supply. As well as your fast logic.
More than 1 millions indeed... but soviets were still there :)
Germans literally needed to kill 5 soldiers and to take the city.

Really ? Im pretty sure they killed more than 5 soldiers and they still didnt take the city !
Hitler could not prove, just nonsense. Leningrad was doomed at any German attack.
Hitler could not because the Wehrmacht could not.
Germans wanted another, Hitler imposed them other plans.
Germans ? Germans' leader was Hitler. This is history.

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