BEF Motorcycle Battalion

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BEF Motorcycle Battalion

Post by MarkoZ » 11 Jan 2019 23:51

Source Against all odds British Army 1939-1940 National Army Museum Publication:
550 Soldiers 11 Scout cars,99 Motorcycle/sidecar Combinations,43 solo Motorcycles,
Weapons 200 Pistols,300 Rifles 43 Light Machine guns,9 2 inch Mortars,17 Boys Anti Tank rifles,one such unit was the 4th battalion Royal Northumberland Fusiliersattached to the 50th Division as a reconnaissance Battalion.

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Re: BEF Motorcycle Battalion

Post by Leo Niehorster » 12 Jan 2019 10:09

  Motorcycle Battalion, Motor Infantry Division, May 1940
Based on Alan Philson's "British Expeditionary Force —Organization and Order of Battle, 10th May 1940"
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