Hitler and Murders in Poland 1939-1940

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Re: Hitler and Murders in Poland 1939-1940

Post by Boby » 04 Jun 2011 13:09

Don't anyone tell me we can't send them into the marshes!
Hewel memorandum, 12 September:
The Flihrer told me today in connection with retaliatory acts against
the internment of Germans in Iran that it was his wish that for every
German deported, ten selected Englishmen be deported from the
Jersey Islands to the Pri'pet Marshes
. He further wishes that the
property of such interned civilians be distributed among the inhabit-
ants of the Jersey Islands who are of French descent. He would
like this deportation to extend also to other prominent British civilians,
among them Churchill's nephew. The important thing to do, he
said, was that the reason for this deportation be made crystal clear
to the interned Englishmen and also to the world. Steps should
taken to arrange for publication in the press and on the radio.
Hewel [/quote]

DGFP, D/XIII, Nr. 306, pp. 482-483

Rintelen to Woermann, 14 September
These Englishmen are to be taken to a special internment camp in the Pripet
and their further treatment is to correspond exactly to that
which is meted out to the Germans in Iran.
DGFP, D/XIII, Nr. 317, pp. 506-507


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